Parker’s, Dubai – Marketing at its best!

Parker’s, Dubai is a perfect example of marketing done right!

Parker’s kickstarted with a rule of thumb key! Nobody could waltz in (this eatery) and grab seat without a key.

Here’s an interesting fact- even before a permanent spot for this restaurant was opened, mad buzz was created by simply hiding keys (YES ‘hiding’ all over the city) and dropping hints on social media.

Thence, a following well built 😉!

This actually got people moving
(like Pokemon Go…HAHA)!

When a brand creates a titillation like this, people get inquisitive to try out the place just for the ego boost at first (YEAHHHH, I got a key) but what makes them a fan later on, is the lip-smacking food.


Parker's Dubai_The Maven Lifestyle

And I believe that’s what got people hooked onto Parker’s!

Their comfort food & cutesy setting ended up putting people in an ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’ kinda state. 🙂 

Moving on to the bare necessities-

Parker’s was once known to not have a menu at all. They would switch up the food offerings time & again.

Parker's Dubai_The Maven Lifestyle

Now, however, it does have a menu and quite an elaborate one!

With a plethora of food categories to pick from, I went for the-:

1. POPS – Pretzel Chicken Strips
These were chicken sticks smothered in pretzel and served with smoked mustard sauce (too yummy to be real) !

It’s one of those delicacies that give a guilt trip the following day!

But you know what?
It’s effin’ worth it!

2. SLIDERS – Jalapeño Shawarma
Dubai’s (apparent) staple, chicken shawarma was taken to an all new level with oodles of jalapeño, jalapeño sauce & charcoal smoked chicken sandwiched in a slider.

This is an absolute must-have and if you aren’t a big fan of onions (like me) then you may want to ask them to minus that from your slider.

This apparently is one of the most popular dishes and I … couldn’t agree more! Burrrppp. Oops! :-p

3. Dessert love- Back to School

Parker's Dubai_The Maven Lifestyle
My love & obsession with desserts is known well to my squad which is why not trying out a dessert at a place like Parker’s was inevitable!
The dessert by the name of ‘Back to School’ is an absolute must-have & has been done up in a way that will actually make you reminisce your good ol’ school days.

This chocolate pudding layered with peanut butter comes with (chocolate) crayons and a sharpener.

Now which of those is edible is something to look out for.

If you are at Parker’s and you step out without trying this – then I have to say (with a heavy heart) that you are a disappointment!!!


Unfortunately, I couldn’t gorge on more things at one go but here are some of the recommendations from my close ones –
1. Lotus Drama (dessert- biscoff pudding, lotus fudge and some ice cream… slurrrrppp)

Parker's Dubai_The Maven Lifestyle
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2. Truffle Fries (potato fries, rosemary truffle sauce, white cheddar peppered with some mushroom dust)- one must try this as Dubai seems to be obsessed with all things truffle (apparently)
3. Spicy Toffee Shrimps (need I say anything more?)


A concept by the clever founders of Salt (Kite Beach, Dubai), Parker’s was for a while just a pop-restaurant at a park in Dubai. It managed to create a crazy buzz with the key hunting trend even before it set up a permanent spot at Dubai mall!

Cool, yeah?

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