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 Monttra, Pattaya, Thailand



I thought of starting the first blog post of 2018 with a unique and must-have experience for all the newly-wed couples (or the love birds)┬áout there looking for a sanctuary to… just be.

Monttra, a five-star luxury boutique resort in Pattaya, Thailand is the place to be if you’re seeking some serious chilling.
Oxymoron, yes… I’m a fan!

Now, the reason R and I chose to stay here was because it’s a good 30 minute drive from the city (= serenity) plus it is made on a cliff top, has a private beach and an infinity pool.

The Maven Lifestyle_2017_Moments

Need I say more?

I believe, sometimes if you really want to get away from the mundane madness, a place like Monttra is just the right choice!!!
(Oxymoron yet again? I must be on fire ­čśŁ)

Staying at Monttra was just too blissful and R & I couldn’t have asked for more ( especially after the kind of wedding we had in Dusit Thani, Pattaya : blog post coming soon)! The service and warmth was incredible. Infact, after about a week of wedding frenzy, R and I properly sat down for breakfast only at Monttra.




The brekkie at Monttra will always be special because it was escorted with fresh sea air from the beach, Christmas carols playing in the background, sound of the ocean waves complimenting the classic carols and the welcoming staff generously feeding us with all that we asked for.

The Maven Lifestyle_2017_Moments

Top 3 Things to Do when in Pattaya

Other than the shady stuff people unnecessarily go cuckoo cuckoo over, there’s lots to experience in Pattaya! R and I made our (minimoon) trip all about “Adventure” and “Chillin’ like a total villain” post wedding. So here’s a bunch of mad (+ decent ) stuff you could do when in Pattaya.

1. Cuddle with the Tigers in Tiger Park


I choose to believe that nobody on this planet adores the cat family just the way I do. I am not just fascinated by them but I feel like I AM ONE of them. The fun part about Tiger Park is that they let you chill with these big cats! R and I had quite an experience with one of the tigers which is best kept a secret…
Nevertheless, it was a fantastic experience and I wouldn’t mind adopting a cub so if R is reading this right now, he should know that I wouldn’t mind having a cub as a ┬ábirthday gift this year.
Do visit this Park if you are seeking an experience of a lifetime.
P.S… beware of super pissed tigers wanting to pee on your face! ­čśĺ.

Also, R and I feel these tigers are sedated so that they don’t attack visitors (although it doesn’t help all that much).┬áBut all in all, a fun experience!

The Maven Lifestyle_2017_Moments

2. Skydive at Thai Sky Adventures


This was clearly a dream-come-true for me and a nightmare-come-true for my husband!
Thai Sky Adventures is amazing for folks wanting to jump off a plane with┬ájumpers who’ve done over 1000 jumps and at the same time experience┬áthe biggest adrenaline rush ever! These guys at Thai Sky Adventures are not just professionals but extremely friendly and trustworthy.

I can’t wait to Skydive again and this time around, in DUBAI!!!┬áYikessss!

The Maven Lifestyle_2017_Moments

3. Bungy Jumping at Pattaya Bungy Jump


If you feel Skydiving is the scariest adventure ever, then you’re highly mistaken! It’s not, ‘cos Bungy Jumping is!!! Imagine your feet, just your feet being tied down by a bunch of┬áropes and the person standing behind you compelling you to jump, just jump from a 60 metre high platform with nothing to hold onto. I can’t believe it was my second time around doing this stupid shit. One genuinely can’t be in a right frame of mind to do this. Gosh! What an experience though. Can’t wait for round 3 and this time around, WITH R!

The Maven Lifestyle_2017_Moments

I’m glad R and I made our little staycation all about food (a big fat blog post coming soon), adventure and a luxury boutique resort experience.


Pattaya is referred to as a city of  thousands beer bar. There are a little over 2000 beer bars scattered all across the city. This means that if you were to visit one bar everyday, it would take you 5 years and 4 months to visit them all!

Now that’s A LOT of beer bars! Gosh!

Let me know in the comments below, if you were to go to Pattaya, which of the aforementioned activities would YOU go for?


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  1. Sony says:

    Brilliant step…..minimoon filled with these kind of activities…..i wanna ask my partner to take this kind of holiday
    ….very very informative blog…..keep growing

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thanks a ton ­čśë

  2. kriya sharma says:

    your blogs are really inspiring and i just cant get over reading them
    ..and i adore your ideas they are always unique..u always come up with something difference and yeah congratulations two u both…
    stay blessed stay tune.

    1. Aakansha says:

      Thanks a lot Kriya.
      Wish you all the love and luck too!

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