Sakleshpur during Monsoons – A tribute to your mind, heart and soul

For the folks who know me (very) privately, know that ‘overdone’, ‘overhyped’ and ‘common’ places/things repel me quite instantaneously.
Which is why, every time I look out for a place to wander and explore, I ensure that the place is relatively untapped and almost always underrated 😊.
That; gives me an opportunity to talk to you guys about it, here on this blog 😉

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I also believe that credit must be given where it’s due, which is why before I proceed, a big fat shoutout to my dear friend (aka genius and a half) Praveen Garimel for planning this trip to a major extent.

About 200km from the city of Bengaluru, Sakleshpur is a hill station that is known for it’s super cosy home stays amidst lush green coffee plantations and fascinating mountains. This place is abundantly blessed with coffee, tea, cardamom and pepper plantations. This is undoubtedly every zoners fantasy list.

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For the ones who need more location precision, Sakleshpur is located in the Western Ghats, a mountain range that stretches all the way from Gujarat to Kerala. Travel junkies must jump upon any excuse to traverse this beauty.

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As this was my last trip before i said goodbye to my lovely city of Bangalore, it had to be with my oldest buds and overly special. We decided to cuddle up at one of the most beautiful homestays called Golden Woods which is a part of one of the biggest coffee estates I’ve ever been to – Harley Estates. This 600 acre estate is a world in it’s own.

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It has it’s own lake, waterfall, coffee laboratory so on and so forth. 😍. It’s a self sustained area where everything is run on solar and hydropower. They grow most of their food within the estate and assure a total body cleanse (👻) along with a fun staycation. Talk about whims and fancies 😍!!!

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We were lucky to experience the monsoons as it added more LIFE to the beauty of Sakleshpur.

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Cozying up in a home stay as beautiful as Golden Woods that is blessed with a concocted aroma of coffee and monsoons is a dream come true. And if a stay like this enjoyed with a bunch of close friends and rambling yet meaningful conversations…then one can not ask for more in life.


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It’s the perfect budget getaway where one can have a super comforting two night three day stay (all inclusive of meals, trek, estate tour, bonfire nights and multiple rounds of chai/kaapi during the day) + private car (with a driver); all under INR 7500 per person. All you gotta do is muster up the courage to pick up the phone and BOOK BOOK BOOK.

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Why visit Sakleshpur?

1. To treat your eyes, heart, soul,
2. To introspect and reflect upon your life (goals),
3. Reconnect with your loved ones without cellular network coming in the way,
4. Fill your lungs with frreesshh air for a change,
5. Catch up on some lost reading &
6. Just be…

Hope this inspired you to look up this place and think about taking ‘that’ trip you’ve been wanting to take for a while now.

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