Ki Ora Gorgeous!

For a country as pure as New Zealand, one needs to set aside a minimum of 10 days and a driver’s license. This post will include a bunch of pinnacles from my trip to the south island or

Te Waipounamu of the country of all things kiwi!




Wondering what it is to be born as a farmer in NZ?

Well, a trip to Agrodome will help you with that. A 50-minute interactive show at Agrodome teaches you all about a farmers’ quotidian groove. The most fun part about this show is that they encourage the audience to feed/milk/play with the sheep, cattle, deer, llamas and alpacas. For me, this will be one of the most vivid memories of New Zealand as I (never imagined) milked a cow!
What an experience! Wowza!

One of my personal take-aways after exploring this bit of NZ, was the amount of pride these people take in farming and the integrity & fidelity with which they work! In my opinion, for a country to succeed, its’ people should assert amour propre in what they can do best and provide to the world.

Known for its milk & milk products, NZ has come a long way in delivering stellar quality products to the world.
I’ve spoken about their Manuka Honey products in my previous blog post here.


Wanaka Puzzling World


I’ve been to quite a few unique places around the world but there’s no place like the Wanaka Puzzling World. It truly leaves you not just mentally but physically puzzled as well. There happens to be room within the puzzling world that messes up with your head so much that you can’t walk straight, for real! This room is then followed by another one where you see sculpted faces of famous celebrities from antiquity, MOVING! YEAH, you read that right!

And this is not it, even the toilets are too funny to be true!

The whole area showcases how folks in the Roman times would poop in large groups and carry their own brush for tooshie cleaning. Hilarious!
The Wanaka Puzzling World  tickles your funny bone you even when you least expect to be staggered!
This is one place I would most definitely take my kids to one fine (holi)day!



The tragic town of Christchurch will always hold a special place in my heart because of its poignant tale!

Hit & destroyed by an earthquake in 2011, Christchurch left many families in grief and homes broken (pun-intended). I feel a little more strongly for this place because our coach captain (tour guide) was born and bred in Christchurch. He shared with us how one fine morning this city was left shattered and also how he had to quit his job to build his house from scratch! Yeah, like most developed countries, NZ happens to be the one where hiring people/outsourcing help to build homes can turn out to be very expensive.

Learning about things like these & meeting people like my coach captain, teaches me to value what I often take for granted!


Christchurch’s 100+ years old cathedral was affected by the 2011 earthquake and its foundation was severely damaged and weakened. Because of this, one of the most devout places of Christchurch was built- the cardboard cathedral
(also known as the transitional cathedral). Yep, it’s made from cardboard!
Prayers are offered twice a day in the memory of angels who lost their lives at the time of disaster.

PS…It deeply saddens me to talk about what I saw just by this cardboard cathedral-

about a hundred chairs in the memory of Samaritans who had lost their lives.

What deeply affected me was that the first two rows had baby cribs/seats as well as wheelchairs. Someone once truly said-

“The smallest coffins are the heaviest”


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