The Maven Superfoods

Jim Rohn very correctly said – Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.

In today’s superficial world, people are either going all out indulging in ridiculous fad diets wanting to look like their version of ‘a million bucks’ or … not caring a damn about what goes inside them!

Both of which (anyone will agree) are red signals for the foreseeable future.

Being quite an advocate of eating right + working out a minimum of 5 hours a week, I have now decided to share as much (food-related) sage wisdom I (possibly) can, with you awesome people!

The (Maven) Superfoods

What are they?
Superfoods are nutrient powerhouses. They not only improve the quality of health and overall being but also help you combat all kinds of diseases (really) . Superfoods are meant to make you feel the best (strongest) version of yourself and are the epitome of imperative food indulgence.

So let’s crack on!

1. Ghee


It is home to a short chain fatty acid that is beneficial in keeping the digestive tract healthy whilst building a potent immune system. Ghee is one of those underrated superfoods that many people can’t wrap their heads around.

I’m sure you know that we(Indians) use ghee to fry spices that add flavor to our food (daal tadka, kuch yaad aaya?).

Well ghee serves as one of the most fantastic herbal energizers as it allows the medicinal properties of these herbs/spices to be absorbed and transported “well” to the targeted areas of the body.

Now, will this yum drum drive you away ? 🙂

I hope not!

2. Flax Seeds


Flax seeds house (super) essential omega 3 fatty acids (also synonymous with good fats) that are responsible for fighting cancer and keeping the digestive tract disease free. It does wonders for people with weight loss goals as it is (filthy) rich in dietary fiber (27g of fiber per 100g of flax seeds) and (staggeringly) low in carbs. 😉

Been having sugar cravings lately?
Well, resort to flax seeds- trust me, it’s your knight in shining armour!

Thank you fiber.

3. Yoghurt


Being a rich source of (110mg/100g)calcium and protein (10g/100g) is what gives (my favorite) yoghurt a superfood status. *gloating*

Yoghurt’s probiotic ability to clean the colon allows it to work like a mop within our tract (and we all know how imperative moping is- remember the feeling when your maid doesn’t show up? Haha!)

That’s not it; yoghurt is also the secret to clear skin and shiny hair!
Ma Ladies, is that a smile that has started to hang beneath your nose?

4. Brown rice


An excellent source of fiber (1.8g/100g), brown rice is known to reduce high cholesterol levels. It keeps blood sugar levels low and is a super(-duper) food for people with diabetes. That being said, including this super wonder in your diet will reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes astronomically!

Being a good source of selenium (that is a gift for your immune system & fertility) makes brown rice a soldier that defeats breast cancer with utmost grace.

It’s ranked as one of the worlds’ healthiest foods (fyi)!

5. Garlic


The benefits of garlic are insurmountably high. It helps battle high blood pressure, heart disease, various types of cancers, major back issues and what not!

A rich source of vitamin C, B6 and manganese, 3 cloves a day can do wonders to your health. And all the exercise lovers out there, garlic is known to (primarily reduce fatigue) improve athletic performance, exceptionally!

Speaking of health and not mentioning the importance of water is sinful. No matter how busy you are, missing out on a minimum of 4 liters of water is day is simply unacceptable.

Water not just boosts our immunity but also flushes out toxins, helps relieve headaches & back aches, and aids digestion (prevents constipation…uggghh, sigh!) :-p

I hope you know there a multiple apps and reminders for keeping a check on water these days 😉
No more excuses :-/

Did You Know?

Ever experienced that excruciating (cramp) pain in calves/hamstrings/quadriceps? Blame your poor water intake; ‘cause water keeps joints lubricated and muscles more elastic.

And so does ghee, by the way! 😉

What’s your favourite superfood?

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