Swear by ‘self-love’!

The more I read and observe life closely, the more I realise how imperative it is for each one us to love ourselves unconditionally! After all, if ‘we’ don’t love ourselves, then who will?

We always rely on others to make us feel ‘special’- take us out, shower us with flowers, buy us gifts, spoil us silly, bear with our tantrums, etc. How about holding our imaginary horses right there and think for a moment-

WHY are we not READY to love our own selves?

WHY can’t we be our OWN fucking soulmate?

It’s often said and believed that the way we treat ourselves ,talks a lot about the kind of person we’ll eventually end up with!

So folks, treat yourself like royalty! 😉

For the longest time, I waited for someone to surprise me with flowers, take me out on movie dates, buy me exotic stuff and what not! Then one fine afternoon, I came across what my favourite, MM, founder of ‘The Tig’ wrote and that was an enlightening moment for me, truly!

Read about it here.

… … …

Fast forward to this day- I DO NOT shy away from:

  • going to the movies, all by myself
  • buying that expensive dress simply ‘cos it hits me in all the right spots 😉
  • treating myself with exotic spas at least 3x a month
  • gobbling till I’m wobbling (even in a Michelin Star restaurant)

And trust me, this isn’t too much! This is the least we can do for ourselves … ‘cos after all, we gotta be our own hero, right?

We all somewhere know that even the most fantastic fairytale has a dark underbelly;

but you think in today’s day & age that should shun the protagonist from self-love?

“Ever loved someone so much, you would do anything for them? Yeah , well, make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want.”


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  1. Megha Khanna says:

    So true!! 🙂

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