Why are you unable to manifest your soulmate?

Why are you unable to manifest your soulmate?

Manifesting a soulmate seems tricky up until the point you actually have one by your side. But, the journey of attracting a soulmate can vary from being – mentally taxing to life altering.

It is in this blog post that I’m going to tell you the probable reasons behind the “delay”. 

Note: WE HAVE MANY SOULMATES! Soulmate is not just a romantic concept. Your best friend can also be your soulmate. Even your parent/sibling/grandparent can be your soulmate. Soulmate relationship is very special but highly misunderstood which is why I’ve written a blog post listing soulmate facts that many of you are not aware of. Before you proceed with this post, please make sure you’ve read that one. Click HERE to read the blog post on soulmate facts for full clarity!

Soulmate Union

Soulmate union depends on

-how ready you are to match your soulmate’s vibration,

-how ready your soulmate is to match your vibration and

-divine timing .

Nothing in the Universe occurs outside the scope of divine timing. Divine timing means the best time from the grand persective. We are too minuscule, short sighted and limited in our perspective to question why a reunion is taking so much time. I say this because all we are concerened with is OUR UNION with our soulmate. But the Universe, on the other hand, looks at the whole union from a grand perspective- it takes into consideration the lives of people involved with the union, their life purpose and so much more. 

Side Note- I started looking for the love of my life, My Raj from December 2013 and united with him in February 2017, a little over 3 years. For the longest time, I used to laughingly taunt him as to why he took so long to show up in my life even though I felt I was more than ready for him (which by the way I wasn’t).

Had he shown up in Jan 2014, shortly after I started the hunt, I’d probably not be as strong willed, independent, clear of my purpose and proud as I was when I actually met him. All of this aside, my Raj actually once gave me a detailed run down of what happened in his life from Jan 2014 to Jan 2017 (my impatient waiting period) and boy, had we met in that period, our relationship wouldn’t have worked out because it was just really bad timing.

The reason behind this side note is for you to understand and trust God’s timing because the Universe (& Creator) knows what’s for our highest and best. We understand this after the wait is over because during our waiting period all we are focussed on is-

Why is it taking so long?

Why is God putting me through this?

These in my opinion are wrong questions because all this that you’re going through is a part of the plan. Plan for you to master virtues and evolve.


Earlier when I mentioned about the readiness, here’s what I meant-

For a phone call to go through, the network vibration of two parties has to match. Any glitch in the network from any side will come in the way of the telephonic communication, right? This is because of the vibrational frequency mismatch.

Same happens even for soulmate reunion. Both the soulmates must be ready for each other and vibrate at the same frequency to unite.

Types of soulmates

Everything I’ve mentioned so far also stands true for a soulmate friendship also. I know many who are manifesting friendships with their soulmates. So know that even to manifest that, all of the above counts.

We have many soulmates

Based on how (high or low) our vibration is, we will attract a soulmate accordingly. This because we don’t have one but many soulmates. But what we want is to attract a high vibrational compatible soulmate who is in sync with our divine plan. For this we must continuously work on ourself. 

Work on self

This means to constantly heal and grow. Every single one of us has gone through our own set of traumas. Traumas can vary from person to person. My trauma may seem silly to you but to me, it’s a big BIG thing. Anything that our mind & body perceives as threat, is registered as trauma. Being left alone in a room for longer than we want can also register as trauma for some people while for others being bullied is traumatic. Abuse of any kind – emotional, physical, verbal sexual is traumatic of course. Being ridiculed and sideline is traumatic. Being constantly compared to another person is traumatic. Being let down is traumatic. Trauma is everywhere!

Our responsibility is to navigate our way through this and learn and grow. When we focus on our healing, our vibration begins to rise.

What’s your purpose?

A soulmate by the end of the day is a companion. He/she will not walk your life path but simply accompany to walk your path gracefully with love & support and YOU IN RETURN have to do the same for him/her. A soulmate does not complete us. We are not incomplete without them. We are complete and whole as is. A soulmate walks into our life as a divine companion, as an inspiration, as a cheerleader and we have to be the same for him/her. When your soulmate becomes a part of your reality, DO NOT REVOLVE YOUR LIFE around him/her. Make sure you have already found your calling before you give desperate vibes to the Universe to unite you with your soulmate. If you do not figure out your calling before you attract your soulmate, you will feel lost (and demotivated) to do so after the reunion. If you live your life without recognising your calling, trust me on this, you’re wasting your time.

What to do then? 

We are in 2022 where there is no dearth of light workers and coaches. If you are clueless as to how to start prioritising your life, how to set personal goals and how to achieve those goals- delegate that part of your life to trained and certified coaches and healers. We don’t have to do everything ourselves.

I am a certified Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Hormone Health Coach, ThetaHealing Teacher & Practitioner. You can book in a session with me anytime. 

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