Musings of a bride-to-be

If you’ve been following me on social media, you know I’ve FINALLY found my soul-mate. Phew! That was one heck of a hunt, I must say.
The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

Anyway, I’ve always looked at other brides and pondered what’s going on in their heads (in a very non-stalkerish way, I promise) and now that I am going to be one (tee-hee), I thought to myself- why not pen it down?

 After all, blogging is what keeps my writing bug alive.

I truly hope these musings fail to cause any kind of stupefaction .

Why this post?

I’ve been to my fair share of weddings and chilled with quite a few brides. There was always ‘something’ about them that would entice me. The more I had them around, the more I wanted to be around them. I would always look at them with utmost awe and think how princess-like would they feel to get the best clothes, jewellery, make-up artists, beauticians, hairstylists, …, attention, importance… oh and of course LOVE.

 Back then, little did I know that there’s so much more to being a bride. And now,
I know!


 What’s in there?

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

There’s always a mystery going on in our heads that nobody can solve. There’s a bag of emotion always following us no matter where we go. We are anxious yet harum-scarum, sad to leave our folks/career (a big chunk of our identity behind) yet super stoked to start a NEW life, awkward about suddenly being responsible for another person yet proud & mature, so on and so forth.

Forever Grateful

I am constantly being told to “enjoy” this phase as it’s never going to come back and I cannot agree more. It feels great being surrounded by a legit entourage of friends and family who are more than spoiling me with ideas, opinions and options. Parents’ love and adulation has increased ten-fold. People around me are constantly telling me how MUCH I am glowing (not sure how much of that is true though), etc etc.
This feels like a princess phase indeed!


Mind you, nobody gets to sit on a silk throne and making cool choices. There’s so muchhhh that goes behind closed doors. All the discussions, planning and not to forget budgeting can be excruciating at its best. YES! No matter how big fat or small intimate a wedding is- improper planning and one tiny goof up can cost you this dialogue that we are all (definitely not me though- I personally would never give a hoot) subconsciously dreading –
“Log kya kahenge?”

When did marriage between two people who love each become all about ‘other’ people?

Easier said than done

I would always ridicule and be vocal about going all cuckoo-cuckoo in a wedding but now, when I am in that boat and my back is against the wall – I am constantly trying to convince myself as to how this whole shebang is a part of my culture, how it shouts respect and makes total sense.

Decades of education- judging me right now. But who cares?
Well, I don’t!

Learnings- hard way.

If there’s anything that this “golden” period has taught me, it is that we can’t live a life where everything will revolve around us- our preferences, our ethics, our version of right and wrong. It has taught me to respect and value what my loved ones value. And that’s fair. It truly is. If you find yourself not nodding to this now, I shall ask you this around your big day.

Ugh these rigid ideologies.

We are so attached and bogged down by our code of right and wrong that we waste no time in judging others and ridiculing their preferences. It’s only when we are put in that exact same boat, do we realise how life always throws curveballs at you and how tricky it is to juggle between everybody’s version of right and wrong.

Love triumphs

Amidst this drama, what throws each and every bride in a state of ecstasy is the unconditional love she gets from her fiancé. #blessed #lovestruck #puppylove
The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

A beautiful phase…

It is indeed a beautiful phase that has already put me back in perspective and showered some much required wisdom on me and I’m grateful for that, truly.
A December Bride

PS…if there’s anything in this piece that is even remotely offending you, I apologise for that. What I don’t apologise for (though) is … speaking my mind out.

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