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Holiday & travel is no longer ‘luxury’ but a ‘need of the hour’. We all crave for a (well deserved 😉) break from the daily humdrum to recuperate and tune back into the best version of ourselves. About two years ago, I experienced another dimension of holiday & travel – the beautifully welcoming ‘homestays’.

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

Chikmagalur, famously known for its lush coffee estates, misty valleys, fascinating peaks and more, welcomes tourists with a multitude of home stays. It’s an absolute pleasure to experience living in a homestay as it brings you closer to the culture of a place you are exploring, gives a sneak peak into the lives of the ‘locals’ whilst enjoying the hospitality of the family that owns the space.

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

One such secret spot to rejuvenate in the coffee district of Chikmagalur, Karanataka is, Halli Berri Coffee & Cottages. Halli Berri has its gates open as a homestay for the folks who are looking at a vacation with loved ones filled with rambling conversations over coffee and super scrumptious home cooked Kannadiga food and yes of course,some kaapi (filter coffee).

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

Halli Berri has about four cottages around a quaint kitchen area (our favourite hangout spot :-p )! The whole set up is adorned with antique wooden furniture in a modern setting peppered with some Japanese Zen; sounds dreamy? Well, you have to pay a visit to actually live this dream. I would urge you to take a leap of faith, shake things up a little bit (with regards to your travel preferences) and book a homestay the next time you travel.

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

Chikmagalur is known for its undeniable charm and has something for everyone – a nice trail for hikers, hours of looking into the sky for birdwatchers (this area boasts of over 260 species), a quaint garden set-up for avid readers, lip smacking local
food options for foodies and so forth.

I visited this place with some of my dearest friends and made some fun memories along the 6 hour drive from Bengaluru to Chikmanglur. Getting to the estate was certainly not a cakewalk but it was worth all the commotion once we crossed the gates of Halli Berri.

There’s something about homestays that will stay in your heart forever. Maybe it’s the warmth of the staff/family that treats you or the feeling of being ‘home’ away from home; but cosying up in a home stay is what we all MUST experience.

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani

I would strongly recommend you to experience living a homestay at least once in your life as it will –
1. Expose you to a new culture/way of living
2. Help you understand the true meaning of hospitality
3. Strings you closer to the people you take such a trip with and
4. Gives you time for some profound introspection.

I hope this blog post did some justice to the beautiful experience I had at Halli Berri. I also trust that the next thing that you all will do is plan a holiday to simply explore living in a homestay. 😊

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