Relationships- Opportunity, not obligation | Date Rituals | Top 5 Places in DXB

Top Cats!!! How has this week been for you? Relationship wise I am asking!

Have you ever asked yourself that?

Relationships – OPPORTUNITY, not obligation

Relationships are THE most paramount nourishment that humans thrive off of; believe it or not! If you are having any dis-ease or think you’re going to catch one (in your gut), re-look into your current relationships. Take a few minutes to think of the answers to these questions:

Is there anyone in your life who triggers you?

Is there anyone you’re holding a grudge against?

Is there a person who you are just not able to forgive or let go of ?

How about your relationship with your partner?

And your MOM?

Oh, and how about your sibling?

When was the last time you hung out with these people?

When I say hung out, I mean; when was the last time you went out for a meal or coffee with them? Just you two!

What is an obligation?

An obligation is a so-called social responsibility or duty that we humans think we are bound by and … entitled to! Most relationships are being taken for granted. People today have issues with asking for forgiveness and expressing gratitude.


The most common response to a “thank you” or “sorry” is… “don’t worry about it”!

Like seriously?

These two statements hold way too much potential and substance than they are given credit for. They must be acknowledged if not appreciated. When someone thanks you, accept it with grace rather that shutting them off by saying ‘it’s no big deal’. Consider expressing gratitude as an opportunity to strengthen a relationship. Nobody is obligated to being nice to us, guide us, love us unconditionally, care for us and most often than not, make sacrifices for us; it’s just a matter of choice & that choice ain’t an obligation!!! It is an opportunity to build something mutual where both the souls learn certain virtues & grow!

Date Rituals & Why Do I go on & on about it?

No matter how smooth you think your relationship is, never forget that it’s dynamic too. This means that you’ve gotta keep the conversations going, the ball rolling and heart pouring…

Most often that not, this calls for a change of environment. This could be a holiday destination, a café, a restaurant, etc.

The husband and I ensure we go out on dates not just with the fam jam but also by ourselves. It’s imperative! It gives us time to experience something new together whilst connecting and bonding. I’ve in fact made this a ritual with some close friends and family now.


Because I want my relationships to flourish and give me a feeling of fulfillment.

How about with people who aren’t in the same city as yours?

Heard of this device called a “phone”, it actually serves a bigger purpose than Whatsapp. It allows you to hear anybody’s voice no matter how far they are from you!

Arrange Skype/Facetime/Viber/ just a regular call date! All it takes is commitment and love to stick to a ritual.

5 Healthy & Happening Date Places to Hang Out in DXB

Intersect by Lexus


Lexus, luxury vehicle division of the Japanese car maker Toyota, opened it’s second eatery in the world in Dubai; the first one being in Tokyo, Japan! Intersect by Lexus IS not just a café, it’s an EXPERIENCE that will stick with you for a really long time!

Masamichi Katayama, a world-renowned interior designer is the star behind Intersect by Lexus which he refers to as an incubation platform for generating new innovative ideas & concepts. This looks like a place where designers would hang out to recharge creatively!

Folks, I insist you visit this place at least once in a life time- the impeccable food, warm service, fully automated toilet (seats), a wall dedicated to contemporary lifestyle items, a garage within the restaurant will make your heart flutter in absolute awe!



Entry to the Garage area at Intersect.
Entry to the Garage area at Intersect.

My favorite part of Intersect by Lexus  was the area leading towards the restrooms. It had an entire wall of 1452 miniature cars that seemed to be expressing a microcosm of the car industry through toy cars from various generations & models.



What to order?

I wouldn’t make any specific recommendations as we all roll at a different frequency when it comes to food. What I can vouch for though is an excellent quality of food, without a shadow of doubt. Here’s we ordered though…




Intersect by Lexus is for car enthusiasts, café lovers, wine connoisseurs and folks who are looking at experiencing art in an eatery!

The Maven Score: 10/10

Stomping Grounds


Coffee Lovers on high ALERT please! This place will make you go cuckoo cuckoo! Stomping Grounds was I believe started for the love of coffee and the owner happens to be a master coffee roaster & coffee aficionado. Their quirky ambience will surprise you in ways more than one! It is built on the concept of an espresso laboratory! Baristas apparently treat coffee making like science (perhaps art too)!

When I went to Stomping Grounds I indulged in the world’s best kale & quinoa salad but my next visit is going to revolve around coffee, for sure!

Can’t say much about the coffee but the food there is an absolute treat. Why wouldn’t it be? The Head Chef at Stomping Grounds happens to be the former head chef of the one and only… Robertos’ !!!

Here’s a really cool excerpt from :

“ These serious coffee folk speak about their coffee like a fine wine. Do you prefer your coffee with grapefruit and caramel undertones or full-bodied and scented with rhubarb and herbs?

You have the option of choosing your beans based on the body, acidity, aroma and terroir(displayed on a board). Today’s beans hailed from Africa, Indonesia, and South America.

Note to self: If you need to impress, study up on the coffee lingo so you know what to order. A fruity Ethiopian Aricha microlot filter-brewed in the Kalita, please.”

Stomping Grounds is for coffee connoisseurs, breakfast lovers, salad enthusiasts and chillers!
Saffron Milk Cake? YES, PLEASE!!!
Saffron Milk Cake?

The Maven Score: 8/10

The Açai Spot


The Açai Spot was started for the love of berries. Açai happens to be a beauty berry that comes from the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. It is considered to be one of the healthiest berries in the world that offers a whole range of benefits such as energy boosting, anti aging, an army of antioxidants, so on and so forth!


They operate on the concept of “bowls”. It’s recommended to try their signature bowls that will give you the freedom of customization. It’s a 3 step procedure where you pick your blend (banana, berry or pineapple), then your fruit (banana, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, pomegranate, kiwi or green apple) and then your seeds (chia, flax, cocoa nibs, coconut flakes, walnuts, almond flakes, etc.).

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 10.28.59 PM

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 10.29.59 PM


It’s perhaps of the healthiest desserts one can indulge in! However, do not underestimate the power of satiety that comes from an Açai Bowl! For a person like me, this is as good as a full meal!


The Açai Spot is for healthy eaters, fruit lovers, dessert whores and foodies of the highest order.

The Maven Score: 9/10

La Serre

If you have a thing for French eateries, then La Serre will quench your thirst!


La Serre consists of a Boulangerie (french word for bakery) and a Bistro!

A Bistro with a chic marble cocktail bar and cream banisters overlooking a gorgeous boulevard. This makes La Serre a perfecttt place for formal meetings, candid chat sessions and dates! I still can’t get over the impeccable quality of La Serre’s food. If you haven’t been here yet, the next thing you must do is- book a table! Take a look at what R & indulged in…



La Serre is for people who appreciate a good service and an ambience that makes you forget which part of the world you’re in! It’s also for people who appreciate food for it has to offer at it core level!

The Maven Score: 10/10


The Candy Bar


Happens to be THE FINEST TEA ROOM in Dubai. The style & decor of this place will leave you speechless. What all magic can be done with dessert is SHOWCASED here! Folks, I am telling you this place is pure magic…



Oh and if you’re into “LOTUS BISCUIT”, their Lotus Cappuccino is meant for you! *drooling*


Here’s how our date looked like…


The Candy Bar is for every single person with the sweet tooth! It’s simply amazing!

The Maven Score: 8/10

My dear readers, I urge you to take this post as a friendly reminder to take every relationship in your life as an opportunity to learn, heal, grow and spiritually ascend.

Please do not feel obligated to do certain things for your loved ones because where there is love, there is no obligation.

Likewise, appreciate each and every single thing your loved one does for YOU (for example  your Mother packs lunch for you or your Daddy Dearest gifts you the latest handset or your sibling puts off the AC for you when you’re shivering in cold and too lazy to get your tooshie from the bed, etc.) and thank them for it!

It’s not an obligation, it’s an opportunity!

Love & Gratitude,


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