Scintillating Sydney

Ever wondered why Sydney, Australia is referred to as the Harbour city? Well why wouldn’t it be? After all it surrounds the world’s largest (natural) harbour called Port Jackson.

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What’s so scintillating about this city?

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Sydney is one of those populous cities that is extremely well bred and is capable of making your heart flutter from the second you land! A fair mix of various nationalities makes it the perfect place to study, work… basically get oodles of exposure from!

AANNNND It’s a six!

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Sydney Cricket Ground (SGC), one of the oldest in the country will be no less than a bunjee jump experience for any cricket fan visiting this place. From seeing private rooms where the elite sit back and enjoy the match to the bathrooms where the cricket heartthrobs shower and poop, SGC is a must-visit for every cricket fanatic out there. Its’ amalgamation of old and new structures will leave you spellbound if not overwhelmed. A guided tour of the stadium is all one needs to dig into the past.

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PS… The laurels won by the Indian Cricket Team leaves every Indian ecstatic and teary-eyed in the SGC museum.

The Opera House: Sneak Peak

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I have never been into history or architecture and the two combined never fail to put a yawn to my face; but a trip to the Opera House was a deal breaker.
This one hour guided tour of the history of this wonder was not just full of revelations, but also a musing in itself. The tour talks about a competition that was held all over the world for the architects to submit their designs for the Sydney Opera House…and how the youngest of the lot, a Danish architect Jorn Utzon won the competition, but had to unfortunately resign from the project due to unpromising circumstances.
If you are to visit Sydney, then a tour of the world famous Opera House is of utmost importance!

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The Opera House, I believe makes the whole area around it one of the most happening places to be. With a view of the Harbour bridge and peppered with fancy eateries, if you are in Sydney, chances are that you will revisit this area time and again!

Everything for Everyone

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If you are a brand fanatic, then name a brand and Sydney will direct you to its flagship store! But in my opinion, if you visit a place like Sydney, then you must explore its local markets. I’m certain there are better local markets out there which is why a thorough (attention bound) research is imperative! Asking the locals always helps if your research falls flat!These markets provide you with to-die-for collection of (bargain-able) items from all over the world at a very doable price (PS…it’s not cheap, just better priced).

Wax and Water

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Madam Tussaud’s wax museum and Sydney Aquarium are some of the other popular places to visit. If you haven’t been to the wax museum in London, then the one in Sydney will be an experience in itself.

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The Aquarium on the other hand calls for a standing ovation for its astronomical size and the variety of fish preserved in its natural habitat. Wildlife lovers will thoroughly enjoy this place and wouldn’t mind spending a couple of hours at the aquarium.

A view to live for!

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Being the most populated city of Australia, Sydney hotel rooms will make you want to cringe but the view one gets, ends up covering up for the lack of space around.

Time, the goofiest paradox!

One of the bummers from my trip to Australia will be the less time spent in Sydney. Sydney is a place that deserves much more than a 3 day visit! The museums, beaches, art galleries, local shopping market, musicals, band performances and a lot more is offered in Sydney- all at the same time.

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If given a chance, I would like to inhabit there for a year to simply explore what this multicultural megacity has to proffer!

Did You Know?

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This time around, I would like to knock you all up with a series of facts about Sydney-:

-Paddy’s Market is one of the fantastic markets a girl MUST pay a visit to.

-The Harbour Bridge is locally referred to as the Coat Hanger!

-The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) dates back to the 1800s and has been refurbished.

-Finding Nemo (movie) was shot in Sydney Harbour.

-The world famous topless beach, Bondi Beach can be a (major) disappointment during certain months of a year!

-Our beloved A.R. Rahman and Asha Bhosale have performed in the Sydney Opera House.

-There are no mics (at all) in the Sydney Opera House. It’s been made in a way that the microphones are NOT required.

-Even the chairs in the concert halls of the Opera House are built in order to enhance the musical sounds produced in the hall.

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