Client Testimonials

Dear Readers, every single session I have with a client, I pour my heart & soul in helping them heal because the moment they sign up for a session with me, they become a part of my life’s purpose! They encourage me to get better every single day of my life. 🙂 I’m sharing some of the client testimonials with you here but know that this page keeps getting updated every few weeks. Also, SOME of my clients choose to work confidentially and out of utmost respect I am not sharing their names unless I have their permission. Just know that these beautiful souls are from various walks of life…




I cannot express my feelings in words but the least I can say is 

‘thankyou thankyou thankyou’ to you for so many wonderful things in my life but right now this is specially for the most amazing time of my life “my pregnancy”.

You have helped me in such a wonderful way to enjoy the best time of a woman’s life.

I have had the most amazing and easy breezy pregnancy…and I am so grateful to you for it.

You have helped me in every single thing i.e exercise, diet, positive mindset and also prepared me for postpartum.

All these things have helped me to have an amazing and very easy pregnancy. 

I enjoyed all this time like any other normal girl without any complications,

without any pains and aches…I am so so grateful to you for it.

Also I am very sure my postpartum is gonna be fun too…as I’m totally prepared for it…physically mentally and emotionally💕💕

Thankyou thankyou thankyouuu…

TESTIMONIAL B2: Basic DNA (Level 1  ThetaHealing Course)

BY Ginny Kumar

Just 3 days!!!! 

That’s what I thought to myself, too less for a course. But what an incredible journey. Time just flew! The program is so well planned and detailed. There is a lot to learn.

Aakansha, my mentor is not only a wonderful person but an amazing teacher who is very dedicated towards this cause. She explained with lot of patience, ensuring that I understood everything. She is very encouraging and makes you believe in your own potential. She is comforting at the same time and you just open yourself to her..

Aakansha  you are so full of enthusiasm and your energy is contagious. I enjoyed every second of the course. I really appreciate your efforts. You are a blessing in my life.

Looking forward to our next courses.

यह एक हसीन सफर की शुरुआत थी

मेरी खुद की खुद से मुलाक़ात थी

TESTIMONIAL A2: DIG DEEPER (Level 3  ThetaHealing Course)

BY Duhita Duragkar

The Maven Lifestyle

Aakansha-> How is the ThetaHealing DIG DEEPER course different from BASIC & ADVANCED DNA according to you?

Duhita-> Dig deeper course is where one get’s those “Aha!!” moments. Having so many breakthroughs/ discoveries about oneself is as empowering as magical. The Basic and Advanced DNA courses are a treasure trove of Theta healing knowledge but Dig Deeper is a very vital part of the healing process that’ll lead to discovering beliefs that shape your life.  It is a completely practical session, where you get to dig deeper and deeper and deeper into your beautiful (& otherwise mysterious) SELF.

Aakansha-> Why would you encourage someone else to take DIG DEEPER? What value do YOU think Dig Deeper can add in someone’s life?

Duhita-> Dig deeper is such a vital part of the healing process, this is where you are able to discover where you need actual work. You have all the answers within you, dig deeper is about asking the right questions.. it is a conversation with your self.Take this part away and your healing process becomes so generic, that it might take you much much longer to heal. Dig deeper is as life changing as whole Theta healing itself.

TESTIMONIAL Z1: ADVANCED DNA (Level 2  ThetaHealing Course)

BY Duhita Duragkar

The Maven Lifestyle

I am immensely grateful for having completed the Advanced DNA Theta healing course under the divine guidance and teaching of Aakansha⁩.  The Basic DNA class opens the doors to healing and the Advanced DNA class is where the magic happens. The sessions are full of downloads which will enable to stay connected with the Creator, Heal and merge with your Higher self. Thanks to Aakansha for being so patient, kind, a coach and a confidant as I even got emotional after some of the activities and revelations.  I am grateful for this knowledge, experience and the magnanimous amount of healing that it is going to bring to my soul and to the souls around me. I wish more and more people got this knowledge and experience ❤️ 

TESTIMONIAL Y1: ADVANCED DNA & DIG DEEPER (Level 2 & 3  ThetaHealing Course)

BY Priyanka Shewakramani

Aakansha-> How is the ThetaHealing Advanced course different from BASIC DNA course according to you?

Priyanka-> The Advanced DNA course covers a whole lot of different topics when compared to the Basic DNA course. It complements the Basic DNA course very well as it takes you to the next step in your ThetaHealing journey. 

Aakansha-> Why would you encourage someone else to take the Advanced Course? What value do YOU think Advanced DNA can add in someone’s life?

Priyanka-> It is through the Advanced DNA course where you will learn to talk to your ancestors. This is a big deal as it helps you understand the kind of lives your ancestors lived, their feelings, opinions, messages for you. Understanding this helps you connect the dots as to why there are certain beliefs that you and your parents carry. Another important exercise covered in this course was downloading oneself with numerous positive beliefs.

Aakansha-> How is the ThetaHealing DIG DEEPER course different from BASIC & ADVANCED DNA according to you?

Priyanka-> The Dig Deeper course solely focuses on identifying the student’s subconscious limiting beliefs, removing them and downloading with more positive beliefs. The course does not end here. In addition to focusing on yourself, the course also provides an opportunity to install positive beliefs on ancestral level, societal level as well. Unlike in the Basic and Advanced DNA course where this was a small part, the Dig Deeper course, as its name suggests, goes deeper into knowing yourself, your fears, resentments etc.

Aakansha-> Why would you encourage someone else to take DIG DEEPER? What value do YOU think Dig Deeper can add in someone’s life?

Priyanka-> In my opinion, the Dig Deeper course fulfills the void between wanting something and manifesting it. The course will help you in understanding why certain situations are not getting manifested in your life, identifying the reasons behind everything happening in your life right now, and then taking actions towards making you a better version of yourself.

TESTIMONIAL X1: DIG DEEPER (Level 3  ThetaHealing Course)

BY Hina Sukhnani

The Maven Lifestyle

1) How is the ThetaHealing DIG DEEPER course different from BASIC & ADVANCED DNA course according to you?

Answer-> Dig Deeper is quite different from the Basic and Advanced DNA in way where the Basic and Advanced courses teaches us 

->how to connect with the Creator and all the Planes of Existence , 

->unconditional love of the Creator, 

->understanding how ThetaHealing works and 

->how one can change their lifestyle by shifting their beliefs 


the Dig Deeper class is more like a mirror to oneself, 

digging deep into blocks, into yourself, your past memories and even past lives and all that stops us from moving forward and learning our virtues 

thus empowering ourselves 

and getting closer to the Creator.

2) Why would you encourage someone else to take DIG DEEPER? What value do YOU think Dig Deeper can add in someone’s life?

Answer-> In my opinion, Dig deeper is actually the most important course one must never miss. It actually tells what kind of beliefs, blocks, thought processes a person has created and has been holding on for years and for generations. 

How deep rooted our beliefs and fears are that we don’t realize we start building walls around us, thereby hindering our own growth. 

And all these blocks which could potentially take lifetimes to change can be done in a few minutes. 

The Dig Deeper course also teaches us 

how most of our problems are self-created and 

we keep running away blaming others, 

when all we have to do is dive into ourselves, remove our limiting beliefs and we will be able to see the abundance like clear skies !!!

I highly recommend this class because Dig Deeper is a miracle class.

By- Hina Sukhnani

TESTIMONIAL V1: ADVANCED DNA (Level 2  ThetaHealing Course)

BY Hina Sukhnani

The Maven Lifestyle

Hi Aakansha,
First of all, thanks a ton for these amazing 3 days class of Advanced DNA. I now have a better understanding of so so many things.
The Basic DNA was an introductory stage to the world of ThetaHealing where we learn and experience the unconditional love of the Creator, knowing and changing beliefs and performing scans whereas Advanced DNA is a whole beautiful journey of understanding the 3Rs (Rejection, Resentment, Regret) by diving into your inner self. 
I was so amused to know how we create beliefs and how our mind starts linking those beliefs with different situations and different people and it gets rooted inside us affecting so many aspects in our life.
Also understanding the planes of existence in details and experiencing their vibration is such beautiful and different experience altogether.
Connecting with ancestors, healing the baby in the womb , healing the broken soul and remembering your future were somethings I had never known we were capable of doing with such ease and at our comfort.
Also, one of my favorite parts was the downloads from you. Such beautiful downloads and so many of them just made me feel more love for the Creator and made me realize there is so much abundance for everything and everyone of us just waiting for us to ask for.
And I could not have asked for a better teacher, a better instructor. You made this so easy and simple for me to understand and grasp, with real life examples and experiences.
More power to you <3
I am definitely coming back for more courses 🙂

TESTIMONIAL U1: DIG DEEPER (Level 3  ThetaHealing Course)

By Dr. Ankita G 

1) How is the ThetaHealing DIG DEEPER course different from BASIC & ADVANCED DNA course according to you?

Answer-> Well, the Basic DNA ThetaHealing course was an overview of the (limiting) subconscious belief systems and the need to change it…the Advanced DNA ThetaHealing course helped in learning the “belief” and “feeling work” better with understanding the 3 R’s (Rejection, Resentment and Regret);

but getting to the ROOT of the limiting beliefs and feelings,

it was the DIG DEEPER course that did the magic!!!

All three courses were practical oriented…but I have personally never felt as involved as I did in the DIG DEEPER course….

I felt like I was ACTUALLY WORKING on myself.

It wasn’t just like a demo…but an experience!

2) Why would you encourage someone else to take DIG DEEPER? What value do YOU think Dig Deeper can add in someone’s life?

The DIG DEEPER course gives one a much better insight into what moulds us (humans) into the way we are 

thereby giving a better chance at working on self.


By Dr. Ankita G

TESTIMONIAL T1: DIG DEEPER (Level 3  ThetaHealing Course)

By Jagruti Bhagat



1) How is the ThetaHealing DIG DEEPER course different from BASIC & ADVANCED DNA course according to you?

Answer by Jagruti-> Most of us would feel it’s only about digging and not an important one or something but this course is game changer and the way it acts as a catalyst to put together all that we have learnt is so beautiful. I loved Basic and Advanced equally but Dig deeper equips us in a way you wouldn’t be scared or skeptical on digging at all.

2) Why would you encourage someone else to take DIG DEEPER? What value do YOU think Dig Deeper can add in someone’s life?

Answer by Jagruti-> If we have come so far in learning why not ace it and to be honest, Dig Deeper takes the ball game on the next level.

Imagine having all the knowledge but being a bit lost with what should one do as a Basic and Advanced practitioner. 

So DIG DEEPER is so much of self work and it gets better and better in a way that you yourself can find your hidden limiting belief and work on it. 

It’s way powerful than we imagine it to be. 

And when you learn it from Aakansha, she would ensure she makes you do a lot of self work…that’s working on your triggers yourself whilst she handholds you through it until you get how to do it!!! 

I enjoyed Basic and Advance DNA but Dig deeper is going to me my favourite of all times and a reminder its possible to heal ourselves multiple folds in this lifetime because we are blessed with the tools.

 Answers By Jagruti Bhagat (ThetaHealing student and practitioner)

TESTIMONIAL S1: Advanced ThetaHealing Course


Hi Aks, I’m eternally grateful to be blessed with you as a mentor who’s so so dedicated to Healing and Coaching. My words probably wouldn’t be able to do justice to how it feels to have you around. And what better, just when I felt like doing the Advanced ThetaHealing course as a student, you enrolled for an Instructor course and just like you say it…it was our Divine Timing to manifest it for us. The 3 days (Friday- Sunday) honestly felt like a virtual vacation I took while sitting in my comfortable spot from my comfiest home.

The Advanced ThetaHealing course OMG, has so many small small magic balls of information to fill in the gaps we never knew existed as a Basic Certified Student, getting better with what we learnt understanding the crux of it and I now truly understand why wasn’t it all taught in the Basic Course. 
My favorite bit from the course was connecting with ancestors ( I’m so so touched) in the most safest way and also sending love to me and parents while we were chotu babies in the womb is so so beautiful. I hope to be your student always and always and learn, always make you proud as my Teacher!!!! 
Your Blessed Student,
Jagruti Bhagat 

 TESTIMONIAL R1: Advanced ThetaHealing Course


I have loved the last 3 days for the way they have made me feel.

The fact that a skeptic like me has kept coming back to you for more and more and more itself says how much I enjoy each of our conversations. I believe I have become a much open person over the last 3 days of Advanced ThetaHealing class.

The best part about these classes with you are the anecdotes from your own life which you share.

The thrill you have in your voice and the truthfulness with which you tell them is for me the main reason to keep wanting to believe in turn, coming back for more. I just love and enjoy speaking with you. l am glad to have you as my Coach and teacher… but something always tells me that had we even been friends before, we would have painted the town all sorts of colours.

Your belief, your vibe, your enthusiasm is infectious… in many ways you make me feel motivated to keep working on myself. And the fact that you are always there to help me get back on track the moment my belief falters, the fact that you are literally always a message away just makes you the best “go-to” person.

You are a beautiful soul and you radiate it so brightly, it’s hard not to be motivated by you. 

Loads of love,

Dr. Ankita G

TESTIMONIAL Q1:  Life Coaching

The Maven Lifestyle

 By- Raakhi 

Hello Aakansha Di,

From messages to sessions… and sessions to student of ThetaHealing Basic DNA course….it was a life changing period for me. The sessions with you not just gave a ‘full stop to confusion’ but also ‘clarity to a new beginning’.

Under your guidance I met “myself”. Your time, love, support and so much understanding helped me look at life differently.

I am very very grateful to the universe who manifested you in my life who plays multiple roles in my life from a teacher to a sister and from a Healer to motivator.

As I have being saying all the time ” YOU ARE VISIBLE ANGEL” I have felt it everytime.

Thank u so much di for the knowledge, love, understanding, support, time… and the list is endless…

Still much more to learn from you.

From the day one where I hesitated to take session to this day where I feel I want to go on and on and on with the sessions.

Because now I knew the journey from ” Being” to ” Better Being”.. and “THE BEST BEING” is their right in near future.

Thank you Aakansha Di.

Sending you loads and loads of love. 

 TESTIMONIAL P1: ThetaHealing BasicDNA Course

 Thank you for the wonderful course and my certification. Although I really do not have enough words to describe how happy and grateful I am to have learned ThetaHealing with you but I still wanted to put through a few words.

It was an amazing experience to be your student. The knowledge you have shared is an eye opener for me and I am truly inspired by your energy and your brilliant work.

From explaining each and everything as part of the course to sharing real world experiences and examples and to going out of the way to help me understand each and everything in the best possible way, you have been extremely patient and wonderful throughout our journey.

I am glad and truly honored to have learned under your supervision and I thank you for accepting me as your student and making time for me .
You are a blessing.
I look forward to being your student for other courses as well.


The Maven Lifestyle

TESTIMONIAL O1: ThetaHealing BasicDNA Course

Big thanks to you for teaching me this magical and noble art of ThetaHealing. The facts and examples that you shared through out the sessions were as relevant as they were surprising.  A beautiful student-teacher bond has been created and it was truly amazing to learn this course from you. Thank you for being so encouraging and inspiring throughout the session.

 By- Duhita Duragkar

The Maven Lifestyle

TESTIMONIAL N1: ThetaHealing BasicDNA Course

 Aakansha has been great during the seminar and I loved the way she teaches each technique. She makes sure that the client has understood the process. I recommend her as an instructor.

By- Ashmika S


I truly believe that I couldn’t have found a perfect teacher to do this course with. You really went out of your way to help me understand the topics that were not only in the syllabus but outside of it. I really liked how you gave real life examples and not just simply followed what was written in the manual. You guided me in every step, answering every question and giving your time and energy to me.

Thanks a lot for this Anku. I hope that you become a certified teacher for teaching the advanced level course so that I can get a chance to learn from you again in the future .

FROM-> Priyanka Shewakramani


TESTIMONIAL L1 : ThetaHealing BasicDNA Course

Hello Aakansha Di,

It was very awesome blessing to do Theta Healing Basic DNA Course under Ur guidance, love n so much understanding.

     I whole heartedly thank you for ur love , support n help to have a new perspective n right attitude towards my life.

     What I feel I would like to portray it in a small shayari: 

Is nazar ka nazariya

       Aap ne sulzhaya,

Shama aur Pyar 

        Ka path padhaya,

Socha kya mange dua mein 

          aap ke liye…

Is soch pe to Bhagwan bhi Muskuraya.😊

              – तमन्ना(rakhi)

To the God’s beautiful creation u create miracles in everyone’s life. U are visible Angel 😇.

Thank u and loads of love.

    — Raakhii😊

 The Maven Lifestyle

TESTIMONIAL K1 : ThetaHealing BasicDNA Course

I would definitely fall shorts of words to describe my 3 day course and how amazing it felt to dive into learning the basic DNA course with Aakansha ♥️ 
And mind you I had just stumbled across her Instagram profile and was very impressed with her videos,texted her a few times and one fine day we agreed on a session and that right there were flood gates to my happiness.
I mean I had so many questions and just happened to ask Aks if I could learn all of this,how awesome it would be!
To my surprise,She says she already felt how ready I was for it and I would be signing up for a life changing course and believe me we started with the course and every single minute I was jumping in joy and grinning ear to ear.
As if I couldn’t believe how divine the feeling was it would look like 3 days Mai kya hoga kinds but this changed the game.
And I think no one could have taught me better than Aks herself…trust me when I say she answered every single query of mine even though I kept interrupting her whilst she’s trying to explain me.
And she ensured I tried it all,made me redo tasks until I was sure about it.
Aks came as a blessing to me and I’m glad she’s now here to stay ❤
Blessed Student,
Jagruti Bhagat

TESTIMONIAL J1 : ThetaHealing BasicDNA Course


 “Hi Aakansha, I just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation and let you know that you’re an amazing teacher. You are so organised, responsive, patient and able to clearly explain complex topics and nuances. I really enjoyed every single minute of your tutorial and I have learned a lot. Not only that, your timely emails and constructive feedbacks have been extremely helpful and I appreciate it very much. Thank you for the hard work you’ve put into this course! Your  lessons are so structured and you make every lesson as comprehensive as possible by bringing in lots of real life examples. You possess a friendly disposition which adds cherry to the cake. You are so knowledgeable, kind, understanding, supportive and detail oriented. You are such a good speaker and listener as well which  makes me feel so comfortable in asking you anything. You are very welcoming and ready to help. You are encouraging, friendly, approachable and I can tell that you absolutely love what you are doing which is practicing and teaching ThetaHealing. You check in now and then to make sure that I am on track too. So, I hope that you’d continue to be inspiring because I have learnt a lot of things from you. Thank you thank you thank you !!!”

By- Tanvi Chaturvedi

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TESTIMONIAL I1: Life Coaching & BasicDNA ThetaHealing Course

“Like a kid can’t ever write what parents have done for them, I mean no matter how much they try they can never do justice. 

I feel the same right now. 

Like no way of communication can justify what you have done in my life. 

The whole expricence is so surreal and sacred to me, I almost don’t want to share it but when I decided to go for Life Coaching, testimonials really boosted my confidence. 

So here I am, sharing it with you. 

And I would really like to celebrate you because you deserve it. 

If we knew better we would do better, 

Sometimes applying the fancy quotes we see everywhere is not as easy as it sounds 

How should I do it better ?

I mean there’s gotta be a way I can do it better !! I know being rude isn’t right but how can I not be rude ”you taught me how to be and how to do“ and everything with such love, grace, crisp knowledge and explanation and I am eternally greatful for that. 

I feel very privileged to be having you in my life. 

You made me a better person through the sessions and the knowledge you shared. 

I learn so much from you everyday. 

“You taught me a way of living.”

You never said what I wanted to hear, but, always what was right for me and everything with love, grace and so much fun, I had such a good time laughing and exchanging stories with you. 

I later also made my mother and sister for Health Coaching contact you because mental health is as important as physical health and who better than you?! 

I also had a privilege of having you as my teacher and goodness that was one beautiful beautiful experience. 

ThetaHealing is so powerful in such wonderful ways. 

I am so thankful to you for introducing me to this and also being my teacher and giving me a scholarship, choosing me as your client and a student. 

Right from the time you replied I could feel something ,something positive like it’s meant to be… It will serve a purpose or maybe change me, I didn’t even know I had so much within me that I had to let out and I am so so so grateful to you. 

You made me realise that I have a purpose that my subconscious is manifesting things I didn’t even know of and how can I not do that with a million others things you taught me. 

I feel good and I manifest good.

The journey to healing isn’t over but who better to be in it but you by my side guiding me. 

Thank you thank you million times thank you.

I am so grateful to have you in my life!!”

TESTIMONIAL H1: Holistic Health Coaching

“Respected AAKANSHA G

Meri khushi ka aaj thikana nahi raha, aap sei HEALTH COACHING start kiya 15 Feb ko, us time mera weight 99 tha, aaj aap ki diet chart & walking sei jo jo aap ne kaha tha wo wo maine kiya , aaj results aap k samne hai 15.5 kg weight reduce hua hai mera, wo bhi 5 months mein; without going to the gym. 

Mera belly bahut bhahar tha, koi bhi shirt/tee-shirt pahno khudh ko he kharab lagta tha, 

knee and back mei pain rahta he tha, 

ab knee and back ka dard sab theek ho gaya, stomach bhi kaafi andar ho gaya,  kitna light feel kar raha hu, meri khushi ka thikana nahi hai!!!


Agla target 3.5 kg aur kam karna hai us ko bhi aap ke bataye hue hisab sei kar ke results lane ki koshish karunga.”

By- Annu Gurnani

The Maven Lifestyle

TESTIMONIAL G1: BasicDNA ThetaHealing Course

 “My dearest Aakansha didi,Thank you for being THE BEST sister one could ask for.  We started as client-coach, but I’m extremely grateful when I say this, our relationship has evolved to be that of 2 sisters!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything that you have done for me. Having you as a coach was a blessing, but having you as a teacher who taught me healing was a DIVINE blessing! The three days of the course literally felt so natural yet so magical. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, thank you for making me learn the beautiful art. 

I give you the credit of who I’m as a person wholeheartedly, and with so much love.

I still remember the first day I saw u, I met u. You felt like I have been longing for you. It all just felt right. That day , and this day today, I can see such a divine and magnificent change in me! And you are the person responsible for it. I thank God every single day for the day we met and for bringing you in my life.

Love u so so much!

PS, it was 0000 when I was writing this

Thank you

With loveeee


The Maven Lifestyle

TESTIMONIAL F1: BasicDNA ThetaHealing Course

 “Its been the most beautiful 3 days of my life when I learned ThetaHealing from the most beautiful person of my life.

I loved the process, yes because I am interested in learing but I loved it even more because I love Aakansha even more.

Though I am so expressive, but literally I have no words now to express how beautifully she taught me, she is so patient, so kind…the most perfect teacher...

I cannot thank her enough for this…for teaching me my most favorite thing so beautifully, so easily…

I love you so muchhh Aakansha di.

Thankyouuu so so muchh for everything.

I am so proud of my decision to take Life Coaching from her that changed my whole life, and now learning ThetaHealing from her that changed me entirely.”
By- Aishwarya Agrawal 

The Maven Lifestyle

TESTIMONIAL E1:- Life Coaching

Her impactful writings from self love to art of manifestation became my reality of life.

Her presence itself is self sufficient to mold you, to guide you and to leave you wonderstruck.

I discover myself through her untold actions of love, compassion and appreciation.

I have read her life through Instagram pictures and blogs and she unknowingly taught me the biggest lesson ” Realism limits you but delusion infinites you “.

She is not my coach, neither my mentor.

In few simple words – She is my real  Life – Buddha. She is an actual proof of victory. You can witness the power of self belief in her.

She challenges me every single day.

Ask me how?

‘Through her wisdom’

I choose to be myself and encourage each one of you to see your life through her eyes.

We have the option to use our immense potential as sword or either knife. 

She is the one who channelised my “wish” into “will” to pick sword.

And yes today I am proud to Say ” She is no other but my own sister – Aakansha Di.”

Gallons of love and thanking you.

 By- Gargee Goyal
The Maven Lifestyle

TESTIMONIAL  D1:- ThetaHealing session

 Aakansha, this woman is pure Gold.

She knows her Art so well.

When you are with Aakansha, she will make you believe we are living in a Harry Potter sort of world where anything and everything is possible…

All I can say is, if she’s in your life, she will try to add some value to it just with her presence around you and try to make you a better person.

An adorable soul and its unbelievable that she can put up everything so simply and explain it.

Aakansha has been a close friend-cum-sister-cum Coach through all these years. She’s a beautiful person and her positive energy can be felt over a phone call. Her ways are simple.

Aakansha, you have a gift of being intuitive and a natural healer, your work has been life-changing for many.

She has helped me so much in my life that she has become my go to person now. Thank you sooooo much for everything Aakansha, you’re simply awesome !!!

I would definitely recommend Aakansha.

By- Shikha C 

TESTIMONIAL  C1:- Holistic Health Coaching


First of all I would like to thank Aakansha, my sister, my guide, my Coach. Thank you so much for being there whenever I needed support and guidance.I will be very honest in this testimonial. When I started my health coach sessions with my sister, I was 102 kilos. I used to be very unfit, very lazy, and this used to make me so unhappy as I used to think I would never be able to fit in any clothes.

Today, after 5 months, my current weight is 86 kilos. I lost 16 kilos under her guidance. That happiness I get after seeing my weight drop from three digits to two digits is so incredible.

In these twelve sessions, we did not talk about health only, but other aspects of my life which includes finance, career-related, personal goals. 

How can I say, but taking these health coaching sessions with her brought happiness into my life, got my confidence back, which I was lacking due to my obesity. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. I will always be grateful to you.

I would definitely recommend Aakansha for Health Coaching and can say it with assurance that you will be in the right hands.

The Maven Lifestyle

The Maven Lifestyle
YUKTA’S Inch LOSS sheet!

TESTIMONIAL  B1:- ThetaHealing session

My first experience with Aakansha was nothing but life changing, thought provoking and undoubtedly beautiful. The way she helped me feel calm and at ease by just talking on the phone made me understand how experienced she is and very good at it. Even if you dont have any big concerns, one should go through this healing process just to realize the importance of Life. If I can do what she is doing, I will consider myself lucky. Because she has the power to change lives in the right direction and what’s more beautiful than that? Living your life to serve others, that’s the purpose. God bless Aakansha. Keep doing what you are doing.

By Shreya

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TESTIMONIAL A1:- Life Coaching

Hello my darling didi!♥️

Back in 2018, deciding to make you my coach, was without a doubt, the best decision of my life. When I met you, I was this disturbed young girl, troubled with almost everything in life. And here I’m today,and I see myself as this young mature woman now. I thank God everyday that I am under your guidance because whenever you tell me something, I feel God’s directly talking to me. After one year of coaching, I took a break from coaching but I’m so happy that I’m yet again your client. Having your guidance whenever I need, is indeed a blessing. You are and always will be more than a coach to me, you’ll always be the elder sister I never had. So grateful to have you in my life. I bless you with abundance of everything always. Thank you for inspiring me in multiple ways, always. Thank you for turning me into this beautiful human , thank you for helping me find my life purpose.  Thank you for nurturing my soul with purity and love. You are the best! 
Lots of love ,
Always and forever 
Chef Preet😉♥️🌸
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 TESTIMONIAL Z:- Life Coaching

A session call and regular chats with Aakansha Maam made me experience the change within me. Her beautiful words and positivity helped me a lot to transform myself.
Loving yourself and complimenting yourself was what she made me realise is most important.
I’m grateful to the universe who helped me and answered me through Aakansha Maam.
I’m lucky to have u Maam.
Thank u Maam for the guidance, love n support.


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TESTIMONIAL Y:- ThetaHealing Session

Thank you once again for such a fulfiling session. There were so many issues, I realised I had never addressed before, and in this session, you helped me acknowledge those and move on.
Visualization is very powerful, I realized. I have been reading about, listening to talks about this, after our session. I think this is definitely synchronicity.
I keep seeing the angel numbers as well, and that reaffirms my faith and path I am treading along.
Writing has been a lot better lately. I write every day, even if it is a haiku/or a small prose.
I have also decided to compile my older writings and see what can be done about that. I never had the courage to go public with a few of my writings, now I wish to do that.
I also see a change in people around me. Things are starting to work. My new job offer came along…
I think, with each session with you, my understanding of the power of subconscious mind is deepening, and like i said, my meditations have been so so much better now, in terms of sensitivity.
I am so thankful to you, for doing this wonderful service to people like me who are seeking answers.
More of what i am experiencing cannot be put in words. Even if i try, they won’t do any justice.
I look forward to more sessions with you..
Lots and lots of love to you, always,
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TESTIMONIAL X: Life Coaching

Aakansha is a blessing! My mind was going through a lot when I met her. I have been blessed to experience many other therapies like Reiki,  Art of Living, Vipassana, Group sessions, and I feel I have pretty good awareness around issues but I just could not work on my basic responses. My energy felt stagnant I could not create or manifest anything from the universe. After meeting AK there was this reassurance that my guardian angel is here. She loves to teach and gives you the tools to work with on your own. With her many healing techniques, she has given me much understanding to my life and healing that lasts. She helped me see where the root of my obstacles are. An example is that some times in certain moments I get anxious that I cannot control my energy but now I hardly feel vulnerable and even if I do it doesn’t last for more than some minutes. I have practiced to connect with universe and know that I am safe and taken care of. Each exercise has given me peace and as a result I have automatically felt a positive shift. My healing is still going on and I can already see so many positive changes in my way of living. This young soul has so much power in her that will make you see only the positive and beautiful side of this world and give you the confidence of achieving all that you wish for.  I am truly grateful ~

Surabhi. S.

TESTIMONIAL V: Life Coaching

 First of all, I want to say a big thank you for bringing my confidence back into my life. You were the one who always said ”Juhi u have a lot of potential” this line boost up my inner strength more and more…

You believed that “I am a manager at heart” and always said this in every session which gave me much more confidence towards my career.

I enjoyed all the sessions and achieved all the goals whether it was related to health, work and personal goals.

After taking sessions from you I understood what life is, the importance of self love, law of attraction and forgiveness. 

My thought process towards life has become so positive and real! 

Thank you so much for being a great mentor and a guiding me in all the aspects of my life. 

Lots of love 



TESTIMONIAL U: Life Coaching

 AK walked in my life at the perfect time. It was a point in my life where I needed a wake up call to love myself . We underestimate the power of healing it’s very different from therapy. It’s teaches you to let go and smile. It gives you the step up to lead life happily with nothing, you are content with whatever you have in your life. She held my hand and made me walk through the tunnel with lots of encouragement and positive vibes. She made me realize that a person who lets go is a bigger person than a person who holds it all in. If I learnt one thing in all this it was I will be fine irrespective of whatever life brings me. Bcos I have healed and learnt the power to smile irrespective of the situation I am in. I choose to learn from positive experiences and love. I swear by this golden rule taught by my guardian angel, AK.

Thank you for teaching me the power to let go and mostly importantly for healing me. I smile confidently today because of your teachings and your constant support.
I am highly grateful to have crossed my path with you. 🙏
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Swati M

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I feel this is the most difficult part of the journey to sum up my whole experience in a paragraph because words won’t do justice to what you have done with your presence. I remember the first time I saw your picture and got blown away with your vibes. I had known you even before you had an idea of my being. Since then you have been inspiring me. I feel God manifested this coaching program with you to change my perspective and fulfil the purpose of my life. 
I just want people to know that, if they are looking for someone who could change their life to better and worth living every single day, Aakansha Shewakramani is the one. 
Di You are my Angel. I love you more than you’ll ever know. ♥️

Shivani Shahu

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 Dear Aakansha

You have the gift of being intuitive and emphatic without losing focus on what it is hope to receive out of your session with you .You do not allow to distract me from what’s at hand! I am very grateful for your help to make me clear my subconsious limiting beliefs and fear related to my appearance and skin issues . This may be a small challenge  to the world’s bigger problems, but it showed me that connecting with your subconscious through a skilled and trustful therapist like you gives you a feeling of control and confidence that will support in other areas of my life as well. Thank you, aakansha! you are a lovely person with great energy!!! Thank you Thank you Thankyou.
By- Tanvi C
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The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha
A heart-warming testimonial…

By, Bhavishya A

The Maven Lifestyle

I could not begin to narrate to you how drastically my life has changed in the last 5-6 months and I’d happily give the credit to you. I used to never love myself for who I am, love people for who they are, see the beauty in everything, be positive, etc. But now, I can proudly say that I do all those things. I love myself for the kind of person I’m, I accept people the way they are. I try and keep myself very very positive and so on.
I could never imagine that I’d land up in a pastry school. I didn’t even realize that it’s my true calling. You made it possible. I’m managing so many things because of your guidance. My life has really really turned upside down in these months. And I’m very grateful for that.

Thank you for everything.


Preet A

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You are an Angel for me because like an Angel you
changed my life totally. You are my health coach, healing master, life
coach and much more but above all you are a great human being. After
talking to you I was able to understand what is life. The importance
of gratitude, manifestation and forgiveness in my life. After talking
to you I was able to meet my true self. This journey with you has been
a miracle. I was able to know what true happiness, peace and love is.
You are an amazing person and your guidance has played an important
role in my journey of life since last 8 months. You changed me from
head to toe and brought a wonderful person out of me. My behavior, my
thought process and my views towards life has become so positive and
fearless. You guided me to deal with my inner strength. You have
motivated me in each and every step of my life since our journey beganYour healing technique is wonderful. This has been a wonderful
experience for me. The books you have suggested me are wonderful and
these have helped me a lot and I was able to rekindle my passion for
reading.Thank you so much I would strongly recommend you to others.
Love You !

Raajul B


 Hello my sweet angel  👼 

A big gratitude to u for making my attitude so so positive in life towards everything. 
My intuition has become so strong that I can sense things b4 they happen. 
You are the best thing that has happened to me n I thank the universe for bringing us together. 
Love u endlessly 



Hey Aakansha,I would love to thankyou deep from my heart,you are magician for me, whenever I take session from you,my whole thought process changes,even I feel free,light and very very peaceful .life seems graceful and calm….frankly speaking words are not enough to express my feelings and gratitude,there is truth in your each and every affirmations… clear my thoughts so nicely ,it seems like I was looking at life with fog in my eyes then you wiped all fog and showed me clear vision.thankyou is a small word….


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coaching me for the last 8 months. Your guidance, knowledge and zeal has resulted in me turning vegetarian and more focused on improving my health and well-being. I particularly enjoyed our educational sessions which left me impressed by how much you care not only about your clients’ physical health, but also their mental and creative well-being. Your structured approach towards our sessions have helped me realize my health goals and I truly feel light, energized and more in tune with my body. I have recognized what foods and workouts are compatible with my gut and physical health.

I hope you keep inspiring and guiding people with your commitment and immense knowledge. God bless you.


…a big part of this testimonial cannot be published as it has name of a prestigious company (brand) and on The Maven Lifestyle, we choose not to disclose such details.

How can I say!! You are an angel and I am soo happy that I found you in my life which is not an accident that am sure of  the conversations that I had with you gave me clear perspectives about life and the way I can deal with certain situations! I never thought I can be soo open with someone about my feelings, but you totally changed that with your open mind, non judgemental way. The warmth in your words made me feel soo comfortable to express myself! I want to thank you for the time that you have taken to talk to me and help me with many words of wisdom that are priceless!
Keep motivating and continue the good work!

Love you.


You have helped me immensely to grow and proceed forward with my life. After one law of attraction session with you I experienced an almost immediate improvement in my life in general. I have been able to see situations so much clearer and understand so much more . Why certain things have happened in my life and how can i change them for better in coming future. 

It was so profoundly powerful and so worth it. I feel like a whole new me is emerging and shining brightly. I feel more clear and focused about my life path than ever before and my intuition is so strong now which I’m not used to. It feels great and motivated.  Highly recommend doing this deep soulful work. It’s astounding what you discover it just one session.

Most definitely I am extremely grateful for the consult with you. You are a real gem of a person and very comfortable to talk with.Thank you thank you thank you!!!


I am always available for my clients on whatsapp.

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Thankful should we all be to a person who brings out the lies that are there in the society which we all grew up believing in. 

Thats Aakansha for u.


Being a working professional, I would have never come across the facts that I have through her blogs and health coaching sessions. I am more than thankful to her. 

I am gonna continue religiously following her recommendations and I hope all those who come across her also do the same.

I personally can vouch for her.🎓


Well Aakansha is a miracle in my life
Any issue first name Aakansha comes to my mind
She is a fab Health Coach and a great human being 
She is so so passionate about her work that every session with her seems as if it’s her life’s session to be achieved 
She has answers to all the queries 
With her I have learnt the importance of gratitude in life 
And yes the most important the blocks in our life which are our stepping stones to get us to the next level 
Manifestations… to get what u want 
This is not it 
Journey with her is endless 
Every meeting with her I want to be a better me 
With her I learnt to change my lifestyle which has now become a part of my life 
Well a long way to go still 
A hearty gratitude to my angel 
Love u endlessly 


“When we are in a position to help someone do it,because God may be answering their prayers through U”.
The above quote is so true for me because God answered my prayers through Aakansha. We are very good friends,classmates but I never expected she would be my healer,guide,mentor & motivator.I truly believe this as a divine intervention as I was praying and my Lord guided me to her.
My left knee was in severe pain & swelling after a classical dance practice,even though I had all the medicines taken and physiotherapy done,the pain wouldn’t simply go away.But a 90mnt healing session with Aakansha healed me completely.It was one of those “aha” moments for me.I was literally scared whether i wouldn’t be able to pursue my passion for dance again.This beautiful soul has completely erased my f ear & negativity that was deep inside me pulling me down & blocking me towards my path of success.Now I am back on my feet being much more stronger,confident,Positive &resilient,all of which is so important in my life now as I am going to launch my Dream Project soon where i believe my God has placed Aakansha as my Guide & Mentor.
Thank you so much,with lots of love &gratitude. I will wholeheartedly recommend Aakansha to anyone seeking for help as she is a true professional with the Heart of gold.


Your posts on whatsapp, instagram and your blog has been a huge source of inspiration, and I have numerous instances when I am reading your blog and I see an angel number pop up (Read about that on your blog)! I was sure I would do a healing with you, but time was always a constraint! But finally it did happen, I was so filled with gratitude and love and emotion that I couldn’t jot down my feelings for 3 whole days! I am finally putting my thoughts together! 

Thank you cannot be enough! I am going to consider you as an angel, henceforth and seek your healing and guidance when lost!
My meditation has been better, more books, related to this revelation and coming my way! 
I feel you have exposed me to a realm, that I knew existed, but never experienced before. I understood the power of forgiveness and how much we hold back by not forgiving and holding back the anger!
I couldn’t believe earlier, that things could be learnt out of Love so easily and not by undergoing a suffering!
There is so much more to learn!  I can’t wait for my next session with you! 
No matter how much gratitude I express, it will never be enough! 
All I’ll say is – More power to you!!



I always knew that music and learning guitar was one of my major passions but never found the time to join any classes, i.e. I always had an issue with time management. With the help of the coaching sessions, Ms. Aakansha made me realize my potential and that there is so much that I can indulge into after my regular work timings. Soon after my 2nd session with her, I registered for guitar classes and have been following my passion since then. Another activity that I fitted into my schedule was working out with a studio that I had my eye on since the end of 2018. All this is thanks to Ms. Aakansha and her expert guidance.

Another area of my life that the coaching sessions focused on was personal development. I always used to consider the introvert inside me as a headwind towards success. But through these sessions I realized that being an introvert is just as good as being an extrovert – you listen carefully! Ms. Aakansha taught me to love and appreciate myself just the way I am by giving me an excellent and much needed exercise that acts as a confidence booster.

Another mental block of mine that Ms. Aakansha cleared was that I do not need to wear makeup to look presentable and feel confident as there are many features in me whose beauty is undermined when I use makeup. I have now completely stopped using any cosmetic and just allow my features to shine!

Ms. Aakansha also gave me health coaching and pushed me towards Intermittent Fasting and healthy eating, which I think is doing wonders to my body!

I would definitely recommend Ms. Aakansha for health and life coaching and can evidently say that you will be in the right hands.


Aakansha has proved herself to be a terrific health coach. Under her supervision I have,

a. Re-kindled my motivation to work out regularly and sincerely.
b. She has helped me adopt a healthier lifestyle and sleeping pattern. I now get adequate amount of rest and indulge in healthy, organic meals.
c. One of our sessions in particular was so action-oriented and concluded with me booking a boot-camp style workout that tests every bit of my stamina and strength.
d. Aakansha and I have talked about not only workout and food. We have also worked on my relationships and creativity.

All in all, Aakansha has helped turn my life around by motivating and pushing me to be fitter and better in every way possible.

I never used to understand the concept of Healing and Coaching but thanks to Aakansha I experienced instant healing. I still remember how terribly I had my thumb stuck in the drawer one evening, I was in so much pain that I thought my body would shut down. I was lucky to have Aakansha near me at that time. Having completed the healing session with her, the moment I opened my eyes I was shocked to realise that the pain was no longer there …even I never understood how that happened but that is the day when I started believing that the concept of healing is something which can remove the requirement of medicines from our life.

Same thing happened a few months later when I was having fever. I was in too much pain and discomfort so Aakansha helped me because she could not see me in pain. She gave me a 20 minute healing session and within 2-3 minutes my fever was gone. I was shocked. After these two episodes my faith in Aakansha is too much that is why she is now my Health Coach and I am very happy. I feel a strong, intelligent woman is guiding me. Cannot believe that at such a young age Aakansha understands so much of stuff.

I may not be Aakansha’s client professionally but she has made my life so much interesting and easier than before. I used to be weak in my studies and was unfit but after she came into my life, she helped me transform it completely. She has guided me with my studies and made Grade 12 a breeze. She has also helped me figure out what I want to be and achieve in my career. By helping me discover my creative skills, she has guided me towards graphic designing as a career option. She motivates me to eat healthy, organic foods and as a result, I feel more energized and am able to focus well on my tasks.
She is always available for guidance and counseling, be it studies, career or relationships. I have had conversations with her at 3 am also which puts me to ease. She is one person with whom I can share all my problems because she is not judgmental and listens to me with an open mind.

Once I am done with my exams, I will make sure I work with her as my life coach. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of guidance and healing with respect to health, career or relationships.


Firstly I would want to thank you for always being there for me whenever and wherever I needed support, a guide or help.

Well the sessions we hav come across so far have been amazing and totally different every session I got to learn something new and happening. 
The sessions are highly motivating and positive to change ones perspective of life.
Well I have actually achieved a lot 
Few of them are listed below- 
Firstly I have achieved to be confident in all walks of life by loving myself first and then by thanking the universe to give me the best of stuff I need in life. 
Secondly the art of manifestations .
It actually sounds tough and little weird in the beginning but trust me the day I started I could see a change in my life. 
You have actually motivated me to do the manifestations so well and with confidence that now it’s a part of my lifestyle. 
We all forget the things and people we have around us and we ask for what we don’t have.
So you have actually taught me to appreciate the things and people I have in my life so as to get more in life… 
‘Cos if we don’t have gratitude how will we value things in life?! 
Lastly we can cure our selves.
You have actually taught me that we don’t need tablets and doctors to cure ourselves we actually can do it ourselves by believing in ourselves and eating healthy food and exercising regularly. 
So to sum up with I can say 

With gratitude, faith and manifestations.. miracles are possible!