Chinita – The Bona Fide, Pocket-Friendly Mexican Eatery

Trying new restaurants is a weekend ritual that I take very seriously. Decent amount of research and recommendations are put in place before I pay a visit to an eatery and Chinita, was one of the ‘authentic’ Mexican places on my list for the past 7 months.

Chinita is the place for you if you want to experience bona fide Mexican food in the paradisiacal Bangalore weather! This semi-rooftop mexican delight believes in keeping the ambience low-key focusing more on its’ burritos and enchiladas.

Nachos at Chinita
The nachos proved how seriously the Mexicans take their salsa sauce. Adorned with beans, cheese, sour cream, jalapeños and of course salsa sauce, the nachos at Chinita will kick your hunger off prepping you for the real mains.

Salad at Chinita
The creamy queso dressing salad is for all the people who are living in denial presuming salads are healthy. The cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and roasted corn try their best to make the salad stand out as a healthy option but the salad dressing steals the calorific show with its richness.

Food at Chinita
The grilled chicken burrito bowl was the brunch showstopper with a variety of ingredients like the cilantro (old world herb with aromatic leaves) rice, beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream, jalapeños and toothsome grilled chicken. It rates high up on the satiety scale and scores well for the folks blessed with a kings’ appetite.

The Chilli Chocolate Cake at Chinita
One of the major reasons I was psyched to visit Chinita was its’ Chilli Chocolate Cake. YES, you read that right! This chocolate cake leaves an aftertaste of chilli, baffling your papillae.
A variety of factors go behind successfully running a restaurant, and ambience is most certainly one of them. It was a big miss for me as I was bedecked for Chinita which is located right above a car wash. So in addition to the (instrumental) Mexican music, there was a repelling car washing spray gun hullaballoo.  Quite repelling I must emphasize!

Location gone wrong

If you really want to visit and enjoy Chinita,

– Dress down!
– Check opening hours of both the restaurant and the car wash :-/
– Be ready to wait to get a table (Tick Tock)
– Carry ear-plugs (believe me, you WILL need a pair at some point)
– All in all, Chinita has good food to offer and hence must consider moving to a bigger, quieter place! Also…


The real Mexican food has very little to, no cheese at all. This is primarily because cheese asks for a proper refrigerated storage and back in the day, Mehico struggled with the same.

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