Cholesterol- friend or foe?

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Dear Readers, allow this blog post to puncture some horrendous myths around your well-wisher, cholesterol.

Fast Facts

Cholesterol is a molecule, a type of lipid that is found in your blood. 75% of your body’s cholesterol is produced by your liver in order to produce hormones,  vitamin D and carry out successful cell repair in the body.

This means that cholesterol IS NEEDED BY YOUR BODY TO CARRY OUT 3 of the most important (aforementioned) functions.

The two main types of cholesterol that make up the total cholesterol level in your body are HDL & LDL.

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HDL is your best friend and makes sure your body is healthy & safe. Unlike LDL which should always be kept under check.

You must eat healthy foods that will increase the HDL level in your body. HDL is richly found in

yolk (from organic eggs), organic/gaushala ghee & unrefined uncooked virgin olive oil.

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Myths & Truth

Myth 1- Cholesterol is the culprit behind heart attack.


Heart attacks are caused because of inflammation in the arteries which is due to the high triglyceride levels in the body. 

High triglycerides are a result of- stress, obesity, alcohol, poor lifestyle choices, eating junk food & processed food, etc.

The moment you let your triglyceride levels go haywire, your arteries start inflamming and start giving you signals & symptoms such as shortness in breath, belly fat, baggy eyes, etc. and eventually, ATTACK!

Myth 2- Cholesterol reducing medicines (statins) should be taken life-long.


Like I’ve mentioned before, YOUR BODY NEEDS GOOD CHOLESTROL aka HDL to repair your cells, produce vitamin D in the body & also produce hormones. 

If you keep having cholesterol lowering medicines, what the heck are you doing to your body?

Cancer patients on Chemotherapy are put off of cholestrol lowering meds because these meds come in the way of cell repair which a cancer patient desparately needs (and so do you)!

Myth 3- Your blood reports can NOT be trusted 100%.


Your blood report can be highly misleading if your doctor is only looking at the total cholesterol level without evaluating the lipid profile in detail.

It’s extremely important for your doc to check:

>> HDL to LDL ratio

>> Triglyceride to LDL ratio

>> Triglyceride to HDL ratio

Please understand that triglyceride is the culprit here and you should make a constant effort to: 

->burn belly fat

->exercise 3-4 times a week

->walk for 20 mins after every meal

->eat healthy fats

->cut down on binge eating

->cut down on binge drinking (alcohol- because *liver saddhhh jayega rey bhai*)

Why do I mention liver?

‘cause liver produces 75% of your body’s cholestrol, the right kind YOU NEEEED!


To first of all, check your cholesterol levels in detail, focussing on the RATIOS!

Secondly, to tell you the SIDE-EFFECTS of being on statins (cholesterol lowering meds) life-long.

Thirdly, request him/her to gradually wean you off the medicine. Ideally, no medicine should be taken forever!


As a Holistic Health Coach, I can guide you to improve your health & lifestyle in a way that we reduce the level of inflammation in your body with just diet & lifestyle changes. This would eventually (within a couple of months) reduce your LDL & triglyceride levels, balance your thyroid, sugar level, so on & so forth. 

Also, I can coach you eat foods rich in nutrients your body desparately needs. 

Every body is unique and as a Health Coach we are trained to respect that. 

We are specifically trained NOT to slap a stupid diet chart on your face and ask you to follow it. It’s the most bizarre thing ever! 

We are instead trained to guide you listen to your body & respect its’ needs.

Health-wise, I’ve personally come a long way now and my moonshot is to make illness optional & understandable for you. 

Remember readers, you choose your own health issues by deciding what you put in your mouth as well as your headspace every single day!!!


->Stay the F away from of refined oils, trans fats & hydrogenated fats.

->If you already have a cholestrol issue, move over to plant based diet thus avoiding meat.

->Triglyceride = culprit behind heart attack, so

Lower triglycerides by…

>cutting down white sugar

>practicing portion control– no overeating whatsoever

>increasing fiber intake

>regular exercise

> incorporating omega 3 fatty acids in your diet

>religiously munching on seeds like pumpkin, sunflower & sesame

>chew your food really really REALLY well

>eating food rich in vitamin B3 such as mushrooms, peanuts & peas

>focussing on getting proper sleep to reduce inflammation & boost cell repair & thus healing in the body 

>hopping over to unrefined oils for cooking such as coconut, ghee, til/sesame, peanut, mustard, groundnut, etc.

There’s so much more we can do together as a TEAM so get in touch with me in order to improve your health & lifestyle because that genuinely is the best investment you will ever make! Also, don’t wait for your doc to put you on life-long or heavy duty meds to start a health journey with me, your Holistic Health Coach. 

I have worked with clients who have had health goals such as-

>Weight Loss

>Improving muscle mass (getting fit)

>Improving digestion (goodbye IBS)

>Hormonal Imbalance

>Joint Pain

>Hashimotos, Hypo & Hyperthyroidism

Please contact me for a free 30 minute Health Consulting session.

Love & Gratitude,


Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified RSCI Life Coach (accredited by ICF)

Certified Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach

Happiness & Confidence Coach

Please know that everything we do is only through diet, lifestyle & energy healing. You are NOT advised to stop your medication. Always, always, always keep your doctor in the loop before starting or stopping any medication!

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    1. Aakansha says:

      I am so proud of you Ritik. At such a young age, you are such an avid reader and so open to new information. God Bless You.
      Your comment inspires me to put out better and better content.

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