Kodaikanal- A tribute to your lungs

Random plans are the best. We often hear people speak about this, but how many of us actually get to live this for 2 days-straight up?

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From where it all started-

One fine high evening with school friends, amidst the jibber-jabber, a quick conversation around taking a trip came up … annndd BAMMM- 3 weeks later, there I was with taking a trip into the unknown, untapped world of Vattakanal!

About 6kms from Kodai, this place is for the #hippes !

Are you a hippie at heart? Or…Do you want to know what it’s like to be around a bunch?

If yes, then Vattakanal is THE place for you.

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Dual Nuance Encounter

One side of Vatta was over visited and by that I mean parts of this place were so full of garbage that it felt like we were walking on a path made with an amalgamation of waste and rocks (whatvever happened to ‘Swachch Bharat’). The other part antithetically was so serene and beautiful that it felt like we were living a dream.

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Foggy, misty and freezing cold weather brought the most intimate revelations conversations out of us.

(my friends reading this know what i mean :-p )

A gift to self!

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I believe, we all need one of these trips every month to rejuvenate our souls. Yes, heading back to work after a weekend in Kodai was different. I could concentrate more, assimilate faster and the best of all, felt at peace! Now there’s something about a place like this; it makes you want to introspect without running away from self which we all seem to be doing in the midst of a crazy city life.

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Sometimes a budget trip is all you need to remind yourself that life is beautiful and all the intricacies that we think we have around, are simply in our heads!

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If you are planning to visit Kodai-

->Please reserve all your meals for the awesomest eating joint : Altaf Cafe ( Ever wondered how it’d feel to eat lip smacking delicacies in the clouds? Well, that’s an Altaf experience for you right there !!! )

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-> Load yourself with tons of passion fruit, oh yeah!

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->Make sure you stock up bottles of oil (trust me, your skin will thank you every time you feed it with the oils from Kodai)
-> Beware or be aware of ‘shrooms’


Kodaikanal (tamil) means ‘the gift of forests’ and is referred to as the ‘Princess of Hill Sations’!

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