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Hey you Top Cats!

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I believe it’s the safest time to ask you this question… unless you’ve been swearing by …

“May this last month of 2017 be the plot twist you’ve been waiting for…”

Social Media (SM)

…is something that’s carried way too many taglines (both positive and negative) with itself. There’s been a lot of hue & cry around how its’ been a distraction AND the reason behind many going under depression.
Having worked as a Social Media Strategist, I can assure you that SM is SO much better than all the taglines it’s slapped with.
It’s quite literally what YOU make of it!
So basically, it’s all about HOW you use it!

Do you use Facebook and Instagram to stalk people and judge them?


Do you use Twitter to track all the scandals, shaming and ‘Twitter Trending’?


Are you active on LinkedIn once every few months when you wish to know your market value or to simply apply for a job?

If you found yourself answering yes to any of these questions then you are using SM for the least important reasons! No wonder you find yourself wanting to get off all the aforementioned platforms (and more of course) every couple of months in the hope that you will live a distraction free life!
And this is not just about SM but about pretty much anything in life.

So, now what?

Well, balance is key!
If you do use the aforementioned platforms (and more) for all the reasons mentioned above without obsessing over it, IT’S FINE!
In my humble opinion, SM is one of the most fabulous things that has happened to us!
#1) ‘Cause it has brought us closer to our friends and family. Provided you know how to make the switch from online to offline in a jiffy. 
#2) ‘Cause it makes ‘distance’ is no longer a constraint. 
#3) ‘Cause keeping in touch and sharing our ideas and philosophies is the easiest thing to do. 
#4) ‘Cause both good and not-so-good news can reach us in minutes.
And the best of all is…
#5) Social Media gives us the opportunity (or a platform) to grow & express ourselves in every aspect of life.
Last few months of endless chilling and playing bride-to-be gave me a hotbed to explore a plethora of things online! Which brings me to the next part of this blog…

The Maven Inspiration Listicle

Here are a bunch of people/pages/profiles I just can’t stop crushing over! I must say I’m obsessed and may have turned into a borderline stalker!

1. Lydia Elsie Millen.

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Lydia Elsie Millen
Category: Fashion and Lifestyle.
Style: Vlog.
My quest for a perfect luxury handbag compelled me to trace Tamara (up-next) and eventually Lydia. She’s a goddess if you are into luxury products and want to live The Maven Lifestyle, truly. I feel this woman, her style, her ideologies speak to me directly. I love her effervescent spirit and her pixie charm. She’s someone who can lighten up your day. Oh and she has an adorable Bengal cat called Lumi who is perfect to the T! Ohhhh and you have to follow her on Instagram.
Red Hot Alert: Her fiancé (very very soon hubby-to-be) Ali Gordon is a Youtuber as well and… an amazingggg one. Check him out too!
Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Ali Gordon

2. Tamara Kalinic.

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Tamara Kalinic
Category: Fashion and Consequent Travel.
Style: Vlog + Films.
I discovered Tamara by accident and by far it’s been one of the best accidents that has come my way! Her take on fashion, travel and positivity (she’s quite an advocate of the Law of Attraction) will compel you to gawk and look at Fashion as nothing else but ART! Her Instagram profile is like an art museum, straight up!

3. Sazan Hendrix.

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Sazan Hendrix
Category: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and when around hubby Stevie Hendrix: HUMOUR!
Style: Vlog.
This duo will give you all kinds of goals. Couple. Fashion. Travel. Beauty. Blessed Life. Also, since she’s preggers and about to pop any minute, her take on pregnancy is pretty cute too. Her videos are generously peppered  with positivity, inspiration and spirituality…! Love this couple to bits! Don’t forget to keep a tab on their Instagram stories. I promise these will make you smile ear-to-ear!

4. Ask-Angels.

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Ask-Angels || Melanie Beckler
Category: Spirituality.
Style: Super positive, informative and spirit uplifting Vlogs.
Melanie Beckler, founder and the face behind Ask-Angels is a gifted Light Worker who can communicate with Archangel Micheal. She’s all about raising your vibrations, tapping into your infinite potential, conversing with your angels and spreading happiness and positivity. She’s the best thing that’s happened to YouTube in my opinion.

5. Whitney Simmons.

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Whitney Simmons
Category: Fitness.
Style: Shoot Videos & Vlogs.
If you are seeking some serious, very seriously HOT Workout Inspiration, then she’s the chic you gotta follow. She will hypnotise you to whack on some active wear and get a good workout in. With over a million subscribers on Instagram and over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, her workout routines and take on fitness as a whole will rock your world.

6. Kaa-Yaa.

Category: Health & Fitness.

Style: Educational Videos.
For all the curious cats like me, this YT channel will fill you in with a bunch of fundamental information that you ‘think’ you know but you probably don’t. Their videos are short, sweet and fun to watch (and re-watch). The only thing you will have bear with is the accent but over and beyond that… it’s a fab channel to follow.

7. Robin Sharma.

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Robin Sharma
Category: Leadership and Self-Development Videos.
Style: Pep-Talks.
One of the top 5 leadership experts of the world is now making some über cool videos on YT that will blow your mind away and coerce you to rethink your approach to … well…life! His simple tips and tricks to look at things and react responsibly will make you want to invest in yourself!

8. WedMeGood .

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Wed Me Good App
Category: App.
Style: Blog posts, Vendor Listings and Photo Inspiration.
For all the snazzy brides (to-be) out there, this app is what you need to stay ahead of the curve. It’s just too good to be described in mere words. From Lehenga trends, Jewellery Gyaan, Make-up looks to photo ideas, card designs and decor ideas , this app is all you need, for real!
Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Wed Me Good

9. Quora Madness.

Category: SM platform.
Style: Q&A Site.
This is a fantastic platform for brands to build their reputation (and eventually promote their products) and for individuals to gain knowledge about pretty much anything. The only drawback is that all the information you get here is filtered through a users’ bias! Nevertheless, a great platform to seek and share knowledge.

10. Manav Manglani.

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Manav Manglani
Category: Instagram Handle.
Style: Celebrity Looks.
This self acclaimed media monkey and digital influencer NAILS, just NAILS capturing all the celebrity looks. And if you are a sucker for “Airport Looks”, then Manav is your guy!😍

11. Tamanna C.

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Tamanna C
Category: Instagram Handle.
Style: Spiritual Quotes that will shake your soul.
This psychic, healer and spiritual blogger will shower you with oodles of wisdom daily- the kind that will make you want to say AHAAAA out loud. She’s a blessed soul who is going to answer all the “life related” questions you (can) ever have…She seems to be a thought leader in the area of Spirituality!

12. Dirty Boot Messy Hair.

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Dirty Boot and Messy Hair
Category: Instagram Handle.
Style: Community that shouts #CoupleGoals.
This Instagram handle is too dreamy to fathom. It will make you swooooon in love. What I love about this handle is that you will only find super candid shots in the most realistic surroundings and this in turn will make you relate to this the most. I’ve bookmarked so so many of these shots and can’t wait to recreate those with R. 💕

13. Rumi Poetry.

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle

Category: Instagram Handle.
Style: Poetry that will warm that little beating heart of yours.
This 13th century scholar-poet-mystic will put you in a magical brain-wave through his magical words. This handle is for all the Rumi lovers out there (like me). His words will truly excite your soul.
My favourite Rumi quotes are …
” The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you not knowing how blind that was… Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere… they are in each other all along. “
“Wound is the place where the light enters you.”
” If you are irritated with every rub, how will you be polished?”

14. Oprah’s Podcasts.

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Oprah Winfrey
Category: Apple Podcasts.
Style: Inspiration, Motivation and Spirituality in its purest form.
If there is such a thing as “spirit human”… then mine would be Oprah Winfrey. Every single thing that comes from this woman strikes a chord with me makes me want to cry out in joy! She’s one of the most phenomenal woman on planet Earth as per me! She is what I call … A True Light Worker…💫

15. The Food Babe.

Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Food Babe
Category: Blog.
Style: Food Critic and Activist.
Vani Hari, the American author who goes by the name of Food Babe has taken the food industry by storm. Her blog fearlessly challenges and questions the giants in the food industry. She doesn’t shy away from studying the ingredients and criticising the ones that are causing us harm in more ways than one. Read her ULTIMATE brutal content at !


If you know me, you know I am all about bonuses and extra helpful information. So…
Favourite People of Aakansha Gurnani_The Maven Lifestyle
Rujuta Diwekar
16. If you are into Health, Fitness and Nutrition then you must follow my guru, Rujuta Diwekar on Facebook! Her take on eating food that is grown locally is taking the food industry by storm. She’s all about healthy eating and looking at food like FOOD and not entertainment. She’s an advocate for eating every few hours, loving and enjoying  Mangoes & Custard Apples during seasons, having a spoonful of ghee every day and sooo much more!
Oh and if this helps… her list of clients include our Girl BAWSE Kareena Kapoor Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Alia Bhatt, Karisma Kapoor, The Ambanis, Varun Dhawan, Anupam Kher and so forth.

The online community is ever growing and full of amazing stuff provided that’s what you are seeking. Depending on which place you’re in (life-wise), a channel or SM platform will attract you… which is why i always compel one and all to constantly work on raising vibrations. You attract who you are. And…
You become what you attract.
More on this in my previous blog post HERE!

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