Educational Sessions

As a Coach, I believe in empowering my clients with KNOWLEDGE because it results in awareness, clarity & power.

Here are the topics I offer 60 minute long educational sessions on. This benefits you because without doing any bit of research, you gain truckloads of clarity on the topic of your choice. If requested, I can always give you more material to read but the session itself is sufficient to empower you in a multitude of ways.

So here are the topics on which I offer Educational sessions->

  1. How to build confidence and maintain it. How to be eternally happy.
  2. Karma
  3. Law of Attraction and Manifestation
  4. Radical forgiveness, a superpower to forgive anyone and everyone with utmost ease
  5. Understanding Cholesterol
  6. Understanding Thyroid
  7. Understanding Antibiotics
  8. Developing Intuition
  9. How to converse with God
  10. How to build kickass communication skills
  11. Understanding the Life & Death Cycle
  12. Laws of Universe & Planes of Existence
  13. Understanding Heart Diseases
  14. Sustainable Travel, how to travel šŸ§³ with a conscience
  15. Deciding your ideal skincare routine
  16. Soulmate – Attraction Secrets (how to love yourself immensely to attract a soulmate)
  17. How to spend less and still look very fashionable (chic & sustainable)
  18. Self love & self acceptance
  19. How to be a millionaire
  20. Power of subconscious mind & intention setting
  21. Understanding the ultimate weight loss pill- exercise & protein intake
  22. How to build your immunity (understanding autoimmune diseases, gut health)
  23. How to meditate
  24. How to learn faster & better + how to develop razor sharp focus
  25. Build your LinkedIn profile with me. Sell yourself better online.
  26. Tattoo planning & designing
  27. Destiny, Astrology & Free-will
  28. ThetaHealingā€” all about energy healing & miracles
  29. Life Purpose & Divine Timing (figure out your life purpose)
  30. Affirmations – what they mean, their significance and how to set your own affirmations
  31. How to use social media to UP YOUR VIBRATION & over all energy levels


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  1. Gargi says:

    Always luv u r views.S ome time i believe,nd some time find it …..Always connect to myself with god. I read spritul books ,try to connect them in my life.Though i m satisfied nd happy in my life.But always try to explore my self .Want to listen more on Karma.

    1. Aakansha says:

      Sure my dear, thanks for writing in! I will make a video on this soon!

  2. Gargi says:

    Always find it difficult to relate in my life ,whatever i read ……

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