Success is the best revenge BULLSHIT

In today’s blog post, I intend to explain to you how bullshit the idea of revenge is. It’s disheartening how the toxic feeling of revenge is glorified. ‘Success is the best revenge’ is used as a motivational quote thus making revenge sound cooler and worth our time. 

This quote (Success is the best revenge) was probably written with an intent to have people focus on their growth (actual meaning of success) but the quote has very many perceptions which is why I felt guided to speak about it.

If you believe in this quote, you need to understand what kind of subconscious neural pathways you are creating in your mind. You are telling yourself (your subconscious) that-

firstly, I succeed for others, not for myself;

secondly, success and revenge are of the same vibration;

thirdly, revenge is a good motivator to succeed.

In reality, revenge is the single most toxic feeling in the world. It has its roots in resentment, which means bitter anger. When you have or hold bitter anger in your body, your kidneys & your liver get affected. Holding anger in your body also means you do not fully receive the love you are surrounded with because it blocks your heart from receiving the love. Uncontrolled, untamed, unaddressed anger also results in high blood pressure issues. On a spiritual level, anger majorly lowers your vibration which in turn affects your productivity, your ability to be grateful, your ability to create and manifest. Nothing good ever comes out of holding anger.

Anger is an honest, raw emotion which helps us navigate our way through healing from any kind of trauma and that’s exactly what it should be used for! Anger is meant to be felt, acknowledged and allowed to pass through. The longer anger stays in the mind & body, the more it deteriorates the body. Anger rots the body! 

If anger does this to the body, think what I wrote earlier…what is the basis of revenge?


Success is not the best revenge.

Revenge is not a high vibrational feeling to hold onto.

Stop glorifying it and stop believing in rubbish quotes like these.

In my blog post on Law of Attraction, I have spoken about how anger & fear block our manifestations. And if revenge has its basis in anger, how will you ever manifest something great in life? Even if you somehow manage to do so, how will you sustain it, or even enjoy it?

Mull over this->

Success is not the best revenge.

Success is not what you think it is.

Revenge is toxic.

Holding onto anger is toxic.

Feeling anger and using it to grow is HEALTHY.

Success == Growth

Success== Learning

The fastest way to learn & grow is to have a professional guide you. That professional is a Coach or Healer. 



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