Fights & Clashes in a relationship

Fights are inevitable in any relationship. This blog post is going to discuss rocky relationships that have frequent arguments, clashes and fights.

The kind of relationships I will talk about in this post include- romantic, in-laws, friends, parents & grandparents.


Vibration. For a phone call between person A & person B to go through, the network vibration has to catch & match. Any discrepancy would result in a call with voices being cracked and ineffective communication, right? 

This analogy holds true even for relationships you know! If two people, irrespective of what relationship they share, are vibrating on a different frequency, there will be conflicts & difference in opinion. Let’s understand this across a plethora of relationships.


With parents, we have such a strong relationship that our whole world view is based on that. This is something I learnt to another magnitude in my sessions with my Healer-Coach. I understood how my lens that I use to look at the world with, is created by my parent’s opinions, thoughts & beliefs. Over the years, I obviously cherry picked which beliefs from them I want to keep and which ones I want to part ways with … but what I now know for sure is, my parents live in me and will always do.

This means that parenting is a very big responsibility. If a parent cannot raise their child consciously, it’s alarming. Always remember, people like Osama Bin Laden/ Sadam Hussain/ Adolf Hitler turned out the way they did because of the way they were raised. 

Hurt people will hurt people. 

Children who are bullied at home, bully other children in school.

Today, you know this (maybe from this blog post or maybe from before) which is why you must (my heartfelt suggestion) immediately hire a Coach who specialises in Healing the inner child so that you take your power back. In ThetaHealing, what we invariably do in each session is revisit our childhood from the age of 0-10. This is where our worldview is formed. A 1 year old baby may seem like it’s in its “own world” but that’s not true. That 1 year old is a sponge- taking everything in!

Today, if you have the knowledge to heal that part of you- grab the opportunity! 

HUGE SHOUT-OUT to all my clients who are regular with their sessions and are constantly upping their vibration. Their level of evolution and dedication to grow in life deserves a huge round of applause from the Universe!


They live in your DNA- whether they live in your house or not. Grandparents come with a great treasure- treasure of stories. If you have the privilege of being around grandparents, ask them stories about their childhood and their life. Their story is going to hold clues about your life, your patterns, why your parents are the way they are and a lot more. When you start working on yourself with a Healer (or Coach), if you have spent enough time paying attention to your grandparent’s stories, you will be able to connect some of the most twisted and complicated dots of your life. 


Your friends who you spend a lot of time interacting with hold the potential to lower or raise your vibration. If you catch yourself arguing a lot with your friends off late, then it means that you are no longer at the same wavelength. If you are invested in self growth and they aren’t, they will slowly be repelled from your reality. If they aren’t, then either you’ll influence them to raise their vibration or they’ll influence you to lower yours. Ideal is that you cherry pick high vibrational souls as friends from the Universe. Focus on you self growth, keep your intentions based on love and kindness and ask the Universe to bring into your reality divine friendships. Anything is possible because you’re a co-creator in your reality. How you manifest your soulmate, you can also manifest high vibrational friends who you connect with!


Even though this deserves a special blog post of it’s own… I must bring this to your notice that often there is a clash in thinking because the girl who gets married into the family comes with her own set of beliefs (different vibration). The family she enters has many members and a different set of beliefs which means a totally different vibration. This clashes when both parties (daughter-in-law & family) are unable to accept and respect each other’s beliefs. Actually, nobody has to follow and imbibe the other person’s belief but a lack of acceptance and respect is what causes the clash. Difference in opinion is good, it is healthy. 

It’s unhealthy when there is a lack of respect & acceptance.

So every single member of the family must work on acceptance & respect.


If you and your partner do not grow at the same rate there will be major clashes. If you wish to have a healthy and flourishing relationship, both parties need to grow at the same rate. Encourage yourself and your partner to spiff up the headspace and fill yourself with virtues of – gratitude, kindness, compassion, unconditional love, peace & joy!



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