Brunch by the Pool | Santorini | #AakanshaKaRaj

Hey Top Cats! I knowww it’s been a while since I shared the last set of snippets from my wedding diaries. To make up for it, here’s an abundant blast of awesomeness from a brunch that was hosted by the pool area of Dust Thani, Pattaya, Thailand. As the wedding had a TRAVEL THEME running through, the muse city for this pool brunch wedding was… well…ahem ahem ahem… Santorini!

Hold your breath & feast your eyes for some major GOALS!

Decor Goals

The travel theme (for the wedding) was meant to take all our guests on a tour around the world.

In order to successfully accomplish the aforementioned, we had asked our guests to follow an outfit guide (that perhaps created a bit of ruckus) and in return, we made sure that the decor made people forget the country they were actually in.


Fair & Square!

Some of the show stealers of this party were:

>>Decor, of course!

>>THE FABULOUS FLASH MOB that left R & me surprised and raving!

>>Tarot Card Reading! The Tarot Reader we had on board for our guests was not just Tarot Star but also a Psychic, Master Reiki Healer, Hypnotherapist and the list continues… Her readings left people flabbergasted and teary-eyed!

>>The Massage Corner that nobody seemed to get enough of! 🙂

>>Cute family badges, tiaras, hats and…

>>The cutest little caricature point!!!

9_Pool Party_012

9_Pool Party_020

9_Pool Party_004

9_Pool Party_006

9_Pool Party_009

9_Pool Party_013

9_Pool Party_014

9_Pool Party_015

9_Pool Party_024

9_Pool Party_026

9_Pool Party_027

9_Pool Party_029

9_Pool Party_021

This Fashion Parade Of #AakanshaKaRaj will give you some major #ootdGOALS

Our guests not just followed the outfit guide (view here), they PUT IT TO SHAME!

9_Pool Party_171

9_Pool Party_185

9_Pool Party_101

9_Pool Party_102

9_Pool Party_047

9_Pool Party_275

9_Pool Party_161

9_Pool Party_168

9_Pool Party_231

9_Pool Party_140

9_Pool Party_182

9_Pool Party_107
9_Pool Party_226

THE Controversial Couple Entry & Some Super Adorbs Moments that followed…

9_Pool Party_276

9_Pool Party_285

9_Pool Party_286

9_Pool Party_293

9_Pool Party_294

9_Pool Party_296

The FLASH MOB followed by some endless dancing

9_Pool Party_312

9_Pool Party_315

9_Pool Party_316

9_Pool Party_335

9_Pool Party_346

9_Pool Party_203

9_Pool Party_323

9_Pool Party_322

9_Pool Party_320

And now, it’s time for some….

9_Pool Party_407

9_Pool Party_412

9_Pool Party_414

9_Pool Party_416

9_Pool Party_415

9_Pool Party_431

9_Pool Party_067

9_Pool Party_070

9_Pool Party_071

9_Pool Party_192

9_Pool Party_433

9_Pool Party_440

9_Pool Party_147

While this frenzy was going on, some overly cute & special moments got captured too…

9_Pool Party_081

9_Pool Party_082

9_Pool Party_083

9_Pool Party_060

9_Pool Party_061

9_Pool Party_115

9_Pool Party_106

9_Pool Party_057

9_Pool Party_055

9_Pool Party_076

9_Pool Party_177

9_Pool Party_260

9_Pool Party_297

Ready for #CoupleGoals of the year?

9_Pool Party_477

9_Pool Party_476

9_Pool Party_472

9_Pool Party_462

9_Pool Party_460

9_Pool Party_450

9_Pool Party_452

9_Pool Party_455

Behind the scene madness…

Just before this brunch began, R & I came down to shoot underwater. It was super fun but left us mortified and horribly tanned…oh and also got us late for our own party! But… we had no regrets after seeing how the photographs turned out and all the credits go to Wedding Nama, our star photographers!

9_Pool Party_030

9_Pool Party_032



See, you made it all the way till the end.

I’m glad you enjoyed watching these pictures!

Now, don’t forget to comment about your favorite picture(s) below!

I’ll be waiting…

Love & gratitude,

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    Superbbbb……your writing,choice of pics,your descriptions….everything PERFECT

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