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Hey you gorgeous lot! This week’s post is dedicated to Bali and is going to talk about

  1. How awesome Bali is!
  2. Why you must pick Bali as a romantic getaway.
  3. Cool stuff about Bali that not many people know of and
  4. Best restaurants to wallow in, when at Bali.



Bali is an Indonesian island known for a multitude of things. R and I chose Bali for its easy entry (visa on arrival), (beyond) fabulous hotel/resort options, super chilled out crowd (it’s always buzzing with Australians & Europeans) and insanely amazing food scene. Little did we know that 4 days in Bali would seem less and borderline upsetting.

Yes, 4 days in Bali IS LESS!

There’s so much to do and every property we stayed at was just too beautiful, warm and welcoming to leave after 2 nights of stay!

Details of our Honeymoon aka Travel Guide (FYI)

Ubud, Bali -2 days

Nusa Dua, Bali- 2 days

Singapore 2 days

Royal Caribbean Cruise to Penang, Phuket and back- 3 days

Singapore 1 day

….and then, back in the saddle!





The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
Viceroy, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Our Regal Villa… with a view to die for!

Viceroy is a family owned five-star boutique luxury experience that is  an epitome of perfection! Staying in one of its 25 luxuriously appointed pool villas means you have signed up for indulging in a paradise. Each villa has its own heated pool and a view to die for. The view overlooking each villa is that of a gorgeously gorgeous valley and jungle.


Viceroy is one of those hotels whose beauty cannot be described in mere words… it can only be experienced.

Why Viceroy?


  1. If you want to know what it feels like to wallow in luxury by jumping in a heated pool whilst  enjoying a magical (purely magical) view, then Viceroy must be your first choice!

    The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
    Viceroy, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
    A mandatory ‘pool with a view’ kinda picture!
  2. If you want to be able to choose to get a spa done in your room, then Viceroy is capable of turning your room into a spa experience!
  3. Cascades restaurant, beating heart of Viceroy is managed by a Michelin Star Belgian chef who knows cooking as an art and leaves no stone unturned to transform your meal into an experience of a lifetime!
  4. They don’t serve breakfast like a buffet! They believe in making customised dishes for you based on your dietary preferences…. they even deliver brekkie to your villa which makes you feel like royalty and a half!
The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
Viceroy, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
‘cos a breakfast buffet is passé? Viceroy doesn’t believe in having a breakfast buffet. Their Michelin Star Chef wants to serve fresh, hot and art-like food to every single guest on board!




I’ve been to way too many fancy restaurants to be able to put a number next to it; but… Cascades is hands down the finest restaurant I’ve been to in my entire life. Here’s what hubs-bubs and I indulged in….


Crispy Kale Gado Gado
(Balinese Vegetable Salad)


Marinated heirloom cherry tomatoes, beetroot basil créme, lavender oil, yellow watermelon, parmesan crisps and basil sorbet.


Beetroot infused Couscous with spinach and feta cheese


Kakap Merah


Red Aztec Quinoa Salad with roasted beetroots, feta, mint foam and sautéed green veggies




Grilled Chicken Breast
(for my hubs-bubs)


White Mousse



If there’s any restaurant in the world that knows how to set a table for two in THE MOST ROMANTIC FASHION, it has to be Swept Away. They take reservations a month in advance and can prepare a menu and a table for you based on your preferences. Dining at Swept Away will give you Valentine feels even in June!


It’s surreal how they can transform a dinner into one of the most romantic experiences of your life. Overlooking a waterfall, Swept Away uses teeny little candles to light up the whole area! Swept Away’s warm & welcoming staff, decent food, fantastic ambience totally deserves a shoutout + a visit!



The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
Ubud,Bali, Indonesia
It’s a shame if you return from Bali without trying the famous “Bali Swing”! It totally made me feel like a (fully-grown) baby!

When in Ubud, Bali, swing like no one’s watching! A super cool experience I must say! Utter refreshing!

Ubud has quite a few options if you wish to take a giant swing. These places differ in views and the quality of swing (of course); pick what works best for you!



The Laguna is a stunning resort built around a complex of seven gorgeously landscaped lagoons and pools. Their 24-hour butler service, royally chic villas and outstanding hospitality deserves not just one, two but at least three visits in a lifetime!


Why should you stay at The Laguna?

  1. For some major #VillaGoals #BathGoals #BackyardGoals #EntranceGoals and SO MUCH MORE!2

    The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
    The Laguna, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
    A luxury resort that HAS IT ALL and gives some major #bathroom goals. I have never seen a resort maintaining such high standards and providing such impeccable service to its guests! I felt like I died and went straight to heaven!

    The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
    The Laguna, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
    Need I say more??? Oh and our bathroom also came with shower cabinet, an outdoor shower area (if you can spot in this picture), a massage bed (which you can’t see in this)… all of this making only 1/5th of our gorgeous villa!


  3. Royal guards line the Laguna’s driveway as it is located in one of the posh and prestigious areas of Nusa Dua.
  4. If you want to stay in a resort that has it all- amazing food (restaurant) options, adventure sport options, seven pools (within the property) to dive in, spa in the room, swimming pool in the backyard and a lot more, I promise!

    The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
    The Laguna, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
    Our very own pool area that made this villa worth its price!
  5. The Laguna Spa offers an extremely luxurious spa experience post which you will feel like you’ve been reborn on planet Earth. It’s simply THE best!
  6. The Laguna really wears it’s Spa Award as a badge of honour by offering spa to its guests by the beach, in the room, by the pool… pretty much anywhere in the property (provided you make a booking in advance)!




As mentioned earlier, The Laguna has seriously invested tons of time (research) and money (therapists & ambience) in making it’s spa the best experience for it’s guests. It’s menu is one heck of a read and you know what the best part is?


The actual spa experience will OUTSHINE the menu description.


For me, The Laguna Spa experience was THE best by far!



Staying at the Laguna gave us the privilege of hop, skip, jump -> BEACH!

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
When in Nusa Dua, please don’t forget to
a) walk on the sea bed- feed the fish, touch the corals and lounge around under water.
b) parasail with your sweetheart

This beach had a plethora of water activities, two of which R and I chose to indulge in! Parasailing for two was the most calming (yes, calming) experiences R and I have had by far! We were literally having a rambling conversation and exchanging a million pecks in the air.


You’d be surprised to know that my second time Sea Walking was a lot more charming than my first (in the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns Australia)! So, when in Bali, do walk on the sea bed! Chilling with the fishes, feeling the corals and taking a stroll on the sea bed is… too cool for school!


The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
Métis, Bali
Hubs and I cannot get over what this restaurant had to offer- lip smacking food; super quick, supportive and responsive service; a MAGICAL gallery with some kickass art and perfecTTT ambience!
What a playaa” Métis!

Métis savours an exclusive experience with its classic French cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. This is not just an award-winning restaurant but an Art Gallery as well. This is hands down one of the coolest restaurants R and I have been to by far!

When in Bali, do pay this place a visit.

Excellent food, prompt & friendly service, fancy crowd, jaw-dropping artwork, heart melting ambience is what describes Métis!

Need I say more?

The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Shewakramani
Métis, Bali
One can spend hours gazing at this artwork! An absolute stunner of a place!


  1. Bali is buzzing with 80% Hindu population which means hearing names of Shiv, Parvati, Ganesh, Vishnu shouldn’t take you by surprise
  2. Bali (especially Ubud) is known for its exquisite artwork that gets exported to various parts of the world. I, in fact know of people who fly into Bali to place (bulk) artwork orders for their dream home and have them delivered to their country. Yes, their artwork is worth a million gazes and relatively cheap!
  3. The locals in Bali are extremely welcoming. I’ve been to over 20 countries and I have never everrr experienced the kind of warmth I did, when I was in Bali!
  4. Sea walking experience in Bali is much better than that in Cairns, Australia!
  5. Bali knows how to spoil couples silly! Bali has some really, really, REALLY romantic restaurants that can BLOW your mind away!
  6. Kopi Luwak (the most expensive coffee in the world) is grown and processed in Bali. This coffee comes from animal poop- YES!!! How? Well, coffee beans are fed to an animal that looks like cat (known as civet cat). The poo-poo of this cat is collected and sold as Kopi Luwak! Oh and this coffee retails for about $500 per kilo!

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  1. Sony says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience, it is so so imformative about places that i can feel like i m there only……keep roaming and keep sharing

  2. Bharat Gurnani says:

    What an experience this would have been…..❤️❤️
    The scenery is to die for and worth experiencing…
    Cascades is on my list now😜😜.
    The price of massage at Laguna, shocked me at first IDR 1,000,000 😱😱… Then I checked the exchange rate and it turned out to be 0.0051 INR/IDR… hahahaha
    But all in all, this Bali seems to be a lovely place and worth visiting ❤️❤️

    1. Aakansha says:

      Indeed baby bro, xx

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