Hypothesising: TRAVEL=SELF-LOVE


Given the world we reside in, occasional bouts of self-love is imperative! Now, the ‘self-love investment’ could be shopping, hitting the spa, going out for drinks with a bunch of friends at a swanky bar or…TAKING A VACATION! Sigh!

The Great Barrier Reef

The growing love for ‘holidays’ among the Gen Z + the millennials is perhaps the new cool. However for me, I’ve been lucky to be born in a family that has valued vacationing over shopping. Reason being, it gives us all a fresh perspective and preaches us what really does matter at the end of the day.

Feeding the kangaroo
Lucky are those who get to travel and experience different cultures and I couldn’t thank my folks enough for having me experience the land of kangaroos- Australia!

My Journey in the Commonwealth of Australia

I got a chance to explore 4 of Australia’s major cities- Melbourne, the Victorian capital; Cairns, the tropical paradise; Gold Coast, Australia’s entertainment capital and … ‘Scintillating Sydney’!

Ladies Pavillion at the Sydney Cricket Ground

What I took away when I flew out of this country was the free-spirited attitude. Australia is a country where people are not afraid to chase after their dreams no matter how big or SMALL their (dreams) are. Clouded in the world run by the green bag boogie, we all have forgotten to see happiness in smaller things.  Australians’ larger than life heart & spirit inspired me to never stop trying new things. Another of the things that we all must take inspiration from is the 8-hour cycle that they follow. They work for 8-hours, chill for 8-hours and sleep for the remaining 8. This then allows them to be not just productive but happy as well.

Hot Air Ballooning, Cairns

The best time to visit this country is from January until May. Also, looking up what each city offers and having a stay planned basis that is a good travel practice. A person like me would stay in Cairns and Sydney for an extra 2 days simply because what these cities have to offer, interests a person like me more.

Understanding what you wish to spend most of your time doing/exploring is imperative if you have to visit Australia as it wouldn’t be difficult to get overwhelmed by the number of things happening around you. So plan, Plan, PLAN!
Disclaimer: Your time in Australia will FLY, so make the most of it!

Kissing Australia

Australians aren’t fond of kangaroos one bit! …And as a matter of fact enjoy its’ meat. :-/

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