Why am I a Healer & a Life Coach?


Chasing Dreams || Serving my Purpose- My Divine Path.

Disclaimer: This is the blog post in which I am going to come clean about my personal preferences, my ideologies, my successes and my failures. I will also be delving in the deep end with a big old chat about my career story- from being an Industrial Engineer to Masters of Science in International Business to Market Developer to Analytics Evangelist to Content Writer to Social Media Strategist and now…

A Healer. Life Coach. Blogger. Happiness Advocate. Health & Fitness Enthusiast; the journey was gruelling but the most exciting ever.

Of late I have had a bunch of people (directly and quite indirectly) telling me that I am living their dream life… and all I had to say in return was, I just followed my heart and never gave up! Yes, there were times when sh*t went down and my world almost fell apart but the eternally optimistic me, never gave up! Yes, I cried my eyes out, threw a ruckus, made my friends go cuckoo cuckoo with non-stop whining but… never gave up on my dreams.

It’s the journey that matters and not the destination.

This is the most clichéd line ever and I wana say that my thoughts on this are quite paradoxical.


Well, simply because-

-> Destination matters! It matters because it keeps us going even during times when we want to give up. Not too long ago (before I discovered my life’s purpose) I wanted to be a big shot Marketing & Branding Messiah and that meant working in agencies that would suck the blood out of my veins. One of the two agencies I worked for turned out to be the biggest lesson of my life. They not just misunderstood me all the time but also treated me like absolute crap. They had zero value for all the hard work I use to put in and said some really mean things behind my back.

Why did I stick around?

I stuck around because I learnt the most there. I was lucky enough to have mentors who were angels to me. They comforted me like a fluffy blanket on a cold winter night, took me by my hand and taught me things in a way my Mom would… and when the time was right and I was ready (confident), I RESIGNED to join another company that had the steepest learning curve in store for me!

Had my dream to become a top notch Marketing & Branding Messiah not been legit, I would have left all the struggle long time ago. So my destination (at the time) kept me going. In fact, it not just kept me going, it also taught me to cherish the journey and build strong and long-lasting relationships. So, DESTINATION MATTERS.

-> Even if the DESTINATION changes transforms, the journey plays a key role. Many people tend to have a bunch of regrets with regards to their career. If you could take one advice and stick it with you, it must be to cherish your journey because that’s the reason you are what you are today; and at a soul level, you CHOSE it for yourself to learn the learnings, grow and move forward.

Basically, nothing is a coincidence!!!

Quite honestly for me, if I had not walked the path I just spoke about, I wouldn’t have discovered Healing, Coaching and Blogging the way I did. Everything I went through (both the bad and the good) has contributed a great deal to my life’s purpose & mission. So, folks- ZERO REGRETS, please!

Figuring out my Life’s Purpose.

I remember from a very early age (say about 12) I used to walk up to my mother and tell her that I am special and God loves me a lot and has a lot of expectations from me. I used to tell her that I am God’s favourite child and I need to make God proud. She (just like any Mom) smiled and said that God loves all equally. I then told her that I have a reason to be here. I have to help people. I kept telling her that I am here to help and that’s all I wanted to do.

Multiple career conversations later, Industrial Engineering happened. It had nothing to do with helping people at the time but it had a major contribution to offer.

From working with an NGO for 4 years to joining a plethora of spiritual groups, I finally found my calling in what people call …. dark night of the soul.

This is one of the biggest reasons I go around saying, start figuring out your soul’s purpose and mission before life throws a ton of bricks at you. Don’t wait for something awful to happen or depression to hit before you start to  figure things out!

Why are you here?

By here I mean, this birth, this plane of existence, this reality! NOW is the time you need to figure out what is it that you are here to bring or serve or offer.

We’re all unique and we’re all meant to contribute to make this planet the most beautiful place in the Universe. We all are responsible for bringing the vibrations up. We will only be able to achieve this by following our heart and feeding our passion. This is commonly heard but ironically (almost) never followed.

How many times has your heart told you what it likes but your mind has shut it off?

How many times has your heart yearned for that music class or craved to start those dance lessons or take up guitar classes or join your dream Culinary School or urged you to start working as a Fitness Consultant and you shut it off by saying – LATER or NOW IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME or NOT ENOUGH MONEY or TOO RISKY or WORK IS BUSY or THAT IT WON’T GIVE YOU SECURITY.

Let’s figure it all out together.

The reason I opened up to you is to tell you that you can open up to me too! It’s okay!

No matter what it is that is bothering you, irritating you, causing unnecessary frustrations and negative vibrations, you & I will work around it with ease, grace and glory.

No matter how big or small the situation is, we will work together as a team and come out of it with flying colours!

Allow me to be your cheerleader, you best friend, your coach, your guide, your healer…

All you have to do is, drop an email at themavenlifestyle@gmail.com !!!

The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha Shewakramani

The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha Shewakramani

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