Open Letter to the husband | Birthday Wishes for my soulmate & travel companion

Dear Rajeev,

First of all, wish you a very very Happy 29th Cakey BirthYAY my divine soulmate!

I’m writing this letter with a heart filled with gratitude and eyes welled up with happy tears.

You’ve been an old soul & a divine soulmate since the moment I’ve met you. Not only have you unconditionally supported me to march forward with my divine timing of Healing & Coaching but also driven 25 kilomteres & back to drop & pick me up from my classes more than 50 times in the last 12 months…and all of this with a warm smile and a blissful vibe. 

You’ve endlessly comforted me like a fluffy blanket on cold winter nights. There are multiple moments when I think of you and ask the Creator & the Laws of the Universe:

How much good have I even put out there to deserve you as my soulmate?

I know for a fact that we do not encounter & end up with our soulmates unless & until we have done enough work on ourselves, meaning, figured ourselves out!

This is pretty much the reason it took me over 12 years of active hunting to pull you into my reality. 

I also (often) catch myself mulling over what our beloved psychic, Tamanna told me! This is our 9th birth together and we are here to help one another master a plethora of virtues and release limiting beliefs of any (and every sort).

Isn’t this in sync with my divine line of work? Yikes!!!

I want to also appreciate and thank you for arranging our big fat engagement & wedding with utmost grace whilst giving me freedom to share my heartfelt opinions & fantasies. 

I shall never forget the honeymoon & multiple holidays you’ve planned for us. Cutely enough, I profoundly manisfested a partner (from the age of 14) who is very good with directions, patient, super intelligent, incredible holiday planner, fun-loving & warm 🙂

Little did I know that even at the age of 14 my dear Universe was very actively listening to my musings and 12 years later… I meet you; a man full of incredible potential to materialise any fantasy into reality. 

I choose this moment to Thank You for materializing my dream family trip to Turkey. I always wanted our families to travel together and have an overly friendly bond and you respected my dream ENOUGH to spend countless hours planning, booking and managing the whole trip while we all had to simply show up and be our authentic self…

Truth be spoken, I prayed to end up with a soulmate who inspires me to grow every single morning and you; YOU inspire me to be a better soul every minute of the day. You motivate me to believe in miracles, gratitude, law of Cause & Effect (karma) among many other beautiful things.


This time in writing, I want to once again ask you…
Why are you so amazing?
What made you fall in love with me?
How could I have been a love at first sight for you?
Last, but not the least…
What makes YOU my biggest fan & cheerleader and what does an angel like you see in me to believe that I am going to make it BIG in this lifetime?


your chai-ki-kittly

P.S… Here are some of the most remarkable moments I have the privelege to call…’ours’

First Date

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

Can’t get over how nervous you were! 


The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani
Feeling complete…as if this was the moment I had been waiting for since 1991…
The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani
Always making me laugh…my very own…twin soul
The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani
A true Fairytale moment…

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani
‘Cos normal party entrances are too mainstream!

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani
#DecorGoals #2
The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani
#DecorGoals #3


The Maven Lifestyle


The Maven Lifestyle


The Maven Lifestyle

#AakanshaKaRaj_The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
Tera Dhyaan Kidhar Hai…
Tera Hero Idharr Hai…

#AakanshaKaRaj_The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani

#AakanshaKaRaj_The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
Ni tu lagdi Punjaaban…lagdi patola…
#AakanshaKaRaj_The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
#AakanshaKaRaj_The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
It was a travel themed wedding after all…
#AakanshaKaRaj_The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
Best Friend. Confidante. Angel.

#AakanshaKaRaj_The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani

The Maven Lifestyle

The Maven Lifestyle


The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
WonderFood Museum, Penang, Malaysia
If you consider yourself to be a food addict then this place is your dope! A true wonder indeed!
The Maven Lifestyle
Bali 2018
The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha at Antalya Turkey
Turkey 2018
The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha at Antalya Turkey
Antalya 2018
The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha
Cappadocia 2018
When in Turkey, embrace the evil eye by tying it to a tree!
The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha
My fam-jam!
The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha
Cape Town 2018
The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha
South Africa 2018
The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha
This was not a photoshopped postcard background! This was for real! Just clarifying.

Dear Readers,

If this blog post inspired you in any way, I’d encourage you to go ahead and read my article on 

-the attitude of gratitude

-15 facts about soulmates that no one has ever told you

-Manifestation & Affirmations

Also, if  attracting your divine soulmate is ON YOUR MIND right now, I have a Healing & Coaching program that will transform you into a magnet that holds the potential of attracting your soulmate immediately! 

Feel free to get in touch.

Love & Light,


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Rajeev says:

    You teared me up with this one😢

    To answer your questions

    1. Says the one who makes me want to be more and more amazing every day.

    2. Your attitude towards life and loving nature. Not to forget that pretty little face.

    3. Technically you were love at second sight.

    4. The dedication and persistence with which you tackled Healing and Health Coaching classes made me a believer. And your sheer knowledge on these topics🙇🏻‍♂️

    Love you❤️

    1. Aakansha says:

      Awwwwwwww my baby! Love you lots and lots and lots.

  2. Sony says:

    I m speechless,in front of your expressions,your love,your inspiration… both complete each other,love to both of you with all my blessings and affection….cakey birthday my son🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🌻🌻🌻🌻

    1. Aakansha says:

      You’re the nicest soul ever. Thank You for your kind & loving blessings! Mwaaah!

  3. Bhavishya says:

    Very well expressed my sweetie 😘
    Learning so much from you.
    Not everyone can pour their heart out but there is a need to be expressive and show gratitude.
    You both are an inspiration to many.
    Happy birthday Rajiv🎊🎉
    Love and blessings

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thank You so much my gorgeous. You kind words inspire me to do better in life! *hugs*

  4. Gargi madan says:

    I luv u r expression of luv .The expression of u r feeling always make u r life Happier.God bless u.

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thank You so much my love… this inspires me to be a better soul every single day! *hugs*

  5. Shivani Shahu says:

    My lady love!
    I am speechless.🌟
    You guys are #goals
    How can someone be so loving ??
    So expressive?? So pure?? So…..??
    I am definitely going to deep talk to you about this in my sessions which I am looking forward in the coming months.
    I am superdooo excited.
    Sending my birthday wishes for jiju. 🤗
    Give my regards and tell him he is a Gentleman in a true sense. (What I see through your eyes )
    P.s so lucky to have you by his side. 😋

    1. Aakansha says:

      Your comments and words of appreciation fill my heart up with divine joy.
      I am overly excited to Coach you my precious boo!
      *bone breaking hugs & kisses*

  6. preet says:

    Sweetest thing I have ever read! Much love to both of u ♥️♥️♥️

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thank you so much my love xx

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