Dates for keeps

I’ve always been a big fan of dates, be it with a friend, parent, sibling or a partner. I believe a date gives 2 individuals not just food and time to share but also thoughts, frame of mind, feelings and energies. It’s a must in today’s day and age where our lives are a lot faster and centred around ‘getting things done’.

What’s in a ‘date’?

People who know me well, know how much of a sucker I am when it comes to dates and “alone time”… aka date with not more than 2 people.


Because in my head it is synonymous with ‘quality time’.

It’s imperative in every relationship and must be followed like a ritual.

Dates can be in the form of dinners, lunches, brekkie, coffee, movie, etc. depending on the bond you share with the other person.

The whole idea is to share moments with the significant other and create memories.

Dates with my habibi…

After a bunch of awkward coffee and lunch meet-ups, R and I reached a place where we consciously decided to go on a romantic date. Our first, ever! Yes, we had not been on one before…go ahead, you can judge us as much as you want! We wouldn’t mind!


The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

Carnival by Tresind, DIFC, Dubai

This was our first ever romantic dinner date spot and was simply superb. I still cannot get over the ambience and food presentation at Carnival by Tresind. It was too good to be true!

Nothing about the date was anticipated – chilling by the lounge ‘cos guess what, it was Happy Hour (lol), ordering food with a bit of a buzz, gorging on some fake birthday dessert and the lovely walk outside the restaurant after. Our first date couldn’t have been better.

You should go there…

– If you like Indian cuisine and intend to go on a gastronomic fiesta,

-If you fancy fusion food and are anal about the quality & taste of the dishes served,

-Care about the ambience a little too much? You will looovvve this space.

-Want to impress a girl? Take her there!

When in Carnival, do order –

Pani Puri Salad


Shocked? So were we!

I mean it’s amusing how Carnival can make salad out of Pani Puri. This dish is comes in a really small portion but will take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride. After a couple of seconds of indulging in our first bite and observing each other’s expressions whilst experiencing our own, R and I said to each other –

” Hmmm…Niiiccce!!!”

So, this ain’t a dish, it’s an experience.

Dal Fry with oodles of cheese


I am someone who yawns at the sound of Dal Fry – that’s how boring I feel it is as a dish but this one at Carnival left me mind boggled. Its’ beyond amazing and I can blame it on the cheese that the chef showered this Dal with. If you enjoy both Dal and cheese as a foodie, then this is where you can experience a moment of enlightenment.

Butter Chicken


Butter chicken with some tandoori roti is one of the dishes that nobody can ever go wrong with. If at any point, you are confused and don’t know what to order – butter chicken with some butter naan will save the meal. Needless to say, this was super scrumptious too.

Can’t wait to pay this place multiple visits to explore more dishes. Meanwhile, all i can do is stalk this restaurant on SM and drooool …


The Maven Score

With a 4.9 on Zomato this place will offer you the most interesting Indian food ever with the kind of twists you can ONLY dream of! Overall, I’d give this place a 10/10.

This place is sooo…on point!

My fiancé’s wallet will be proud.

Thiptara, Palace Downtown, Dubai


Craving the finest Thai food with the best ambience in Dubai?

Head straight to Thiptara.

Overlooking the Dubai Fountain, Burj lake and jaw dropping Dubai skyline, this space deserves all the popularity it gets. Best during winter months when one can sit outdoors and enjoy the fountain musical. The food, ambience, service and location is to die for, truly. Located in the Palace hotel, the walk from entry of the hotel to the restaurant is an experience in itself. It takes you in a different space, the one that you wouldn’t want to come out of.

3 Reasons you need to visit Thiptara

-To truly relish Dubai’s skyline,

-To fall in love with Thai cuisine and

-To make the significant other believe that you are great at picking restaurants!

Must order their signature Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai curry with some Pahad Se Eiw Gai.

The former being chicken in lip smacking green curry and the latter is Thai style fried noodles with chicken & egg. Both of these are their signature dishes and mustn’t be avoided.


What I absolutely loved about this restaurant was it’s portion of food. That happens to be a deal maker for many.

The Maven Score

This, again deserves the Maven Score of 10/10.

I can literally imagine my fiancé’s wallet jiggling with joy.

Did You Know?

Indian and Thai are among the 10 most famous cuisines in the world.

Which cuisine do you fancy the most?

Comment below!

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