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I’m finding this year quite surreal; things that were on my wishlist have started manifesting in the most divine way possible. This in turn has restored my faith in the art of manifestation & the power of intention. 

{I might write on this topic soon though.}

Today I’m on this space to talk about something which 50% of you may NOT be aware of-


Before I delve into the “Alternative” stuff, let’s talk about the “Conventional Healing Methods”. If you’re a regular on my space of the internet, you’d know about my strong views on the (ab)use of antibiotics by the Doctors these days. 

I’m quite a positive & grateful person in general but it’s harrowing to see what’s going on in the healing world today.

To steer clear of ANTIBIOTICS & why!

In 1928, when ‘penicillin’ ( first antibiotic ever ) was introduced in the world of medicine, it took the world by massive excitement. It helped by empowering the human race to live longer which was a grand achievement for the doctors, thanks to all the R&D Pharma industry indulged in. 

The progress & overuse of antibiotic drugs has (since then) knocked the wind out of your sails without having you even realize it!


Well, ANTIBIOTICS are a family of drugs that are used to kill the harmful bacteria in your body which cannot be destroyed by your antibodies (immune system). 

Humans have been intelligent enough to come up with a drug that supports immunity as & when required. 


The issue however is that antibiotics are-

-> now prescribed for viral infections also and are

-> over-prescribed for any & every small dis-ease thus leaving the immune system sluggish & powerless

If antibiotics have been invented to kill harmful bacteria, why are they being prescribed for viral infections?

Brownie points for guessing the real reason!

The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha
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The big bad Pharma industry & almost all of our beloved doctors are in this dirty game together. The irony is that they aren’t realizing how much of an issue this is causing to the human body. 

God/ Creator/ Universe is very very intelligent and has made human body strong enough to cope with a plethora of dis-eases. 

If you keep popping pills when your body can easily cope with an issue, what are you doing to your immunity?


The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha

Why can’t you give your body an opportunity to heal itself?

I feel most of my fellow souls need to spiff up their headspace to believe that their body IS intelligent and if given enough rest & downtime ( plus of course immune boosting food), recovery will happen with ease, grace & glory!

You think popping pills will help you heal faster?

>>I hear a cosmic giggle<<

Popping antibiotics for 


viral infections due to weather change,

cough & cold, 


stomach infections, 

worms in the gut, etc. 

is absolutely ditzy!!!

 Every single time my clients fall prey to these minor dis-eases, I give them simple food options (in Hindi parlance, it’s call ‘nuska’) which empowers their body heal on its own.


Have you ever seen a lion or a giraffe or even an elephant going to a doctor when they fall sick?

>>cosmic giggle again<<

NO, right?

That’s because these creatures are aware of the power of their immunity unlike most us who want to get back up and go do jobs or live a lifestyle that’s exhaustive in nature.

Every time we fall prey to dis-eases, our body needs-

>rest {no stressful environment please, to hell with “work from home”},

>good sleep and

>healthy home-cooked immune boosting food

and viola!

TOXIC-EFFECTS of Antibiotics

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So what’s the hullaballoo around taking antibiotics?

The worst thing antibiotics does is, it fu*ks up with your gut bacteria. 

Do you remember studying about the bacterial lining in your stomach that helps you digest food? 

Well, that gets spoilt as a result of unnecessary & frequent antibiotic invasion in the body (caused by you)! When your gut bacteria deteriorates, there’s a leak in the stomach lining which results in food sensitivity & intolerances. 

Basically, your digestive system goes for a toss. 

This is the reason you should avoid antibiotics as much as possible and only resort to it as THE LAST MEASURE during situations where absolutely nothing else is working out and THAT my friend barely ever happens ‘cos your body is too intelligent and very very self-sufficient provided you don’t load it up with junk food.

Oh & before I proceed, there’s another life-altering fact I’d like to enlighten you with! 

If the bacterial lining of your gut (stomach) deteriorates, there’s a leak through which unknown (to the body) & mostly harmless particles can enter and put the body in red alert zone. 

Because the bacteria is absent, there’s no filter to judge what’s harmful & what’s harmless. 

This is actually a situation where the body’s immune system starts attacking itself- and this my friends is called AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE. Some of the auto-immune diseases are – psoriasis, thyroid, arthritis, etc.

If you wish to invite these auto-immune diseases in your lifestyle then please go ahead and pop as many doses of antibiotics as you may please. :-/

The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha
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Like I mentioned earlier, our body is very intelligent and can heal itself by itself provided we feed ourselves the right quality & quantity of food. Thoughts play a key role in our health & fitness too. If you’re a happy person who has his/her ego in check and understands the value & importance of forgiving, then your immunity will always be at the top of its game.

But life is an interesting journey of twists & turns, and there are days when things rub us the wrong way. If we don’t keep our feelings & emotions in check, we end up attracting limited beliefs that end up attracting complicated situations in our life.

Now Alternative Healing Modalities refer to the non-conventional way of healing. This school of thought believes in keeping one’s thoughts in check, figuring out limiting belief systems, removing blocks, healing headspace, etc. 

Alternative Healing Modality is the biggest advocate of

food = medicine. 

I belong to this school of thought and ending up on this path of Healing & Coaching was quite a journey for me. I had fallen prey to an auto-immune disease at a very young age and that actually taught me a lot. 

I was drawn towards the world of Health & Nutrition from a very young age (thanks to my Mum) and always had a burning desire to help make this world a better place to live in. Little did I know (back then) that the Universe would orchestrate such a fabulous path for me.



As you know I’m Holistic Health Coach which means I’m not your typical Nutritionist or Dietician. I’m not your therapist either. 

I am actually an amalgamation of all of the above. 

I help my clients set health goals and achieve those goals from a very holistic point of view. I not just touch upon the complex secondary food (the food you eat) but also guide them towards their Education, Career, Creativity, Level of Happiness, Spirituality, Relationships, Social Life, Home Environment, Finances, Exercise, etc. 

A good health doesn’t mean consuming all the kale in the world. Quality of thoughts and all the aforementioned areas of life need to be in check as well. I’ve been trained to coach my clients to not just set targets and achieve them but also to do so while healing them and moreover, EMPOWERING them!


The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha

I’ve been very very thoroughly trained to learn, apply & shift reality through ThetaHealing. 

ThetaHealing is an energy healing modality that empowers me to put my clients in touch with their subconscious mind and dig out a limiting thought that is causing turbulence in their life. 

So far, I’ve healed (in one single session) my clients from Thyroid, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Depression, major heartaches & heartbreaks. I’ve also worked closely with souls who constantly fall prey to fever, flu & throat infections and helped them release blocks that were constantly attracting these illnesses into their life.

I work with my clients on an energy level (of thoughts & mental patterns) and heal them using God’s energy of unconditional love. I’ve witnessed by life transform within weeks of taking my first Healing session post which I decided to learn it myself and now, here I am privileged enough to Coach & Heal my fellow souls! 🙂

The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha


The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha Shewakramani

Life Coaching is all about having someone inspire you to work towards your strength to achieve what your true potential allows you to achieve. 

Having a Life Coach by your side means you now have someone who’s not just your cheerleader & torchbearer but someone who puts you in tune with your creative energy. 

Folks who are often confused & have a hard time taking decisions, the ones who are fickle minded & easily distracted can shift their reality within weeks of having a Coach by their side. 

Believe it or not, many of the most successful people on the planet have a Life Coach, they just choose to not talk about it as much. 

Also, please know that having a Life Coach has absolutely nothing to do with your level of maturity or success. Every successful person realizes, acknowledges & believes in investing in a Life Coach because they understand the importance of having someone well-trained inspire them to achieve more whilst living happily!

A Life Coach will not just empower you to ‘attract’ a successful life but also teach you how to enjoy the life you’ve created for yourself. I know this because I’ve had the privilege to empower my clients with all of the aforementioned goodies.

I truly hope this blog post inspired you in many ways. I certainly feel awesome after writing it. Perhaps someday I will publish a book but till then, blogging & sharing knowledge with you keeps my writing bug alive.

Do leave a comment below if this blog post helped you any way. I truly appreciate your comments & love. It’s a great incentive for me to keep writing more!

Love & Light,

Aakansha 🙂



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  1. Rajeev Shewakramani says:

    Hey Aakansha

    What an eye-opening post. We can always depend on your to steer us toward the right health and wellness path.


    1. Aakansha says:

      Thank You so much for always supporting me beyond measures.
      Appreciation coming from you means the world to me!

    2. Yukta says:

      I’m definitely coming to you after my board exams for health coaching😍😍😍

      1. Aakansha says:

        You’re most Welcome Yuku!

  2. Sony says:

    Great…… simple explanation for all of us to understand the real power of healing….thank you so much my health coach,you are great….🤗🤗🤗🤗

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thank you for always appreciating my efforts and it goes without saying that I’m in the World of Health & Nutrition because of you. Love you.

  3. Yamini says:

    What a wonderful read… Thanks for sharing this..

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thanks for reading Yamini.
      Lots of love to you.

  4. Bharat Gurnani says:

    So true. Always knew but never understood. This is an eye opener for many.
    Superbly drafed and well explained.

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thank you so much Bharat. It means a lot to me when my hard work pays off in a way that it ends up being an eye-opener for a generation like yours!

  5. Shivani Shahu says:

    You inspire me in so many ways di (xoxoxo)
    This blog has got me a way to understand complex things in a simpler form.
    Thankyou for sharing💕

    1. Aakansha says:

      Babe, you have no idea how much your comment makes me believe in synchronicity.
      Whilst replying to the other comments on my blog post (earlier in the day), I was hoping yours would come along soon enough and see… I MANIFESTED IT. Also, every single time you tell me that I inspire you, I feel like working harder & putting in purer intentions behind any & every task…there’s a spark in you…trust you see it too!
      Wish you the best always my little one!

  6. Shivani Shahu says:

    I love you more 🙂 after reading what you just wrote in your comment . 💫

  7. Gayatri says:

    Thanks a ton for this post which is the reality of today’s world wherein we all to some extent are dependent on pills/antibiotics
    I truly believe we all can be cured by healing ourselves but only if we believe in ourselves
    This can happen with a coach like u
    You are an angel 😇 😘

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thank you so so much for the kind words my love.
      Your sincerity & dedication towards this line of work makes me want to work harder and smarter.

      I love you more than you know!

  8. shikha says:

    finished reading your other posts and m actually here Now Coz I genuinely love your blog.. 😊
    u r a gem aakansha ❤ glad I have a coach like you in my life … *hugs*
    now I actually wait for your posts, it’s becoming a Routine
    n yours is the only blog that I read aakansha…
    sending you lots of love 😍💕 keep spreading your positivity Always..

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