DEATH – what happens next?

Dear Readers,

This topic is rather progressive for most of you which means if and only if you’re open enough to not get triggered by the content of this article should you continue reading.

Now that I have said this out clearly, let’s crack on with – DEATH.

Have you lost someone to “death” in the recent past?

Have you ever wondered as to WHY precisely does this word DEATH leave you with so much heaviness mollycoddled with a strong sense of darkness?

Let me guess, it makes you feel like you have quite literally lost someone forever, doesn’t it?

What if I told you that one never dies?

Death Transition

My inner spirit junkie urges me to nudge you and remind you that we don’t HAVE a soul, we ARE a soul. Which means we are a form of energy, a source of light which cannot be destroyed. We cannot die, our souls cannot die, it’s not possible -> we can only transition; from one life form to another from one body (costume) to another. We are a soul on a human experience where our body grows old and our soul turns wiser.

Life Purpose & Soul Mission

This magnificent soul of ours is on a mission every lifetime. This mission is centred around a sense of purpose. This purpose is to master certain virtues which our subconscious is aware of already. Virtues like compassion, kindness, forgiveness, unconditional love, etc. are mastered by the way we walk the journey of our life. This journey has some pre-decided tests (obstacles as some people like to call it) which we need to pass with flying colours. Once we pass these tests gracefully, learn our lessons, get perspective and move on, our soul decides whether to move forward with current life or transition into another form.

What happens after a soul transitions?

Well, the soul has various options-

  1. To become a spiritual guide of the existing family members or
  2. To take another life form within the family or
  3. To take another life form outside the family.

Regardless of what the soul chooses, it never dies. The costume changes. Just because you cannot see a soul in the physical form, doesn’t mean that the soul doesn’t exist. The next time you think of someone dear to you who has transitioned, send them love and warmth.

Why is it unstable to cry when a soul transitions?

Here’s something I’d want you to know and understand. The moment a soul leaves the body, it has to pass through an astral realm. This is the realm that acts like a shock absorber for the souls who transition suddenly (accident, suicide, heart attack, etc.). This astral realm is also a gateway into the Spirit World where the soul goes, reflects back on its learnings and sits with the higher council (ascended spirits and masters) to decide what path to take next. It’s a very critical time and if the family behind (here on Earth) is constantly lamenting, the soul gets distracted and dwells in the pain & sadness of those who cry instead of moving forward. So, the next time you cry over someone’s transition, please bear in mind that they are around you and can feel your pain twice as much as you. It’s best to express your sadness whilst blessing them to move forward. Tell them how much you love them and support their decision of transition.

Once your perspective on death changes, the way you approach life will change. 

Do you fear DEATH?

Most people are afraid of this 5 letter word which simply means that we as a society, as a collective group consciousness need to step up our game and start using the word “transition” because that’s what it’s truly about. When you are born to your Mommy, you are this tiny bundle of joy and with time, you transition into this toddler, then teenager, etc. You then find a partner, transition into a spouse, then transition into a parent so on and so forth. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t your Mommy’s baby anymore. It simply means that you have moved on, transitioned into a wiser being. That’s just how death is- it transitions a soul into something bigger and better. For all those who are afraid of losing their loved ones to death, please know that if they truly are your loved ones, they would never leave you. They may not be around you in the physical form but their energy, vibe and spirit is always present in your reality and it can not be seen by your naked eyes… it can only be felt.

So whose presence would you like to feel today?

Close your eyes, think about them and …. send them love. Thank them for the role they played in your life and set them free to do anything their soul desires.

Love is freedom, freedom is love.

Love & Light,



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  1. Rajeev says:

    Your take on death is such a thoughtful one. No doubts it’ll help people who are mourning a loved one to move on

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thanks R -*smoochie*-

  2. Sony says:

    Such an amazing transformation of death into transaction….keep it up!!

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thank you meri jaan! -(hugggg)-

  3. Sathvika Narayan says:

    Good one!👍 I like the thought of transition and sure it does help many to change their perspective about death!

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thanks Sathvika, love seeing your comments here! -(hug)-

  4. Sumitha says:

    Such an informative really alters the perspective one has about that 5 letter word -Death .Excellent 👌👌

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thanks Sumi. I am glad this article helped you broaden your perspective on death. -(hug)-

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