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Dear Readers, if you have been following my line of work regularly, you’d know that I am a passionate lifestyle blogger, a Holistic Health Coach, Energy Healer & a Life Coach. I’ve worked with clients from different walks of life and you can READ ABOUT MY SUCCESS STORIES (under 100 words) HERE, my client testimonials HERE and my coaching programs on this page. 

If you’ve been looking for someone to guide you, coach you and heal you then I’m happy to admit that 

I am more than ready to be of service to you. 

Here’s what I offer {energy exchange discussion can be done on mail or call}->

Coaching Programs

1*Heal your gut and bid adieu to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

Healing & Health Coaching Sessions for 6 months using power of thoughts, stress management, home remedies and energy healing. 🙂

2*Heal Heartburn, Nausea & Constipation.

This will be a 3 months (long) Health Coaching Program where we will heal your digestive health one week at a time. By the end of 6 months, you will forget the meaning of HEARTBURN. 🙂

3*Boost your immunity with grace & glory.

If you are someone who falls sick every few weeks then this program will do wonders to your body. We will do a 6 month Health Coaching Program followed by a ThetaHealing Session to seal the deal and make sure you never feel the need to pop pills or head to a doc. 😉

4*Goodbye joint pain. 

Heal your Musculoskeletal Health with me in less than 6 months. We will use a mix of Health Coaching sessions, natural (home-based) and ThetaHealing remedies to heal your joints. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to release joint pain. 😀

5*Balance your hormones (and mood swings) in a span of 3-4 months. 

Root cause of a multitude of issues for example- PCOD, PCOS, Thyroid, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne-prone Skin is the imbalance in your hormones. We will work together and transform your lifestyle, spruce up your headspace and make you GLOW from “within”. 😀

6*Release your weight in every which way. 

We often hold onto a ton of emotional weight as well. This is usually confused with lack of control over food. If you are obese, there’s a strong reason behind it. When you say YES to me being your Health Coach, we, as a team reach the root cause and work towards getting you fit with ease & glory. 6 months and never a dull day, I promise. 🙂

7*Manifest your soulmate. 

For this I’m going to put you in a Life Coaching Program and help you level up your vibe so that you can manifest your divine soulmate with ease, grace and glory. The duration for this is 3 months. 🙂

8*Figure out your life’s purpose & dream career paying ode to your creativity. 

Most people are unhappy in their jobs/careers because they feel “stuck”. This feeling of being stuck happens because they haven’t followed their heart. Herd mentality and fear discourages individuals from respecting gifts Creator has give them. 

It’s time you take an action and channel your effort in the most divine direction. This can be done in just 2 Life Coaching Sessions. YES, just 2 sessions. This will however will be guided using God’s healing energy. 😀

9*Eternal Optimism 

is a 6 month program where I will Coach you to have a positive mindset no matter what happens. Believe me, it’s possible to always see the glass half full. We will work together in a Life Coaching style of program to spiff up your headspace for an astronomical amount of positivity. 

Are you ready to be eternal optimist? 🙂

10*Release Depression and heal your mental state by dropping off all the emotional baggage. 

I have helped clients release depression with ease in the past (within 4 months but I strongly recommend a 6 month program for this). 

We not only hold healing sessions but Coaching sessions as well for a program like so. 

You cannot even imagine how easy I can make this for you. 😉

11*Let go of suffering from toxic relationship. 

A toxic person is what I call an “energy vampire”. This individual holds the potential of distracting you from your inner peace, life’s purpose and innate joy. Sometimes letting go of such people is easier said that done. 

Work with me to start trusting the power of God, Universe and Law of Attraction. We will work together for 3 months and empower you with oodles of courage to walk away from what is draining the life force out of you. 🙂

Can’t wait for you to get in touch with me. 

Let’s make your life 100 times beautiful than it already is. 

Trust me, taking the first step of getting in touch with me is ALL YOU NEED DO.

Leave the rest to me! 😉

Love, Light & Gratitude,