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Dear Readers,

Today, I am sharing a pinnacle moment of my fashion investment with you, that being my first Chanel (limited edition) bag that I bought for myself after contemplating for over 2 years. Yes, I plan & plot my purchases! 

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I chose to write about it because I want to bring to your kind notice that this bag is not just a limited edition piece (just 5-6 of these are there in this world) but also that it’s made of fabric. I decided a couple of months ago to not purchase any leather bags for my love for animals and I believe that I did justice to that promise by getting a fabric bag.

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Why I chose this bag?

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Well, I always wanted a Chanel bag that STOOD OUT and didn’t have many twins around. As you know, most Chanel bags are classics which means many many bag lovers invest in ‘em and rightly so. For my personal choice, I wanted my first Chanel to be not the one to be found on many shoulders but be a bit of rare find. *wink*

This was just a deep, heartfelt thought I planted in the Universe not knowing it would manifest so so beautifully and effortlessly.

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Consignment Stores

If you already know about consignment stores, awesome, you’re quite up-to-date with the ‘high end luxury demand’.  If not, read on…

Consignment stores are the ones that keep ‘pre-loved high end luxury’ items. As you know, some of the luxury brands have a price hike every year and resort to slow luxury instead of fast fashion. This means they roll out a lot of classic pieces that one purchases to indulge in and pass on to the future generations. Chanel, Dior & Hermes are the brands known to have 10-15% price hikes on items each year. These brands have invested in quality and brand name. Their designs are known to many and serve has a very very special hand-me-down to the future generations, family heirlooms of sorts! This means that the price of the same product is increasing year after year. 

Now, some luxury enthusiasts happen to be minimalists which means they don’t hoard luxury items they no longer use or, have found a more useful replacement for. 

They end up selling their luxury items- jewellery, watches, bags, shoes, scarves, ready-to-wear, etc. to these consignment stores. 

Now, if the brand is as prestigious as Chanel, Dior & Hermes, these people (sellers) get the amount they spent on purchasing the item back by 90%. So, this makes their purchase quite an investment.

What’s the upside of selling to the consignment stores?

  • You get 45-90% of your investment back and that too after using your loved item. 
  • You end up passing on items you no longer use, thus becoming a minimalist.
  • You get to maintain a pool of money you’re using to buy and sell high-end luxury items.

What’s the point of purchasing from these consignment stores?

  • Depending on which brand you purchase from, you spend lesser than you would spend at a retail store. Now, the difference is really not too much but good enough for you to say “SCOREEE!!!”
  • You are reducing your carbon footprint and practicing sustainability by purchasing a pre-loved item.
  • You do not fall prey to crazy price hikes by these over prestigious brands.

How to spot a fake?

For the ones who know me personally, know how big an issue I have with “fakes”. It’s not just a ‘theft’ in my eyes but a matter of ‘shame’ as well. Wearing fake items, is downright cheap and sinful. If you purchase a fake item or wear it, you are stealing from the brand their identity. I believe, if you cannot afford an item, DO NOT BUY IT. For example, I don’t think I can afford an Hermes Kelly bag right now so I won’t buy it. It’s not something to feel ashamed of. It’s shameful if I go and buy a fake Kelly bag though.

These consignment stores, have specialists who have been trained to spot a fake bag and I had the privilege to learn more on that when I purchased my Chanel bag from Revogue, Dubai. The specialist showed me how tough they are with their rules and there’s a thing called BLACKLISTING & CONFISCATING items if they are found to be fake. I have not just purchased an item from a consignment store but also sold 2 bags- my Gucci Emily & my Louis Vuitton Speedy (luggage tote).

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Green Gucci Emily
The Maven Lifestyle
Green Gucci Emily
The Maven Lifestyle
Louis Vuitton Speedy
The Maven Lifestyle
Louis Vuitton Speedy

I am incredibly proud of the bags I sold because they were in pristine condition and used over 200 times by me. This made their cost-per-wear negligible and the Chanel I bought was not just a rare fabric bag but a limited edition with a beautiful charm too- an ode to Coco Chanel’s first item every made- twead blazers!!! 

The Maven Lifestyle

The Maven Lifestyle

With this blog post, I have intended to share with you-

  • The joy of my first Chanel bag.

  • Manifestation of the exact bag I wanted; Univesre works in mysterious and magnificent ways.

  • My movement in the world of fabric bags (thus quitting leather bags).

  • Consignment stores and their efforts to reduce carbon footprint, thus promoting sustainability.

  • Pre-loved market where folks sell items they no longer use to buy items they will use more… thus promoting minimalism & reducing hoarding.

  • Fake stuff is cheap and shameful to carry.

  • Intellectual property theft each time one purchases or wears a fake item!

I trust this blog post introduced you to something new, something different, something inspiring. 🙂

Please leave your comments below; your comments give me an incentive to write more!

Lots of love & joy,


{proud owner of a Limited Edition Chanel baby}


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    Its so pretty same as you …completely suits u dear ..lots of love and light 😇😇🧿🧿

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      Thanks a lot love xx

  2. Neha says:

    Very well written piece.

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      Thanks Neha -(hug)-

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    Lovely read! Very interesting

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      Glad you loved it my gorgeous xx

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