Clichéd as it is, Health is Wealth

Dear Homo sapiens,

I will go pseudo random in this post (yet again) and talk about how imperative it is for all of us to stay “fit”!

There’s been a big hue and cry around working out and eating right and a lot of myths have been busted as well BUT ‘change’ isn’t something that comes naturally to us, so we all very conveniently choose to ignore them!

Here, I will be talking about some facts that I was enlightened with not too long ago …

1. Gymming or lifting weights leads to weight gain once you stop!


OKAY, so there is a thing called ‘energy IN and energy OUT’! Reason why we lose weight if we religiously work out and control our diet is that we burn more than we eat and once we stop working out and / keeping a tab on our diet, we are BOUND to put on those extra kilos, right? I mean isn’t this the most logical thing ever?
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2. Lifting weights makes girls bulky!


We are all gifted with two kinds of mass- fat and muscle! The fat mass is something we all work towards burning, and as they are both collectively omnipresent, if we lift weights, the fat mass starts shrinking and eventually burns leaving space for our muscle mass to grow that ‘actually’ make our bodies look ‘toned’.
Yep, so lifting weights CANNOT be bad (unless you have an injury, of course). Just remember that muscle mass is the hero and needs to grow and strengthen for us to not just look good but also to feel fit! There’s an entire book dedicated to this by none other than my fitness guru, Rujuta Diwekar.
Check out “Don’t lose out, Work out”
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3. Cardio is the best form of exercise.


Having spoken about the muscle and fat mass, cardio is the form of exercise that’s pretty much baseless! Why? It doesn’t help with muscle mass strengthening. All it (cardio work out) knows is to burn- just brainlessly burn. So if you keep running or jogging, after a while (say about 20 minutes), you start burning you muscle mass which is BAD NEWS, trust me!
Cardio, has its own benefits and must be done within a time frame. Most people, unfortunately have no knowledge about this and have made cardio, the King!
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4. I need to go on a crash diet- low carb, 0 carb, ketone diet, etc. – complete BULLSHIT!


Our bodies are inherently wired to consume food, absorb nutrients and utilize the energy to perform our day to day activities! That being said, our body needs not just carbohydrates, fats and proteins; but also vitamins and minerals!
Starving your body of any of these is as good as molesting your health. In order to achieve certain weight goals (that is only if you are obese…), you may have to tweak the ratio of the aforementioned nutrients.
Having said that, this kind of twitching must be done under strict professional supervision. Reading about diets and fads online has never helped anyone in the long run! Think about the bigger picture (the harm these diets can do to our bodies) instead of short-term superficial achievements.
For more info on what to eat check out Rujuta Diwekar’s –

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5. I will cut down on dinner and eat fruits/ salads instead.


My beloved mother ensured that I guzzle up the magic of ‘timing’. There’s always a time to eat a particular family of food. Fruits and salads perform best empty stomach! Fruits contain fructose which get converted into glucose if not eaten empty stomach.
Trying to guess what that means? It means if one has a fruit after a meal, it’s as good as gorging on a dessert!
Bummer, right? Tell me about it!
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6. I will work out at home, starting tomorrow, I promise.

This has barely ever worked in anybody’s stride! If you end up enrolling in a class you like, chances are that you will end up going more than convincing yourself everyday go start working out the next day! Never stick to the same workout, always try new things and fool your body!

7. Fat is bad! I should stay away from it.


Nothing is bad in the ‘right amount’. Haven’t you heard that before? The fats that we all (invariably) run away from are polyunsaturated or trans fats! There’s a thing called (extremely) good “fat” or the fat rich in omega 3 fatty acids. That is found in our flax seeds, fish oil, walnuts, etc. That’s what we baaddly need, more than we know!
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8. Weighing scale is all that matters.


No it doesn’t!
Like I mentioned before, muscle mass is the hero and that’s what reflects in our weight other than the water content in our body, fat muscle, etc. So don’t get deceived by the weighing scale, ever, it in fact depends on a lot of factors – the amount of water you have had, the amount of sleep you have indulged in, the diet and exercise form you have been following! It’s best if you believe in the measuring tape amendments, instead!
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Here are the list of things we all MUST do but never pay a heed to-

1. Drink lots of water. The more you pee and poop, the better it is!

2. Have a fruit every morning, empty stomach.

3. Those green teas. They not just soothe our throats, but also boosts that metabolism leading to an efficient digestive tract, healthy stomach and fit body! Tee-hee! 😀

4. Dietary supplements – ’cause we don’t get enough (nutrients) ever!
A good (nutritionist recommended) multivitamin and multi mineral is a must!

5. Love the sun, bathe in the sunshine. For that vitamin D and a lot more.

6. Stop waking up to chai/kaapi

7. Have that ghee for stronger bones, efficient joints, glowing skin and sharper mind, yes! 😀

8. Gorge on those omegas!

9. Sleep tight. Anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep is what we all deserve!

10. Never starve, like ever!


I am not a dietician but having done a course on Nutrition from ISSA, years of working out and being blessed with a mother who’s all about staying fit and always trying eating right, I have gathered enough wisdom to share with you all.
Feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries, we will solve it collectively!

…and as Jim Robin famously said,

“Take care of your body.

It’s the only place you have to live in.”

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