Om Made Cafe- The Maven Review

I’ve always had a thing for shabby chic restaurants that put a lot of focus on the quality of their food followed by ambience. All the more if a place like this sits on a rooftop (my love for rooftops shall never fade, sigh).

Om Made Cafe, Bangalore is one such restaurant that claims to use as many organic products as possible. Not only this, it also boasts an extensive collection of crisp & fruit-forward wines. *drooling*

A Menu worth looking into…

Om Made Cafe welcomes its guests with not just a rustic glam setting, but also understatedly overrated Bangalore weather. It further instigates hunger by laying in front of its guests, a menu that will only raise eyebrows and result in some major slobbering . Here’s a sneak peak..
Om Made Cafe Review_The Maven Lifestyle

Om Made Cafe Review_The Maven Lifestyle

A different vibe each time

I’ve always had a different experience at Om Made based on where I am seated and what I order. What surprises me about this place is how different the experience is during the day as opposed to the nights.
Om Made Cafe Review_The Maven Lifestyle

A perfect place for dates

Be it a date with your bum-chum or one with your partner, Om Made gives (on a good day), great service and stellar quality food without a shadow of doubt.

My experience at Om Made Cafe

Let’s dig into what I ordered and savoured.

Mushroom and Spinach Crepe

It’s sinful walking out of Om Made Cafe without having this delightful dish. What I absolutely love about the crepes here is that one gets to pick his/her own toppings that range from ham/bacon and cheddar cheese to bechamel sauce and tapenade! Ahaaa!
 Om Made Cafe Review_The Maven Lifestyle

Masala Malai Paneer Skewer

A BIG shoutout to all the paneer lovers out there, this one is to kill and get killed for! Served with coriander butter rice and hints of ginger garlic, malai paneer skewer is what will urge you to pay Om Made Cafe another visit.

Om Made Special Hummus

Om Made Cafe Review_The Maven Lifestyle

This most certainly is one of the dishes that you must not even bother looking at. Just about average, this will make you want to question your love for hummus. 🙁 Since I am a big fan of hummus and pita bread, I keep day dreaming about this delectable pair found in one of my favourite eateries called Mezzeh (must try their peri peri hummus with pita bread).

Char Cheese Risotto

Om Made Cafe Review_The Maven Lifestyle

If you call yourself a cheese lover, then let’s say this has been put together just for you.
After a point, I am certain anyone eating this can go into ‘cheese coma’ … but then didn’t someone say that there’s nothing called too much cheese?! :-p


I have already been to Om Made Cafe for lunches and dinners but this time around, I intend to hit the place up at brek brekk brekkie time! Its breakfast menu not just sounds inviting but makes you want to experiment with food like never before. Here’s another sneak peak…
Om Made Cafe Review_The Maven Lifestyle


Before treating Bangaloreans with its delectable food, Om Made Cafe’s ancestor Le Poisson Rouge (Indo French fine dine) was opened in Goa by a michelin star chef Gregory Bazire. It’s believed that Gregory’s predilection for all things vintage (and of course love for healthy organic food) led to the birth of Om Made Cafe.

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  1. Meena kshirsagar says:

    Looks very tempting need to try

  2. Megha Khanna says:

    Looks like I need to pay a visit to Bangalore!! 🙂

    1. Aakansha says:

      You certainly do.
      Lots of love.

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