Fragrance Cocktailing with Bombay Perfumery

Being able to create a concoction of pure perfection is a dream come true for any perfume lover, and this event was all about that!

Bombay Perfumery

Bombay Perfumery, a fragrance house based out of Bombay with a legacy of 30+ years conducted a workshop at Olive Beach, Bangalore to share their bit of sage wisdom on the art of perfume making. This two-hour event started with the latest revelations in the perfume industry followed by what we used to call (back in school) a ‘practical class’!

Eau de Parfum

An amalgamation of essential oils, aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents, ‘perfumes’ not just pump life in objects its spritzed on … but also add a signature aura to the same.

Fragrance Mixology- It’s all about the notes (really)!

Perfumes are comprised of 3 notes that make them desirable & lust worthy. The top note is what hits our olfactory organs first and ends up being the key decision maker every time we make a purchase. The base note is what lingers even hours later and helps us identify each others’ signature tang. 😉 Now the heart note is what binds the top and the base note and has to have cohesive properties.

Having understood how these play and buttress each other, fragrance mixology is a child’s play!

But like any other form of art, there are some ground rules which most people prefer to follow.
Not all fragrances gel well together which is why ‘experimenting’ is of paramount importance in the art of perfumery!


Ylang Ylang Oil (floral, jasmine)
Lavendar Oil (lavender, floral)
Linalool (floral, fresh)
Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol (rose)


Bergamot Oil (citrus)
Lemon Oil (citrus)
Patchouli Oil (woody, green)
Galaxolide (musk)


Black Pepper Oil (spicy, pepper)
Vetiver Oil (woody, earthy)
Javanol (sandal)
Ambrocenide Oil (amber)

Bombay Perfumery_The Maven Lifestyle

Being the beauty geek (that I think) I am, experimenting to create a signature fragrance of my own in a chemical lab with a Mediterranean vibe was too jazzy to be true!  My signature fragrance that I have very proudly decided to call
‘The Maven Redolence’ comprises of:
Ylang Ylag (floral, jasmine)+ Linalool (floral fresh)+ Galaxolide (musk)+ Black Pepper (spicy pepper) & Javanol (sandal).

Bombay Perfumery_The Maven Lifestyle

It’s a mandate to leave the (perfume) concentrate in the alcohol for about 40 days to allow the right amount of harmonizing!

Check out Bombay Perfumery’s celestial collection here.

My personal favourite from their existing collection?
Has to be the 1020 !

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”
-Coco Chanel

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