Gold Coast: A Surfers Paradise Indeed

Gold Coast – In less than 100 words:

Gold Coast is one of those happening cities in the world that possesses the potent of entertaining anyone and everyone. Home to golden sands, breathtaking skyline and elite lounges, Gold Coast is peppered with massage parlours and to die-for-spa options.

Gold Coast is ‘the’ place for you, if you’re a:

Water Baby-

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Gold Coast is a true delight for you if you enjoy surfing, riding a jet boat at 100kmph or simply chilling at the beach! Known for its Golden Sands and immaculate beaches, Gold Coast attracts folks from all over!

Animal Lover-


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The Sea World and Dream World in Gold Coast are your go to destinations if you want to feed a kangaroo, hug a koala bear, kiss Dolphins, pat sea lions or watch tigers jump around like monkeys. Australians certainly know their way around animals and treat them with utmost love and respect. Sea World is a marine park and oceanarium to sick and orphaned wildlife as well.

Amusement Park Enthusiast-

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Dream World in Gold Coast is home to the famous ‘Big 9’. Wondering what that is? Well the Big 9 includes the nine deadly rides one must experience in a lifetime. That being said, it’s my responsibility to point out that these are not for the weaklings. Being the roller coaster fanatic that I am, Dream World was no less than a dream come true for me!

My favourite experiences from the trip:

The Helicopter Ride

The 15 minute guided aerial tour of the city left me dumbfounded by the beauty of Gold Coast. Lucky are the ones who get to stay/visit this awesome city of golden sands.

Sky Point Observatory

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A 360 degree view of the city from the 78th floor was no less than an awe inspiring experience. Pacific Ocean in the East and Gold Coast in the West; Brisbane in the North and Byron Bay in the South is what one experiences at this deck. I would strongly recommend the readers to go for the climbing and dining experiences at the Sky Point to take back a bag full of memories.

Aquaduck Ride

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One of the cutest guided tours ever, Aquaduck is actually am amphi-vehicle that takes you around the city for about an hour. What makes it special is that the first 30 minutes are on land and the other 30 minutes are in water. This boat actually (with the passengers boarded) converts into a boat to take the viewers around the city on the sea.
Could there be any better city tour than this one?

Dream World Rides


The 9 deadly rides should be reason(s) enough for all adventure lovers to book a ticket to Gold Coast, right-away! If i have to pick four best ones, I’d go for:
-The Tower of Terror
-The Claw
-Tide Wave Simulator
-Hot Wheels Sidewinder

Not a pit stop; but a destination

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These places mentioned below are a must-visit for everyone travelling to Gold Coast!
Sky Point Observatory
-Climbing and dining at Sky Point
-Dream World
-Sea World
-Aquaduck Ride
-Ice Lounge
-The helicopter ride at the Sea World
-Jet Boat Ride by the beach

Does Gold Coast sound familiar to you in any way?

Well our Bollywood Blockbuster ‘Singh Is King’ was shot here !!
( Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif fans, kuch yaad aaya? )

Did You Know?

Gold Coast will be hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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