Who Is Your Soulmate?

The fact that you are reading this post implies that you have been or …
currently are hounding your soulmate!
BUTTTT, do you even know what a soulmate relationship is?
Do you have one soulmate or many?
What are the chances that you will marry our soulmate?
What are the chances that you will even experience a soulmate relationship in this lifetime?
How is a soulmate different from a life partner?

Gosh! So much to talk about and so many many myths to bust ๐Ÿ˜‰!

So! Let’s get started with 16 things you must know to understand the true meaning of a “Soulmate”!

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Before I met my compatible soulmate, Rajeev, I’d literally gone cuckoo cuckoo and read a gazillion research articles and spiritual books that spoke about soulmates … and you know what, they all say pretty much the same thing (which is the ultimate truth) but in a very confusing fashion.
I, however found the most impactful understanding and answers from these gems-
Mrs. Vianna Stibal & Late Mrs. Khorshed Bhavnagri
I thank them both from the core of my little beating heart.

1. There’s no such thing as ‘A Soulmate’!

Ha! How’s that for a revelation? Well, as you ascend spiritually, you will understand that these are the mere terms we use to make ourselves understand various aspects of our spiritual journey as humans on Earth.

2. So if there’s no soulmate then what?

Well, my darling readers, the actual term is group souls or soul families. These are people whose spirits you recognise from a far away time. Soul families or group souls choose to be born around the same time to help each other grow spiritually and get closer to our beloved Creator.

3. This means you have multiple soulmates. Yikes!

4. Some soulmates are compatible with you while some aren’t … but when you meet them, you will just know that you know them from before.

They happen to have a magnetic pull that makes your heart beat faster. It’s a just a very different feeling every single time they are around.

5. The soul mates we end up marrying (kind of) lose this effect on us as we are with them day in and day out. Why? Well, simply because we get used to their magnificent energy. ๐Ÿ˜

6. Only when you truly love yourself, you are ready for a soulmate.

7. If you don’t (love yourself), then you may not attract the right person in your life and we all know that a bad relationship can drag us over the coals. ๐Ÿ˜ž

8. Every time you pray for a soulmate, please please ask for THE MOST COMPATIBLE soulmate.

9. Never pray to attract someone “just like you”!

That’s a twin flame btw! A twin flame is someone who’s just like you- similar interests, priorities in life, temperament, etc. Unless, of course you are a balanced person…

10. Please know that no relationship on this Earth completes us! We are complete. We are whole. A relationship (any good one) just helps us become the best version of ourselves.

11. When you do find your soulmate, please don’t try to change them… you’ve attracted them for who they are and they are right for you just the way they are. But of course, you must allow and inspire them to grow and change in syncย with their passions and desires!

12. Some people are very very “giving”! These kind of people keep giving out love, attention, importance, time and energy without being open to receiving anything in return. They feel it’s a very noble thing to do… when in actuality, it’s NOT!

If you associate yourself with this personality, then look deeper into your life and the nature of your relationships. You will find your life is full of energy vampires (folks who are self-seeking, egoistic and negative).

13. There’s a giant good news for you! You, btw, have more than one compatible soulmate! Yikes!

14. You must love yourself unconditionally before calling out for your (compatible) soulmate. Since you happen to have more than one, depending on the state you’re at, you will attract a partner of the same vibrational frequency.

Now doesn’t that push you to be THE BEST VERSION of yourself. ๐Ÿค—

15. I urge you to weed out all the negativity that you might have in your life – people, experiences, anger, regrets… JUST LET GO! This will not just result in attracting the most compatible soulmate but will also bring you closer to your Life Purpose/Mission!

16. Please don’t ask for a perfect soulmate as that person could be way too perfect for you. Always pray to have a compatible partner.


Here’s what my understanding on this topic says…
Sometimes, in fact most of the times, our (compatible or twin flame) soulmates are our best friends or parent(s), or siblings or a teacher or a mentor.ย 
I hope this post helped you understand the meaning and value of soulmates better.
Comment your thoughts on this post below!
I just love hearing from you! You know that, right?

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    What a beautiful and inspiring post Aakansha ๐Ÿ’–

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