Unconscious Loyalty to your parents


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Thank you for investing your time to read & update yourself on a plethora of things I have to share with y’all. This blog post on unconscious loyalty to your parents is going to be short but full of challenges for you. 


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As I’ve spoken many times before in my blog posts, parenting is a huge responsibility, a privilege and an opportunity. It’s a golden chance to raise another human, re-write subconscious codes (beliefs) for a soul who has chosen to reincarnate through us. Some people become parents when they aren’t mature enough to write uplifting codes- meaning, they end up writing limiting codes aka limiting beliefs in their child’s pysche. A limiting belief is a belief that limits our growth. An example of that would be –

No Pain No Gain.

When a parent (or a teacher) wires a child’s psyche with this belief, they are telling the child that in order to gain (anything) in life, you have to go through pain.

Don’t be surprised if this child then ends up having to “struggle” to gain/get anything in life with ease. A common pattern of pain and struggle is always present in their life. 


Because they were told so by their parents.

This is just a small example but the idea of unconscious loyalty is ginormous. It has a very fascinating meaning and depth in the realm of Family Constellations Healing. Here, though, I speak about how. as children, our subcosncious mind is open to everything our parents have to say because they are our first role models. 

We learn to perceive life through them. 

They shape our world view. 

Whether our world view is twisted or divine depends on our parents. 

That’s why, parents are suggested to walk the path of self growth, self healing long before they choose to raise kids.

Unconscious loyalty to our parents puts us in a situation where we take their beliefs as our own subconsciously, even if we disagree consciously. So you might mock their belief or say you disagree but only when you are working in a deep meditative state with your Coach/Healer will you be able to realise…

Oh Shoot, I think like my mother/father…

Examples of such beliefs are-

If you laugh too much, you’ll have to cry too much.

(bahut hasse toh bahut rona padhega)

You won’t get everything in life, you have to compromise.

(sabko sab kuch nahi milta hai, compromise karna padhta hai)

In order to achieve something, you have to lose something.

(kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padhta hai)

Money is the root of all evil.

(paisa bahut buri cheez hai)

Diabetes is uncurable.

(diabetes ek baar ho gayi toh phir bus)

Old age means health problems for sure.

(budhaape mein toh problem hoti hi hain)

Daughters don’t belong to us truly. They have to go away one day!

(betiyaan parayi hoti hain)

Sons after marriage belong to their wives. We will lose our sons to their wives.

(bete toh shaadi ke baad biwi ke ho jaate hain)

If you don’t have a son, you don’t have a future.

If you don’t have a son, your future is full of loneliness.

(beta nahi hua toh future mein akelapan hi hai)

These are just a few examples but trust me, this list is endless.

Challenge for you is to think everything you’ve heard your parents say again and again growing up and think, is that belief limiting me? Does it come in the way of my growth?

If yes, then it’s time to work with a professional to 

>firstly, challenge that belief enough to WEAKEN it

>secondly, of course have your healer/coach REMOVE that belief from your psyche

>finally, REPLACE that limiting belief with an uplifting one with the help of your certified healer/coach who are TRAINED to understand and REWRITE subconscious lingo 😉



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