Why is everyone falling sick? || Gift to Self || Birthday Wishes for PINK

Before you get overwhelmed by the title of this blog post, let me break all of the above down into two simple yet most important words you will ever come across, SELF LOVE!

Why is everyone falling prey to Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Hypo (or Hyper)thyroid, Arthritis, Asthma, Clinical Depression, Schizophrenia?

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The past year of my study & practice in ThetaHealing (an energy healing modality) has unveiled the actual reason behind every single disease & disorder that exists today. This post is however not going to get into that kind of a revelation; what I will alternatively do is help you understand the common thread among all of these.


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Simply put- Self Image is how you perceive yourself, what you think about yourself and what part of self do you like & dislike. This surly impacts your self esteem and self confidence.

Now, the issue is that the real definition of self-image has vanished into thin air. We’re all trying to impress each other. We’re scared to disappoint one another. We want to be “perfect” in each other’s eyes when in reality, there’s no such thing as “perfection”. Everything with regards to “perfection” is relative yet unique. Collective consciousness has huge role to play in this. This means that collectively as a society the way we project “perfection” becomes the norm. This results in major setbacks.


Just because we all are unique and nobody is perfect ‘cos in Creator (God)’s dictionary there’s no such word as perfect. The one word that is used though is divine. Divine simply means God-like and that is the best adjective one can use to describe self or others. This is so because,

“We all are divine sparks of God.”

Now, if your self image depends on how people around you perceive you then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Expecting others to validate you all the time means that you are giving them the power to decide your future.

Are you living in denial?

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Most people fail to accept the fact that they care about what others think of them! They love going around calling themselves detached from people’s perception. I do agree and believe that some of you out there are impervious to judgement but for others, it’s high time you sit back and introspect by asking yourself-

->Am I competitive?

->Do I like standing out?

->Does standing out make me THE happiest?

->Am I comfortable admitting my shortcomings let alone talking about it?

->Do I catch myself wondering what people might think about me?

->Every time I taken an action, I measure the impact my actions will have on people around me?

->Am I a people pleaser?

Now folks, you need to understand that the second you start focussing on other person’s perception of you, you trap yourself into the vicious cycle of pleasing others. This cycle will not just put you out of touch with your true self, it will also take you miles away from your soul purpose, soul mission and divine timing.

More on Divine Timing in this blog post: divine timing & vibrational frequencies

Self-love is key!

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The one common thread that I spoke about earlier is, lack of self-love among most of us today. It’s easy to showcase self-love on the outside but how do you feel about yourself on the inside? Do you enjoy your own company? Can you do away with your phone for a day? Do you pat yourself on the back often? Do you spoil yourself silly?

Read more on this in my old blog post: swear by self love

As a fun exercise & learning, set some time aside now and write 25 things you love about yourself. Everything that I have talked about (above) will make a lot of sense once you’re done with this exercise. If you shy away from doing this, your self-image to you will be more than evident.

Gift to Self

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For the past couple of years (thanks to all the lessons I learnt the hard way), I have been someone who’s been  big on “experiences”.

I have spent the last three years indulging in activities and actionable steps that the old me would feel resistant towards. Be it adventure sports, culinary marvels, off-beat events, holiday indulgences, I’ve been open to trying things that strike a chord with my heart.

I have not for one minute thought about how others would perceive this. I have just looked for the right company and jumped into the deep end. Consider this post as my personal push to you to try things you’ve been planning for a while.

Another thing which is really close to my heart is gifting self on birthday! Birthday is that time of the year when we are the most vulnerable. YES, vulnerable because we expect someone else to make us feel special and spoilt.

Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be spoilt by family & friends but it’s definitely paradoxical if you do absolutely nothing for self and put the onus on the ones around you to make you feel like a million bucks.

Gifting yourself can be simple and heart-felt. It must ideally be planned well in advance so that it’s thought through. It must be extravagant! Why?

Simply because when you go all out with showcasing love to self, you put out a message of ABUNDANCE in the Universe.

You tell the Universe that you are THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR REALITY and you will settle for nothing but the most divine opportunities in life! Think about this, it’s quite miraculous!

What I bought for myself this year?

Now, gifting yourself doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. It should be something you’re happy spending. It can be a thing, an experience or an investment you’ve been planning for a while.

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For my birthday in August this year, I bought (from my savings), a class/course that means the world to me! I’ve had my eyes on it for  about 8 months and the second I read what it’s REAALLLYYY about, I instinctively knew that that’s where I have to be! It’s a class called RAINBOW CHILDREN & falls under the giant umbrella of ThetaHealing.

This class is for Indigo (and other) souls wanting to turn into a Rainbow (soul). This is possible by changing vibrations and ascending spiritually. This happens to be the most psychic class ever where we will be taught how to super-activate our Intuitive Skills and use the same to read minds, move objects with thoughts, talk to fairies, communicate with & heal animals and SO MUCH MORE!

Thinking about this fills my heart with joy and gives me a true sense of belongingness.

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Oh by the way folks, do you know that I’ve started offering both Healing & Life Coaching sessions now! For more on my services, time duration, energy exchange, contact me : themavenlifestyle@gmail.com !

Birthday Wishes for PINK


My little sister-in-law sister turns 25 today and I couldn’t stop myself from sharing the top 3 things I adore about her followed by some mandatory (unsolicited) older sister advice!

Dearest PINK,

First of all, I cannot thank you enough for making me feel at ease long before I became a part of your family. You play an astronomical role in making me feel at home right from the very first day I moved into our beloved PANCHRATAN Villa. I had heard some crazy voodoo sh*t about the typical sister-in-law and how most women hope and pray to not have one…thank God for my overly optimistic attitude in life that resulted in me NEVER BELIEVING any of the negativity w-r-t the aforementioned  which by the way sounded hysterical.

Pink, I choose to believe that I didn’t just attract R in my reality, I attracted you as well.

This is me REMINDING you once again that you inspire me too…

Secondly, the top 3 things I adore about you are-

i) The FOCUS, DETERMINATION & ZEAL you carry in life. Babe, these are the reasons behind your stability & security in life RIGHT NOW!

ii) I cannot get over the go-getter attitude you embody with absolute ease & grace. You set your eyes & heart on something and chase it unabashedly.

iii) Your light-heartedness and humor in life. The fact that you welcome life one day at a time and believe in following your heart with zero EFFs in the world makes me want to play the role of your personal Cheerleader at all times.

The one & only advice I have for you right now is to never, ever change the aforementioned qualities; you cannot afford to! You can also take some ‘major inspiration’ from one of the many things I’ve spoken about this blog post. You clearly KNOW what I mean, yeah? (Ref: Check your Birthday Letter once again)!

Love & Gratitude,



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