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Hey Top Cats! Can you believe that we are sitting in March of 2018 (already)?

Time’s flying, isn’t it?

This week’s post is about “Life Purpose” and figuring out the same!

Why do I write this post?

Well, simply because I feel many of us (myself, finally excluded, phew!) are just going with the flow of life allowing our distractions (social media, rat race led work, random & meaningless relationships) take the best of us. This indeed is leading to that ‘empty’ and ‘hollow’ feeling that most people confuse “depression” with! Folks, feeling empty for a fleeting moment, and directionless for a shorter stint of time is NOT depression – it is simply a craving for your soul to find your life’s purpose.

Life Purpose.

I trust you know that we don’t HAVE a soul, we ARE a soul, correct? So now, this divine soul of ours, each time it chooses to be born on this third plane of existence (Earth) decides a bunch of responsibilities to take up, virtues to learn and purpose(s) to serve. This could be as simple as saving a dog to as big as opening a non-profit organisation that fosters stray dogs. Depending on your journey, your life will unfold. We, as a soul have an opportunity to ascend faster in order to be one with God or chill with our ascended masters. So, the choice to serve a ‘bigger purpose’ is ours!

PS…. when I say ascend faster, I mean raise our vibrations and frequencies… read more on this in my previous blog post-


Breaking it further down.

So to be as simple as SIMPLE can be; we all have a purpose to serve in life and if we fail to do that, we keep coming back in the human life, to suffer, learn and grow! We have this life as an opportunity (a golden one) to figure out our true purpose, our “Earthly Goals” and SERVE with the purest of intentions.

How to figure it out?

Let me give you some good news; you already know your life’s purpose!

Yes, you do!

You have just been overlooking it or laughing it off!

Deep down, you KNOW there are things that are feeding your soul, giving you a kind of joy that people look in external things… that’s your purpose! Act on it!


Allow me to help you.

The last year of my life, the year 2017 was not just miraculous but also life changing. My life transformed into a dream I had been dreaming since I was little. Being an Industrial Engineer with a masters degree in Business, my work life revolved around Digital Marketing and Portfolio Management. From doing that to now feeding my soul with healing, guiding and coaching the ones in need, is nothing less than a miracle for me! The journey wasn’t smooth but it was worth all the tears and sleepless nights.

I write this today to invite you to reach out to me to FIGURE OUT YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE. You and I will do a bunch of really fun and cool exercises and take it forward from there. I will not just help you figure your purpose out, but also help you forge your path to success just as I am doing for myself.

Life is beautiful and full of meaning, live it mindfully.

Last but not the least, if you still don’t know what gives you divine joy then you need to just meditate for 10 minutes everyday, observing but ignoring your mind’s banter and allow your inner wisdom to sneak in with guidance.

One thing I can promise you with all my heart and soul- You are a lot more wiser than you think… so never ignore or suppress your inner voice.

Love and Light,

Aakansha Shewakramani

If you have any questions, please comment below!

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  1. Neha says:

    Wow, very nicely expressed !!
    And the thing which comes out of experience is best .

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