About Me

Hello my beloved reader, I am Aakansha Shewakramani & I welcome you to my sacred corner of the internet.

First of all, Congratulations! The fact that you’re here simply means how open you are to growth, healing, abundance & success. So here’s all you need to know about me.

I am a certified ThetaHealing practitioner & teacher who has advanced to a stage where miracles can be pulled into one’s reality within minutes. If you have a dis-ease, unresolved sadness, anger, guilt, fear or if you are hoping to manifest something BIG in your life, then I’m here for you. 

I’ve worked with some spectacular clients who were so open & ready to heal that they (within 2 sessions) released rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, joint pain, depression, heartbreak, uncontrollable anger, so on & so forth.

Feel free to contact me because together, as a team we can be a magnet to miracles.

I am also a certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York. I have worked with clients from all walks of life. I’ve helped some coachable & teachable individuals release excess body weight, emotional baggage, dis-eases, etc. I also work with clients who are healthy and targeting to boost their immunity & gut health. Holistic Health Coaching is not just limited to the food you eat, it is all about your mental health, emotional health, hormonal health, your career-education-home environment-creativity-joy & a lot more. 

Feel free to drop me an email on themavenlifestyle@gmail.com to discuss more.

With all the love, pride, joy and humility in the world, I would like to tell you that I’m a certified Life Coach, NLP Coach, Hypnotist, Time Paradigm (Soul Journey) Healing Expert & a Spiritual Coach. There’s so much that I have to offer that mere words can not do justice to the miracles I can help you to pull in your reality. 

You must get in touch with me no matter where in life you’re at right now because you & I together can only soar higher & higher & higher . . .



1. Career Coaching

Whether you’re fresh out of school/college or in your second innings, Career Coaching Program will help you identify what you’re truly good at and how to go about choosing your field and acing at it. This is done in a span of 3-6 sessions where Aakansha will help you prep for & crack interviews and also build your LinkedIN profile. 

2. Relationship Coaching

3-6 sessions

Trouble in paradise? OR 

You simply wish to strengthen your relationship?

Let’s connect to understand karmic relationships, radical forgiveness, radical compassion, love languages & setting boundaries.

P.S… Relationship Coaching works for any & every relationship- be it your partner/child/boss/sibling/friend/colleague/parent/in-laws, etc.

3. Health Coaching

12 sessions

Suffering from a dis-ease?

Let’s shift that dis-ease to learning, a stepping stone in your growth via healing. This includes energy healing as well as lifestyle changes.

4. Releasing Weight

12 sessions

Inability to shed weight has almost everything to do with subconscious blocks. Let’s figure out why you’re holding onto excess weight. This includes a diet plan plus belief work on the subconscious mind.

5. Launching your own Business/Blog

12 sessions

Launching your own business/blog is overwhelming when you don’t have someone to guide you and be that torchbearer. This coaching includes assistance with figuring out your clientele, getting the messaging right, content creation, marketing plan, goal setting and a lot more.

6. Marketing Coaching

6 sessions

Have a business already but are unable to market yourself/put yourself out there?

Let me help you with that. In this type of Coaching, Aakansha will guide you how to create content, reach out to clients and market yourself on social media.

7. Overcoming anxiety & worry

6 sessions

If you’re anxious or constantly worried, your brain is simply trying to protect you. Let’s figure out how and why. This has to be worked on from the roots.

8. Spiritual Coaching

6-12 sessions

Want to strengthen your bond with God? Want to instill unconditional, bottomless faith in yourself? Let’s start this magical journey of Spiritual Coaching together which will help you transform into an optimistic, joyful person.

9. How to develop & boost your Communication Skills

12 sessions

Unable to muster up the courage to speak up or express yourself? Whether you face blocks at work or in personal relations, allow Aakansha to help you ACE at communication. This coaching includes a lot of practice and homework to improve your diction, delivery, accent, pronunciation and moreover, clarity in what you wish to convey.

10. Self Confidence

6 sessions

Self Confidence needs a strong base of worthiness. If you think you’re not worthy, or not enough, no matter what you do in life, underconfidence will seep in. Allow Aakansha to help you boost confidence that will last your lifetime. This is not some airy fairy coaching, this is deep. 

Because confidence is equivalent to power.

11. How to ace at Journaling

3 sessions

Journaling is very powerful but overwhelming and confusing for many. Allow Aakansha to hold your hand and make you comfortable with the magical art of Journaling. She will guide you to find healing in journaling.

12. Figuring out the purpose of your life

ONE SESSION is enough for us to figure this out. 😉

13. Dream Decoding

6-12 sessions

You sleep 1/3rd of your life. Most of which is spent dreaming. Your dreams are communicating very important messages to you but are you even paying attention?

These sessions are going to be dedicated to decoding your dreams so that you are in alignment with the purpose of your life.