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All my loved ones know that my fervid love for food is what got me into blogging. So, four months into the Maven Lifestyle’s digital existence urged me to curate a listicle for food enthusiasts in and around Bengaluru.

Feast your eyes folks, for some serious dive into ‘where to gobble till you wobble’ now.

You must know that Bangalore is not just notable for its amazing weather and yummy beer but also for a plethora of restaurants it spoils its’ people with. Pick a cuisine and you’d have at least 7 amazing restaurants competing with one another on – food, ambience, service and the best of all -quirkiness.

So without any further ado, let’s dig into a list of 7 best restaurants in Bangalore one MUST go to-


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If you are in love with a ‘kaizen’ way of things, then Harima is just the right place for you. One of the finest Japanese restaurants in Bangalore, Harima can make anyone and everyone fall in love with the Japanese cuisine. What I absolutely love about the place is that they have invested time & energy in putting together a food menu that amazingly guides even an amateur food connoisseur.

Do not step out without trying its Rainbow Sushi Roll and Yakisoba Grilled Chicken Noodles.
Om Nom Nom Nom. Burrrrrp.

The Fatty Bao

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I’ve been the biggest fan of Fatty Bao ever since I discovered the most amazing thing ever- Baozi. Famously called Bao, it is a steamed bun filled with all kind of delectables. Fatty Bao fortunately has a plethora of Baos in addition to sushi, skewers, dumplings and everything pan-Asian.

If you are a first-timer, then a table full of Baos are all that you must gorge on!


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If you want to experience dining in the middle-east for a night 😉 then Mezzeh is just the place for you. A paradise for sheesha lovers, Lebanese food enthusiasts and suckers for rooftop dining, Mezzeh is a must visit for one and all.

It is unholy walking out of there without trying it’s peri-peri hummus with pita bread.

Also, in my opinion, Mezzeh holds the secret recipe to Bangalore’s best sizzling brownie.

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I’m drooling already. Sluurrrrp.

Yogisthan Cafe

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If you like the idea of a quaint place adorned with greenery, old school board games, handicrafts and lots & lots of books, then Yogisthan has been “created” for you 🙂 . Known for its uber healthy food menu and overtly warm set up, Yogisthan is for the ones who are true hippies at heart.

You must try their tofu brown rice and hot chocolate to feel at a version of ‘home away from home’.

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PS…There’s a ‘Doctor’ at Yogisthan that you all must say hello to(o).


Om Made Cafe

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A shabby chic roof top set-up, Om Made Cafe serves European cuisine with a hint of an Indian touch (just the right amount). Perfect for date nights and reunions, Om Made Café has multiple things in its’ stride- toothsome food, all sorts of wine (angular, buttery, velvetly, etc.) and of course, the ‘Bangalore weather’.
Must try – all its’ crepes and malai paneer skewer.

Soda Bottle Opener Wala

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My utmost adulation for this rinky-dink ‘Bombay Irani Cafe inspired restaurant’ shall never fade!

It’s Parsiana set up, Maska bun with Irani Chai and Sanju Baba Chicken formulate a perfect bunch of reasons why one must pay a visit to this wonder.

You can read more on this in my previous blog post.


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I’ve been the biggest fan & advocate of this Michelin Star wonder ever since I visited its flagship restaurant in London.  Yautcha serves food prepared with utmost perfection and will absolutely never fail to disappoint you. Focusing immensely on its quality, Yautcha must be visited every month like a ritual of sorts.

You can read my detailed review here.


Japanese cuisine got added in UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list recently … which means that preserving the Japanese way of eating is vital to the survival of the traditional culture.

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