About Author

Born and bred in the most populous democracy of the world, I do not shy away from putting across my ideas and thoughts digitally. Speaking of digital and working in field for over two years now, I am mind-boggled by the necessity and noteworthiness it has in our lives.

Extremely passionate about food, travel and the “experiences” these two bring to my life, I believe it’s my duty to share the role these two can play in improving the quality of life we lead.

Think about it. Think about the last trip you took…

Now think about how you felt when you returned from that trip?

How does that make you feel?

We are all seeking love, inspiration and motivation to be the best version of ourselves and using this blog as a medium, I intend to provide you with the aforementioned and a lot more!

Also, know that you can reach out to me at anytime ( gurnaniaakansha@gmail.com ) if you’d want me to put something relevant across.

So without any further ado, let’s make the most of this space!

Love & Light,

Aakansha Gurnani,

Happiness Coach.