What’s with this “F” word?


It deeply saddens me to talk about this in 2016 where we all think we have matured, evolved and all that tinker’s damn! A mere incident is all it takes to make a woman realize what value she holds in this goddamn society!

My friend and I were at the movies on a Sunday evening and at 9:54PM (to be precise), we stepped into the loo!

Was it a mistake?

Were we out alone, late?- SCREW YOU!

and a creepy as shit 20 something year old male had the audacity to peep through the washroom next door (to perhaps get a glimpse of what he unfortunately didn’t have)!

And the second we started yelling at the top of our lungs, he stormed out! It took us good 60 seconds to gather ourselves and realise what had happened; and I must bring to your notice that NOBODY in a well lit mall in the city of Bangalore came in to check on us!

We ran to the security for help who showed zero concern and asked us to in fact ‘wait’ till the mall Manager, who we’d specifically asked for, to show up. In this agitated state we had to fight tooth and nail to get to the concerned authority!

My biggest concern at that point was, what if one of us (my friend and I) would have gone to the restroom alone … or any other fellow female for that matter?

You think she would have come back safe?


If we are not safe in a public ladies washroom, then where the hell are we safe?

And why has it come to point where we have to feel the ‘need’ to be safe?

And then the second we talk about feminism, some losers with dangly bits seem to have a problem!

Dear losers,
Do you even know what feminism means?
It means equal rights for both men & women!


It’s very easy to mock Homi Adjania’s , Deepika Padukone starer “My Choice” video, but tough to be answerable for all the diddlysquat a man has been doing for ages!


I mean the second we talk about doing what we want, living the life we want, being carefree for a change -it all boils down to “morale”!

Hysterical, isn’t it?

My hand is still shivering from what I experienced and here I am digitally penning this down, hoping somewhere, someone at power will read this and be able to take a strict action while I wait for the security at the mall to get back to us with some evident CCTV camera footage!

Bonkers, right?

Folks, it’s easy to run away from a problem, play the blame game, not give a crap about what’s happening around us -but it’s tough to stand up! It’s tough to make noise and fight against what is unfair!

‘Not my pig, not my farm’ just doesn’t suit us anymore!

My earnest request to you is, if you don’t have the balls speak up for feminism then at least make room for the ones who do!

Support feminism, support a legit cause!

Be good, do good!

If you see someone in trouble don’t run away hoping not to get “involved in the mess”, show some courage and help your fellow human beings!

The Maven Lifestyle_Feminism_By Aakansha Gurnani

Please don’t be a coward! Show some fortitude and do not shy away from offering help- if you see someone trip, offer a hand, don’t wait for someone else to do it!

If you see a fellow human flustered, go ASK!

Don’t assume shit!

I hereby resolve to be the dove among crows and take my responsibly to be a good samaritan FAR more seriously, escalate issues EVERY SINGLE TIME and step up everytime I see anything unfair happening to anyone!

The Maven Lifestyle_Feminism_By Aakansha Gurnani

Balls to karma! Balls to the self centred weaklings!

It’s time for all of us to be a hero!

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  1. Sakshi mittal says:

    V al can comment on feminism but no one even understand the meaning of the word FEMINISIM….
    Hoping one day ppl vl understand the importance of a women n value her …

    1. Aakansha says:

      I’m postive that day will come…sooner or later…
      Till then, all we must do is stay strong, push back and FIGHT where need be.

  2. Chiranjeev Ghosh says:

    Very well written. Can’t believe this happened in a mall in Bangalore. More than shocked to see the response from the authorities. We seem to have this habit of taking measures only when something big happens.

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thanks Chiranjeev. I am surprised myself, all the more because this mall is quite old and popular in the city! A true irony!

  3. Shikha says:

    I am Spechless … Such things happening
    In a crowded place that too a mall ! And you are doing a fab job darling by actually writing up on such topics too.. Proud of you 😊 Hope more bloggers do this ❤

  4. Jayanti(juhi) Shewakramani says:

    Perfectly written👍

    Even I also got shocked when u told this to me…
    India is still a developing county because of those crap things!

  5. Matta says:

    The world needs more women like us!!

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