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ThetaHealing & Why this Post ?

Many of you have shown a keen  interest in what I do but tend to juxtaposition it with meditation. There’s more to ThetaHealing folks! This blog post will help you understand this healing modality a lot more better.

Energy Healing 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know how MUCH I talk about having good vibe.  A good vibe simply means constantly raising vibrations in order to embody your higher self.

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Higher Self; What’s That?

Higher Self is the most divine version of yourself which you aim to constantly embody in this lifetime. It’s the wisest version of self that helps you achieve anything and everything in life aka your soul purpose/mission.

Now the cool part about higher self is that it vibrates at a different frequency (energy) altogether. To simplify this, let me ask you –

1> Have you ever wondered why being in a temple/ church / mosque / Gurudwara makes you feel really positive and at peace?

2> Have you ever wondered why is there a difference in the energy of a temple/ church/ mosque/ Gurudwara and your own home?

Well, let me break it down for you-

  • For the ones who think it’s because the Creator (God) resides in those places, let me burst your bubble and tell you that that is far from the truth.
  • Creator (God) is everywhere. Creator is omnipresent .  Creator is in each one of us. We all are divine sparks of God.
  • The aforementioned religious places have a good vibe because the people visiting are in a high state of faith, belief and love.
  • This automatically raises energy level of these places and makes us feel positive each time we walk in!
  • Now the idea is for you to  ALWAYS be in such a high vibrational state!!!
  • And that my friends is constant work!

So I guess this has given you some background into what having a good vibe and being a high vibrational soul means.


ThetaHealing is an energy healing modality that works with your higher self/ your subconscious mind in a Theta Brainwave. This is the brainwave that you are in when you are fast asleep/ dreaming. Working (or healing) in this dream state is not just extremely powerful but also miraculous since we are speaking with your subconscious mind DIRECTLY which is responsible for all that is happening in your life. This is a result of all the negative and positive belief systems you are holding onto. Please know that it’s these negative feelings and negative belief systems that result in attracting dis-ease and discomfort in your reality.


You are responsible for every dis-ease and discomfort that is sitting in your life right now.

This disease or discomfort is being fed by your negative thought forms and negative patterns.

It’s HIGH time you break it!

It’s HIGH time you let go of it!

Image of DNA strand against background with human hands
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Let’s work together to let go of all the negatives to make room for the positives. Life is too short and too  beautiful to crib and whine over things that will give you fleeting happiness!

Alternatively, let’s shift your focus on attainting virtues and experiences whose echo will last not just this lifetime but many more to come…

How does this sound to you?


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The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha


  1. The 5 major feelings of love, happiness, anger, fear and sorrow result in an illusion of of what we believe to be our reality at any given point. They are all important for our well being and must be kept in check. If left out of balance, they store in different parts of our body.
  2. When the feelings of excessive sorrow, anger or fear stores in various parts of our body; it leaves our body in a state of despair. Our body works in miraculous ways and makes a constant effort of getting rid of these strong toxic feelings. Only when it fails to do so, all of the pent up feelings come out in the form of a disease.
  3. Sickness (dis-ease) is just an energy. It’s an energy that humans attract when they vibrate at a lower frequency. If you are holding a lot anger and hard feelings for people in your reality, your body will catch a disease of that particular vibration. Believe it or not, sickness serves humans. MOST humans at a subconscious level, seek sickness.
  4. In the world of ThetaHealing, nothing is difficult. Cancer cells can shift back to normal cells if guided to do so!
  5. ThetaHealing Technique is all about connecting to God and having God do all the healing. A ThetaHealing Practitioner simply plays the role of a facilitator, an excellent one!

    The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha Shewakramani

    The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha Shewakramani


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    Great…..absolutely right!!!

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    This was so beautifully summarized and explained A ❤
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    Very well explained Anku.We all experienced it ,But can:nt analize.U r doing well.God blessu

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