Bombay Brasserie- The Maven Recommendation

Bangalore is b-b-buzzing with quirky restaurants that are working a deal to please my fellow Bangaloreans (including myself). And I’d take this opportunity to say it out loud that we are more than spoilt for choice.

Bombay Brasserie__The Maven Recommendation
Evening Flavours

The food industry has picked up astronomically in the past 4 years and is thhrrivinggg. This week, I will be talking about one of my latest (super fun) visits to an uber cool eatery, Bombay Brasserie.

I’ll be taking a teeny bit of a brutal route, as and when required, so brace yourself!

It’s quite rare for a restaurant chain to get a multitude of things right; and Bombay Brasserie seems to have caught hold of the ‘genie in the lamp’.
Bombay Brasserie in my humble opinion, seems to have taken inspiration from all over to come up with the best combo!

NAME: Indo-French name (Bombay as in aamchi Mumbai and Brasserie is a French style restaurant)

AMBIENCE: that will remind you of Social & Olive Kitchen and Bistro (or did to me, at least).
What really intrigued me about the place was its’ seating arrangement. It’s great how every section of the restaurant will alter your experience.

Indoors you find a plethora of old school show pieces (typewriter), books or sorts, et al.

Outdoors is a lot more relaxed with a wall garden, hanging baskets, swing chairs and so forth.

FOOD: Brought together from all over the country- Andhra style chicken, Aam papad paneer (Amritsari), Konkan Vegetable Curry and the list goes on.
Bombay Brasserie will enchant you with its’ own take on India. Quite an experimental interpretation of Indian flavors, I MUST agree!


Bombay Brasserie__The Maven Recommendation


This will take you on a ‘roller coaster taste bud ride’. Sweet, sour, tangy and a hit of spice is what one can expect from this dish. I would revisit Bombay Brasserie for this delicacy without a shadow of doubt.


If you exit Bombay Brasserie without gorging on the kulchas stuffed with oodles of cheese and just the right amount of chilly, then you have committed a food crime, really!


Bombay Brasserie__The Maven Recommendation

One of their cutest cocktails served full-on ‘pauwa’ style with some desi ‘chakhna’ will take you by surprise! I would strongly recommend one and all to give this a go!

Shall pass


Bombay Brasserie__The Maven Recommendation

These are stuffed mushrooms containing some sort of tasteless pahadi masala that is a humungous disappointment and must not be ordered.


Bombay Brasserie__The Maven Recommendation

Once again, it’s best if you leave this one out of your order, please!


An appetizer you must pass, yawn!



An absolute disaster for a dish. Pack this for the people you hate or, may be not! You shouldn’t be so mean. :-p

DESSERT, BB’s ‘forte’

RAS-E-AAM = A marriage between Rasgulla and aamras (made out of alphonso mangos). Absolutely orgasmic!

Bombay Brasserie__The Maven Recommendation

AMRITSARI KULFA = Kulfi showered with rabdi put together on a bed of phirni, adordned with falooda and a dash of rose syrup…slurrrrrrrrrrrrp!

MINTU’S CHOCOLATE SURPRISE = Paratha impregnated with hazelnut chocolate spread and BB’s ‘secret’ sauce of sorts that tastes 100X better than it looks.

Bombay Brasserie__The Maven Recommendation
PS…Don’t judge based on looks…lesson well learnttt…burrppp..OOPS!

All in all, Bombay Brasserie seems to have all its ducks in a row. I would however, hope that some of mains served are revamped as they happen to be quite bland unlike their ‘over the top’ description on the menu; which can be overwhelming before the dish arrives and disappointing after savoring the first morsel.

My take-away memory was the bill arrangement that came with mango bites…made me reminisce my good ol’ school days!

Bombay Brasserie__The Maven Recommendation

Something you should know…

Bombay Brasserie stops serving food from its regular menu and has a different (High Chai) menu in place from 3:30 PM till about 7 PM. Next time I visit there, I wouldn’t mind some chai with maska bun or perhaps a ‘Bambaiya Vada Pao & Mirchi Bhaaji. Aha!

Bombay Brasserie__The Maven Recommendation

the maven score:
bombay brasserie: 8/10

I’m heading to one of my all time fav comfort restaurants tomorrow to try their special menu & will be doing some live updates & stories (boomerang?) on my Instagram account. Follow me & stay tuned for some crazy fun & droooolworthy stellar quality  f-f-foood.

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