But first, DESSERT @ Lazy Suzy

Woken up on a Sunday (like) afternoon with a famished belly, thinking where to head? Well, Lazy Suzy, a patisserie-deli with its entourage of lip smacking desserts and overly appetising pizzas, awaits your grand entry!

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Lazy Suzy_The Maven Lifestyle

How it all began?

Baby to the two former sous chefs at The Oberoi, it is more than evident that the food served at Lazy Suzy is treated like art. Almost everything on the menu is meant to serve your olfactory as well as gustative pleasure.

It’s all about the ambience experience, isn’t it?

Lazy Suzy_The Maven Lifestyle

Everything; from tableware to dessert & bread display … from food-inspired art installations on the walls to the selection of doors & windows; this place will take you by surprise.

Lazy Suzy has its own kind of vibe to offer-

Lazy but aware ,
Chilled-out but serious ,
Artsy yet comfy…

Lazy Suzy_The Maven Lifestyle

Om Nom Nom.

Digging into the bare necessity:


You perhaps shouldn’t be surprised to know that passionate dessert lovers always start their meal with a plate full of dainty confectioneries.

And that’s exactly what we (my girlfriends and I) did.

We didn’t shy away from walking in, getting overwhelmed with the plethora of desserts on display, going cuckoo-cuckoo by quickly ordering a plate full of bonbons and wiping it clean without a beep!!!

If you are a dessert lover yourself, you must try the Chocolate almond cookie and Belgian Chocolate Feuillant.

Suzy’s Caesar

Lazy Suzy_The Maven Lifestyle
It’s not easy to go wrong with a salad, true; but it’s a tad bit of a task to please people with the most basic dish- Caesar salad.
This was by the far the most ‘perfect’ Caesar salad I’ve ever had. Not too heavy on the dressing and not too light either…

…just the right amount.
And aren’t we all looking for that?!



Lazy Suzy_The Maven Lifestyle
Bacon (my love), egg yolk and cream tossed in spaghetti pasta is a decent dish that ranks high on the satiety quotient.
A little bland and not much salivation to offer, this salver could have been better.
My love for bacon and cream cheese motivated me to finish my share of carbonara.

Paneer Tikka Pizza

Lazy Suzy_The Maven Lifestyle
Adorned with cheese & paneer (cottage cheese), this hand tossed pizza is what you would came back to Lazy Suzy for.
A classic example of how simple things can win your heart. 🙂

Reasons to visit:

1. You are a sucker for desserts;
2. You call yourself a ‘pizza person’;
3. You want to forget that it’s 2017 already;
4. You love quaint cafes and food-inspired artsy indoors and
5. You stay anywhere close to 80ft, Indiranagar,Bangalore.

Did you know?

The art of making confectioneries is not everybody’s cup of tea. Isla Vargas (the famous pastry chef) says one cannot “fix” a pastry by adding the missing salt. One mistake and the whole plate needs to be trashed.

And yeah, another quick one-
Chocolate chips were invented AFTER the chocolate chip cookie.

Have you been to Lazy Suzy yet? Share your experience in the comments below.

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