RED FORK [a Daddy’s Deli Idea]

Isn’t it delightful to visit a place that is unique in itself and a cherry on the cake if it’s realistic as well? This post will be around one such eccentric eatery in Bangalore called Red Fork.

Red Fork, Bangalore

Majorly inspired by the Parsi cuisine, Red Fork has added a plethora of fusion food items to its menu other than the Parsi dishes (of course). This, I believe is the kind of Indian food we keep invariably referring to, every time we crave for ‘comfort food’ with a bit of a dash.

Parsi Food at its best

The ambience of this Parsi eatery is too cute to be true. Adorned with all kinds of things, Red Fork is a place you can explore while awaiting your sustenance. What caught my attention was a two-volumed book on some common chucklesome Parsi phrases. It’s always interesting to peak into different cultures as parts of ‘em remind you of your own.

Book on some funny Parsi Quotes


Before I delve into the food I crammed myself with, I’d like to share a few facts with you about the Parsi community, I wish I had known before-
Who are they?
Parsis are one of the two Zoroastrian communities that migrated to India (Gujarat) in order to avoid the oppression of Zoroastrians by the Muslims, post the Muslim conquest in South Asia.
Where are they from?
Staple Food Elements
Rice, Curry, Lentils, Potatoes and eggs.

What to order @ Red Fork, the Parsi eatery of B-town?

Chicken Bafat is the dish for you if you have an average appetite seeking just the right amount of spices. The tender chicken leg pieces will take you to a culinary trip of its own.
Vindaloo is a standard Indian cuisine element gifted by Portuguese folks. It typically is meat (pork) marinated in wine and garlic.
Pork Vindaloo sliders serve as an excellent side dish and perhaps must not be mistaken as mains, ever!
Dhansak is a heavenly amalgamation of meat, lentils and veggies served with caramelized brown rice.
{Could this dish get any richer?}
Apparently, it’s a popular ‘Sunday dish’ among the Zoroastrians as it takes a longer prep-time.
This white rice + yellow dal + curried prawns is for people gifted with a king’s appetite.
It’s not just difficult to stop gorging this course but also tough to stay awake after. …ZzZzZ…BURP!!!
All in all, Red Fork is that perfect Sunday brunch place that makes you feel at home … away from home.
The hospitable service, cutesy vibe and delicious food at Red Fork would compel you to revisit this ‘Parsi-an’ delight.

Red Fork Ambience

Red Fork Ambience

Red Fork Ambience


Zoroastrians are often referred to as ‘Parsis, the philanthropists’ as they’re renowned all over the world for their tradition of giving!
Also, here’s an interesting article on the rationale behind their
Art of Giving.

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