Your soul chose Mommy || Lessons from my Momma

On my Mommy’s birthday today, I’d like to enlighten you with some awesomely interesting spiritual facts!

Did you know that you (as a soul) sat with your spirit guides and chose your Mommy?

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How does this work?

Soul’s journey as a human, begins in the mother’s womb. Anything that a mother feels & believes is passed on to the child. These type of beliefs are known as genetic beliefs. This is the reason expectant mothers are asked to focus on positive thoughts and are suggested to be surrounded with high vibrational souls. Everything that the mother goes through, reaches the baby (soul)’s subconscious mind. Baby’s mind is unable to differentiate between an uplifting belief and a negative one. 

Why am I telling you this?

So that you are mindful of your words around a Mommy-to-be! Never ask questions like- 

Would you prefer a boy or a girl? 
Are you nervous?
Are you prepared?
Do you know what to do when the baby is out in this world?

This just puts the expectant mother in a pickle where she starts questioning if she’s doing the right thing!

This self-doubt creeps into the baby’s subconscious mind as well.

How does a soul pick the mother?

Once the soul decides to make an entry (again) in this reality, a meeting of sorts is held with the spiritual team of the soul. In this meeting, the soul decides what all lessons & virtues it would like to learn in the upcoming lifetime. Since Mommy is quite a profound point of entry (pun-intended), souls pick expectant mothers who would help them learn those virtues & lessons in the best way possible.

Basically, mother’s vibration attracts the soul of the baby.

To what extent does the expectant mothers ‘attract’ baby’s soul?

It is a well known fact that if an expectant mother has gone through any healing journey whatsoever, the soul she would attract is different (of a higher vibration) than the soul she would have attracted if she would have gotten pregnant before undergoing any healing. This is because…

When we heal, we release a lot of pent up negative emotions which in turn raises our vibration.

Quality of Sex

It is believed that while mating, vibrations of the man & woman as a couple attracts a soul. If the couple is all about “bang bang thank you ma’am” then the overall vibration is low because of the lack of intimacy & divine love for each other. When a couple mates with good intentions i.e. to satisfy each other, please each other mollycoddled with love & respect, the quality of soul they attract is of a higher vibration. Think of it yourself-

Wouldn’t a soul want to pick a set of parents that are loving, respectful & passionate for each other???

Now, did you know about all this?

Perhaps you had a feeling…

Regardless of your past knowledge, allow this new understanding to re-define the way you look at sex & the whole baby-making process!

Mother-child spiritual bond

Children share a spiritual bond of karma with their mothers. They have come through that particular soul (mother) to learn pre-decided lessons and master certain virtues. Now, whether a child’s mother is sorted 

or is messed up… it doesn’t matter!

Child’s soul while making a decision (to choose Mommy dearest) was aware of the repercussions of choosing a “difficult” Mommy because the soul of the child chose to learn the hard way.

How is your bond with your mother?

Your current quality of relationship with your mother dictates HOW MUCH YOU HAVE LEARNT FROM HER, through her. Today, I encourage you to grab a paper & pen and list 10 LESSONS you have learnt from your Mommy, both positive & negative. Just write without questioning and the moment you approach number 10, a realisation will kick in… a realisation that I can not articulate in words. But I can tell you that you will instantly UP YOUR VIBE! Trust & write…

My Lessons…

1.My mommy taught me the importance of always eating healthy. I remember even when I was little, she would inculcate the importance of chewing properly, cooked my meals in pure desi ghee and make me sip on juices & veggie soups. Consequently, I was a sought after baby and apparently people would line up outside my house to take me on strolls. I felt soooo loved and adored!

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2.My mommy enrolled me in one of the finest (& posh) schools of the city because it had a plethora of co-curricular activities. She also ensured that I always worked out in one form or another. As a result of her passion for health & fitness, she enrolled me for swimming classes in summer, then basketball as an after school activity for 3 years, badminton for over three years, lawn tennis for an entire summer, so on and so forth. There was probably no year in my school life when I wasn’t working out or staying active. She always ensured that I had 1-1.5 hours of sport activity everyday!

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3.She was a Hitler when it came to studies. She was someone who would get furious if I lost a mark or two here & there. To her, scoring well in tests meant a lot. Perhaps, the time I was growing up grades meant a lot to parents. Regardless of all the bashing I went through, I am proud to say that I am what I am because of her. She pushed me to always work hard and give my best-est-esttt! She has imbibed in me, my biggest strength- to work hard with stellar planning. She would always make study time-tables for me and check up on me even when she wasn’t home. Growing up, I was petrified of her!

4.My mommy believed in EXPOSURE. She made us join dance troops, took us (baby bro & I) on International holidays and always ensured that we become proactive & forthcoming as kids. To her, personality was everything! 

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5.My mommy taught me how to cool off and not snap for more than 15 minutes. I learnt this the hard way…

6.My mommy encouraged me to always stay organised. This is the reason you’ll find all the tops & dresses in my wardrobe, colour cordinated- lol!

7.Mommy always taught baby bro & I to stay updated with fashion & jazz. To her, looking presentable & classy meant a lot. She made me plan outfits for upcoming holidays and parties! 

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8.Mommy always organised the best birthday parties for my brother & I. Our friends loved coming over for the games, food, cake, return gift and so so so much more! As a child, birthdays meant a lot to me and my mommy did everything in her control to plan the finest parties.

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9.Mommy always spoke to us in English even at the time when people barely understood the importance of this language. It’s her broken & imperfect English that has taught my brother & I how to express ourselves well in a language that isn’t even our own.

10.My mommy is a curious person in general. She loves to learn, heal & grow and I am so incredibly proud of her. She allows me to Coach her & heal her without putting any ego on the table. It’s so enlightening! This role-reversal we share is sooooo heart-warming.

11.Mommy is perhaps the most secure woman there is. She can compliment with utmost ease and does not shy away from appreciating those around her. She doesn’t have even a single muscle of jealousy in her 

which is so so so so refreshing.

I can list 10 more reasons but they’re wayyyyy too personal so I’d save those for my journal.

Happy Birthday Mommy, you’re the best and I am glad my soul chose yours to come through. I have learnt a lot from you, through you… I obviously owe my life to you…

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Love & Gratitude,

What are some of the lessons you learnt from your Mommy dearest?

Leave a comment below!

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  1. Rajeev Shewakramani says:

    Wow. Super heartfelt this one. As usual your posts are thought provoking.
    I am super grateful to Mumma for raising you with so much love and exposure. It’s the most beautiful gift she has given to you and me😘

    1. Aakansha says:

      Your comment made me blush like a 16 year old… xx

  2. Bharat Gurnani says:

    What a poooosssstt❤️❤️
    You always give a new path to an individual’s thoughts, which is what I love reading i.e. the person I was before and after this post is different. The now me nows so much more about so many things which was never given adequate thought to.

    Some things cannot be expressed.
    One of that thing for me , is my love for my mother.
    Happiest birthday to her, may she live longer than me🤣🤣( I know thats difficult).
    May she become more positive and spiritual.
    Love her infinity😘😘❤️❤️

    1. Aakansha says:

      Oh Bharat, this comment infused every fibre of my being with pride. Thank you for your honest, candid and heartfelt comment. This really does mean a lot to me… xx

  3. Pink says:

    What a post Anku!!! Coming straight from the heart!!!! 💖
    Happy birthday Aunty 🤗 Love you 💖💖💖

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thank you my dear, feels great to read your thoughts/comment/feedback on my corner of the internet.
      I genuinely appreciate your love, support & heartfelt words! xx

  4. Nikita keswani says:

    What a post …..first of all happy birthday to the delightful soul and yess by reading this post I was really smiling and remembering those cute moments which my mom did for me. I can also list atleast 50 points…your posts really are worth reading.

    1. Aakansha says:

      Wow, you hit the nail on its head. I am so happy this post fueled you up with love for your Mommy. Big hug to you Nikita and warm regards to your lovely mommy xx

  5. Tanvi says:

    Lovely post …i m literally sobbing along with goosebumps while reading it. I wish i had known this earlier but still grateful to you for taking us to the depth of mother child relation. Its the purest and selfless relation made on planet. Thank you aakansha 😇😇

    1. Aakansha says:

      Oh Tanvi, sending a warm fuzzy hug your way. You genuinely are a super mommy and I look upto you for everything that you’ve been through & conquered. xx

  6. Tanvi says:

    Wishing your mom a very happiest and healthiest birthday😇😇

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thank you my love… xx

  7. shikha says:

    love all your posts A, but this one has my heart ❤ learnt it enjoyed each part of it.. many many happy returns of the day to my gorgeous aunty 😘

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thank you Shikha, as usual, your comment made me smile from … within … love & hug xx

  8. Anupma says:

    This was an amazing one Akansha 😍
    You spoke on behalf all the mothers and how they have raised us ❤️❤️

    1. Aakansha says:

      Indeed… all Mommys are just the best and now you’re one too… I know it in my gut that your daughter is delighted to have someone like you to imprint on & look upto, giant hug & positive vibes xx

  9. Anupma says:

    This was an amazing one Akansha 😍
    You spoke the heart of all the moms and it’s so touchIng ❤️❤️

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thanks again Anu and many many many many Congratulations to both you & Jal for becoming parents to an angel. Your little one is incredibly lucky to have you two ‘travel & adventure enthusiasts’ as her parents. I can already see her growing up with a biker jacket riding here there everywhere… hehe xx

  10. Shivani says:

    Thankyou for always putting up something on your blog that fills my heart with love.
    Your blogs are about feelings than just words.
    Blessings to you gem.

    1. Aakansha says:

      This made me smile from within and warmed my heart. Readers like you are a blessing to writers like me…

  11. Sony says:

    I have done,what all parents must do for their children,but your words ,your feelings,your thoughts,your appreciation makes those moments precious….thankyou infinite
    I can only say you are purest soul with such a big ❤️
    Thanks to all for lovely wishes…..this blog is bestest gift for me till date🤗🤗

    1. Aakansha says:

      Teary-eyed Aakansha with a heart overflowing with gratitude…

  12. Vaishali says:

    Its always difficult to describe how much Mom nurtured took endless efforts to brought up their kids , but you did it so well after reading it everyone will wish to write something on his/her mother .Loved it literally

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thank you Vaishali…
      hug & positive vibes,

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