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For the ones who’ve been following me for a while now, know that I am an earnest advocate of THE MOST cliched quotes of all times, ‘Health is Wealth’. You can read one of my previous posts here, to know how MUCH I swear by the fact that our body is our temple. This week I’d like to throw some light on one of the most controversial topics of all times, Nutritional Supplements.

But first, #basics.

Now there are two schools of thought attached to this topic, one for and the other against the consumption of Nutritional Supplements; both poles apart and forever ready to pound each other with baseless arguments. Giving importance to any of these is naïve which is why this post has been written after oodles of research and a recognised need to throw some light on this leitmotif.

What are Dietary/ Nutritional Supplements?

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

The food we consume day in and day out constitutes our diet. Now there are a plethora of micronutrients and macronutrients that a human body needs in order to function effectively. Mind you, “need” is the key word here.

But what’s the problem?

The food we eat on a daily basis may or may not fulfil our body’s need of its daily quota of desired nutrients which is why, over a period of time, our body falls prey to various diseases, ages faster and resorts to shutting down various functions as a defence mechanism.
Nutritional Supplements were introduced in order to make up for all the lost nutrient intake.

Decision Making.

Now, our body may or may not be in a nutrient deficit state.

As a result of the ambiguity in the aforementioned statement, we need to do the following –

1. Get a BMI (Body Mass Index) Scan done. This will tell you where your body stands wrt its composition.

2. Maintain a food journal (where you pen down each and everything you consume during the day) for at least 2 weeks and then run it by a dietitian or a Nutritionist. I urge you to visit a good healthcare professional as they are well equipped with all the knowledge and means to improve your health (much better than a doctor; YES better than your doc)

3. Go for a blood test that gives a detailed report of your body’s status.

Only once you see a deficit, under the guidance of your healthcare professional, go for a supplement.

We’re all malnourished!

Given the current situation, it’s extremely rare that you would not need to go for a supplement; simply because the “regular” food you eat is not longer organic and is being grown in a way that it has to meet the exponentially increasing demand. So basically, no one knows if it is (the food we eat) is as good as it used to be. Such a bummer!
This invariably results in deficiencies and calls for help from the dietary supplements department.
Be it a developed or a developing nation, current food scenario has called for an alarming need for supplements.

Things to bear in mind before you even remotely consider to take a supplement :

1. Beware of allergies if you happen to have any. Discuss them with your healthcare professional.

2. Speaking of which, I strongly recommend you to have a dedicated Nutritionist for your family that is well aware of your family history i.e diseases and deficiencies that run in the family.

3. If you are an athlete or striving to become one and are on a quest for supplement recommendations…then in that case, head straight to a certified healthcare professional who can offer you help based on your outcome requirement.

4. Last, but not the least, please ensure that the supplements you take are of pristine quality.

Biggest challenge is now solved!

Now, I’ve been wanting to write about this and educate you guys with whatever little I am aware of, but needed a strong collaboration to put this information across !
Which is why when approached me with the ardent research they have done on this subject matter, I knew I had to pass on all the valuable information.

What have they done?

 #Gratitude and #Respect tested 289 popular multivitamin options readily available in the market – enough to fill an entire aisle at a supplement store and ultimately determined which contained all the essential vitamins and minerals.
Basically, they have collated a list of supplements you need and none of the ones you don’t!

What’s the BIG DEAL?

Now, if you have even a tad bit of interest in this subject matter, you would know how difficult it is to put a finger on what product is good and what isn’t. This is simply because we are not aware of the certifying bodies that verify the quality of these supplements.

QC (Quality Check) is key but hard to spot.

You must know that none of the supplements that you take are tested (by the manufacturer) for safety or for effectiveness before they are sold which is why (a third party) certification of the product is what matters the most. This means that anytime you look for a product and wish to know it’s quality, look for all the third party certifications that product has under its belt.
Sometimes, manufacturers do care about having their products certified but most of the times, they aren’t bothered (perhaps for their own selfish reasons). , our knight in shining armour

As a result of the aforementioned, the entire team of conducted this extensive research to help us pick the best of the best.

Here are some of the pointers from the research that will blow your mind away

1. while evaluating all the supplements, filtered out the products that came in with a proprietary blend (a term manufacturers use when they don’t want to disclose the ingredients of their products from the fear of competition). Now this is a big deal for the consumers and didn’t shy away from the needful.

2. A plethora of certifications and 3rd Party Verifications were taken into consideration to come up with the most pristine list of dietary supplements.

3. MegaFoods, that came on top of the list was recognised as the beacon of transparency which is key in this business that kind of runs on faith (just like most others).

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

4. The research guide showcases all the certifications and verifications MegaFood holds to ensure complete transparency to its consumers. To name a few… all the MegaFood supplements are certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), NSF International that assures that the supplement being produced has the promised identity, strength, composition, quality and purity. Also enlightened us with the fact that MegaFood labs comply with the highest standards of quality assurance and testing.

5. But, that’s not even the best part. The highlight is that the brand (MegaFood) provides links to farmers who supply the food it derives nutrients from.

All of the above, is just a teeny tiny part of the research has put together. The subject matter discussed in this blog post is difficult to get a hold of, let alone trust and follow. I strongly recommend you all to take some time out and solemnly dive into this research article.
PS… This is not a sponsored post, simply a collaboration to ensure that the knowledge is spread all across.
A big shoutout and thanks to for taking the pains of coming up with such a brilliant research.

Did You Know?

This guide has a golden list of multivitamin recommendations for men, women, kids and senior citizens along with a transparent and detailed rationale.
 Happy Reading!
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