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Hello Readers,

I am writing this with a heart filled with awe, wonder and amusement. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I am a certified ThetaHealing practitioner, a certified Life Coach and a certified Holistic Health & Hormone Health Coach. I have many many certifications in this field and now countless hours of practice. Becoming a teacher was always this dream I thought I would probably fulfill in my late 40s/50s when I would have gathered decades of experience. 


you can plan many things but if God/Universe has a plan for you… you gotta follow 😉

So last year, 2020, the founder of ThetaHealing flew to Dubai to take instructor (teacher) courses. Again, since I had no plans of teaching (lols), I didn’t sign up…until a moment when my teacher encouraged me to do the teacher training course to experience learning this modality from Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing. My teacher said that I don’t have to teach healing but at least this gives me a chance to meet the founder of this magical modality. So… I did. I usually don’t resist these things because I am quite self aware and drawn to growth opportunities.

I did the class without an intent to teach but…

Ended up having students sign up back to back to back. 

So this is how the Universe planned for me to be a teacher. As of Feb 2020, I was only a teacher for the Basic (level 1) Course of ThetaHealing but today… I have certified to be a teacher for Level 2 and Level 3 of ThetaHealing. It was a big investment but being able to teach a modality that has transformed my life is no less than a privilege I must admit.

So, as of today, I am not just a certified healer (meaning work with clients), but also a certified teacher for 

Level 1(Basic DNA)

Level 2 (Advanced DNA)

Level 3 (Dig Deeper)

of ThetaHealing.


In the Basic Course (level 1), as a teacher, I introduce you to the mighty world of energy healing. You will learn how to go in a Theta brainwave (meaning connect with the subconscious mind where all your beliefs and secrets are locked up), give yourself instant healings, connect and talk to guadrian angels, clear your aura by removing evil eye, harmful radiation, bad spirits, etc. You are also trained to activate your spiritual DNA and reverse ageing. It’s a 3 day long course where floodgates to miracles will be opened for you. I teach you how to manifest anything and everything and moreover pull in your soulmates (lover/friend/soul family)etc. You obviously learn ten times more things than I just mentioned but how much can I even write here 😉

You will be given a manual with all the details after you sign up for this course and I will certify you to become a healer. You will be a certified healer for the basic course and find your profile permanently on which is the official THINK website.

I do not leave you stranded after the basic course though. I am always in touch with you for queries and I also pair you up with other healers so that you can practice and practice and practice.


The Advanced course can only be done after the Basic course. It’s a 3 day course as well.

Within the 3 days you will receive 500+downloads (meaning, energetic blessings in a subconscious Theta state) so that your soul is ready to evolve and manifest with more ease and grace. These downloads will include beliefs and blessings which otherwise your soul would need about 234 lifetimes to master. So, basically, 234 lifetimes worth of work is done within 3 days. 

Now, tell me, is this not an opportunity? 

Is this not a privilege?

As a teacher, we are trained by Vianna (the founder of ThetaHealing) to download these virtues/feelings/beliefs in a very powerful way. This is a heavy class and will push you to the next level. You will manifest more easily and those of a lower vibration won’t be able to touch you.

The downloads that I am talking about will be in the area of-














Instant Healing 






Self Acceptance 

Success and many many many many many more which I can obviously not type out. This means you will be a natural in all these areas of life.

This class also teaches you to talk to a plant, talk to your higher self, remove lifetimes worth of sorrow within 30 minutes and so so so much more.

Advanced DNA also gives you an understanding of digging for blocks in a more advanced way. 

Understanding each plane of existence in utmost detail is taught as well. If you don’t know what this means, I am telling you this course is game changing not just for you but your ENTIRE GENETIC LINE. Please know that the Advanced course is an extension of basic course so basic things are the same but your level of understanding is going to go a lot a lot a lot deeper. This will open doorways to evolution for you. We actually are lucky to receive this level of information. When you do the class, you will understand what I mean… better.

In the advanced class, I will also train you to complete vows and commitments to be cleared to touch the subconscious mind brain wave better.

Again, just like the Basic course, this course is certified as well. You get separate certificates for each and every course.


Level 3 of Healing course is called Dig Deeper.

This 2 day course will teach you how to effectively dig yourself and others (clients/friends/family) to find the root cause of any issue/ block/ illness/ trigger. No matter what the problem/illness/block/pain point is, this course will help you unlock your subconscious mind in a crazy new way.

Some of things you’ll be learning-> 

how to DIG (to find a root cause) on fear issues (any kind of fear/phobia),

anger blocks (why we hold anger and why can’t we just let go),

diseases – big and small,

manifesting blocks (why can we manifest some things and not others),

genetic digging(working with ancestry line),

past life digging (going to a past life to dig and heal)

impossible digging (why we think some things are impossible),

everyday trigger digging,

virtue mastering digging (why mastering some virtues like forgiveness, letting go, detachment is a lot tougher than others)

Level 3 of ThetaHealing teaches you what it ACTUALLY means to be a healer and you can do level 3 only after level 1 & 2.


There many many many more courses that I have taken up and am certified in but I am eligible to teach only these 3 for now. To become a teacher of ThetaHealing we need to do the practitioner course plus another Instructor level course with the founder. So, it’s a very strict and thorough process.

ThetaHealing is really the most amazing thing you can learn and I don’t say these things loosely. I personally have very very very high standards when it comes to learning and growth oriented modalities and ThetaHealing matches my very high standards. I say this because I have had below average experiences with other over-hyped courses and modalities.

If you have any questions about learning ThetaHealing or you wish to sign up for a session with me, feel free to email me at:

Love & Gratitude,

Aakansha Gurnani Shewakramani

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