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Life is an effortless stream of synchronicity and the Universe is always striving to guide you. You will feel this if & only if you’re open to healing + are ready to take accountability for your thought process. Today, I am writing this blog post with utmost joy because here I am presenting you a fabulous success story of a very very dear client of mine who bid adieu to Hyperthyroidism.

My client was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism back in 2004.  Hyperthyroidism is a condition where your thyroid gland produces way too much thyroxine. This overactive thyroid gland then accelerate’s your body’s metabolism causing rapid weight loss. With the help of high doses of neomercazole, the condition was put to rest. But 1 year ago, she once again experienced swelling behind her eyes and tests diagnosed a relapse of Hyperthyroidism. Doctors put her on steroids to reduce swelling and  neomercazole once again became a part of her life. She felt obligated to follow this prescription because she wasn’t aware of the power of energy healing, diet & lifestyle. The doctors were adamant on having her undergo Radioactive Iodine Therapy. This therapy is all about exposing your thyroid glands to radioactive rays which would eventually kill (dormant) your thyroid gland. This would also mean that she’d have to take an ioxidine tablet for the rest of her life. Since this wasn’t something she wanted to do, she started taking Ayurvedic medicines and experienced alarming weight gain (which is weird because one typically loses weight in Hyperthyroidism). This was her point of concern and that’s when she came to me. I started off by first giving her a ThetaHealing session and later put her on a diet that would help her balance her hormones which in turn would allow the thyroid gland to go back to it’s normal functioning. While we were at this, (here is where the Universe came to our rescue) she took her Mommy to a well-trusted dermatologist in Dubai. She discussed her Thyroid & weight gain situation with him (her mother’s dermatologist). This was an eye-opening situation for both of us because the dermat revealed how Ayurvedic practioners these days are stealthily adding steroids to their medication. They are doing this undercover and not even feeling responsible enough to tell this to their patients. After this visit, she stopped taking the Ayurvedic medicine but continued her not-so-favourite neomercazole. Her weight stopped increasing rapidly and started to remain stable. I, obviously through Healing & Health Coaching sessions put her on what most people call a strict diet (which according to me, it was doable)! Her next visit to the doc was marvellous because the doctor called her a miracle case and invited other doctors to sit with her to understand what was going on.

The ThetaHealing session I did with her was potent enough for her to step out of Hyperthyroidism but often our conscious mind is unable to believe that we can heal in one session. With 10 Health Coaching sessions which were full of dietary recommendations and manifestation exercises, her will to heal beat her conscious mind’s banter and today, she is finally free from a dis-ease which most of you feel is incurable. This is obviously a team effort where both of us worked towards her healing.

Her faith in energy healing, trust in using food as medicine and desire to heal had a magnanimous role to play, of course!

Take this as a reminder that where there is a will, there is a way. She wanted to heal and she chose to not be dependent on toxic medication which heals one part of the body by putting various other parts of the body at risk. Her zeal to be Hyperthyroidsim-free led her to this stage where her doctor was shocked to see her reports and call her a miracle case.

Was she really a miracle case?

I don’t think so! She was simply a believer who didn’t give up on her faith that food can heal & thoughts are powerful.

She still is my client and is now on a journey to release 10+ kilos of excess body weight in 6 months.

This blog post is dedicated to her positivity & joyful heart. 🙂

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