New Zealand- The Northern Island Voyage

Often, people end up comparing Australia with New Zealand, flippantly underestimating the beauty of both the places. If Australia is a country for one and all; New Zealand is a respite to every living creature’s soul! This country is too beautiful, untapped and serene to be true! At some countries, it’s never about the number of places you see, “spots” you cover, restaurants you dine in-; in fact, it’s about the things you experience there!


Divided into two – northern and southern island, NZ is a country that exposed me and my troop to two kinds of experiences in one trip! This post will talk about my experiences in the northern island where I covered Auckland & Rotorua!

Auckland, the city of sails


Do you know why it’s called the ‘city of sails’? Well! Every 1 out of 3 people in Auckland owns a boat! Yeah, you read that right, don’t strain your eye or crease your forehead! It’s true!
Based around 2 large harbors one of which with Nippon clippons, this city is all about fishin’ & chillin’ on your boat every weekend. A life we all secretly dream of!

The ‘Auckland lifestyle’ is a classic example of living life like a true wanderer! Home to both Tasman Sea which people funnily say is a 4-hour (coast to coast) walk till the Pacific Ocean, Auckland is known for its Orbit 360 (rotating restaurant with international buffet) dining experience in the Sky Tower! The fun part about this is that you are eating and being rotated at the same time. Ofttimes, you get up to help yourself with a serving and end up finding your table in another part of the restaurant (‘cos its rotating continuously). The beauty behind this dining experience is that you see the whole of Auckland from 190 meters above the ground! A truly amazing experience for people who appreciate a good view!


Rotorua, thermal city of NZ

Home to bubbling hot mud pools, Rotorua is known for its geothermal activity and Maori culture! This place is also known as the Sulphur city as parts of it strongly smell of Sulphur. Certain hot pools are known to have healed people of serious illnesses. Rotorua, is one of theose cities that can’t be written about- it can only be experienced! Another of its charm/highlights is – the ‘Waitomo Caves’. Let me try to give you a taste of its experience since I have no pictures of my own (nobody can click, bummer!)!
Close your eyes and imagine pressing darkness around you. Now imagine stepping on a gondola and being streamed around. Pressing darkness with faint water movements! NOW, image a million LED lights around you. This is precisely what I experienced at Waitomo Caves except for one thing- those weren’t LED lights, those were glowworms!
The northern island has a charm of it’s own is best experienced on road!
PS…You can’t possibly (plausibly) leave the Northern Coast without picking products made from Manuka honey!


Did You Know?

Auckland sits with an entourage of about 50 volcanoes!

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